Weekend Love Forecast – Jupiter Joins Saturn In Aquarius

flowerSaturn resides now in Aquarius, moving through the zero degree over the coming week. Friday night, the Moon tours the end of Aquarius, sextiling Aries Mars and then the applying Sagittarius Mercury-Sun conjunction.

The mood tests the water-carrying air by fire… and it conveys a new sense of gravity. In a good way. Air is fuel to fire and the collective mood is subject to a bit of a rise, banked in reality. Consider doing something that takes you past your personal troubles. We’ve all got a chance investigate our new moon eclipse beginnings with a bit of flair and kick.

On Friday, Juno moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius and into sextile with Saturn, exact early Saturday. There’s an opportunity to commit, a passion for a new chapter in an old book.

Saturday morning, the Moon finishes in Aquarius and slips into Pisces. Sagittarius-ruler Jupiter (and natural pair to Juno) leaves Capricorn for Aquarius, heading into a conjunction with Saturn (exact Monday). This represents a large and relatively permanent change to the status quo but one that will take time to unfold. This is a new story being born and it impacts relationships in a way that fuels an ideal ardor, in a mundane sense but also in theory. This can affect one’s intent to find such a love… or chivalrous passion.

The Pisces Moon mood expresses and engulfs this “sea change” in the collective with a bit of emotional fog and cover. Don’t get too attached to your initial meeting with the energy. Venus perfects its trine to Chiron now too, so leave room for improvement. Fast and fiery fuels appreciation for what is without eliminating what could be.

Saturday night, the Pisces Moon squares Venus and sextiles Uranus, with Venus going on to quincunx Uranus overnight. Are you clinging to the pain of lost or changed love? You may be surprised at your ability to snap out of it. Though some will dissolve into a puddle first, others may find a beatific calm. It’s also a chance to lay in a new course for a love that has faltered or spun out. Stay open to the possibilities, but take no shit.

Mercury in Sadge moves over the Sun on Saturday night: blinded by the light, perhaps? If your senses are dazzled, enjoy yourself… but don’t bet the farm on a whim. Is it smart to bolt? You can’t figure that now.

Sunday morning, the Pisces Moon heads into conjunction with Neptune, ruler of Pisces. By nighttime it heads into sextile with Pluto. This is a sensitive mood, both emotionally and to trends in the collective. Let the water find its own level and acclimate yourself to “the water we’re swimming in”.

What are your weekend plans? Where does the first degree of Aquarius hit your chart for the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction?



Weekend Love Forecast – Jupiter Joins Saturn In Aquarius — 6 Comments

  1. I’m meeting my bf’s parents for the first time tomorrow. Conjunction right on my 29 degree cap asc. At least we’re done with the 12th house ??

  2. Now whatever would it be that I could acclimate to. Nothing seems real. Just wandering through it. And thinking Say Whaaat alot. Candies and coogies and am gonna try making some rum balls. Wrap some gifts. And get some cool winter air into my lungs. 3rd house. No clue. Will see. Saturn and Jup are moving to conjuction with natal chiron, to square with transiting uranus in my 6th, to opp with uranus in the 9th, and trine to mercury in the 11th. That’s the natal placements anyway. Saturn uranus can be a time bender is all I know.

  3. Best way to get an answer is to ask a question. Subtle shift with massive implications for me. Awesome transitional piece Satori.

    Am still searching for free will. If this is right for me, then that can’t be free will. It’s the right thing so that still feels fated because what is right for me as an individual is not right for anybody else. And this change does involve my approach, so I shot a hole in that theory of mine.

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