Weekend Love Forecast – In Like A Lion, Out Like A Ram

a cookie in ParisThis weekend takes us from winter to spring, between the eclipses with the Sun passing over the Aries point Saturday night and Sunday morning. The Moon is in Leo till Sunday morning when it moves to Virgo and quincunxes the Sun on the Aries point. At that moment, all humans are required to report for sports training or spring cleaning.

Friday night the Leo Moon trines the active Sagittarius Mars and quincunxes Pisces Neptune, shining a light on their square but accentuating the fun bits. It takes two to tango and all that. It takes sparks to light a fire? Yes? I heard that somewhere.

Venus perfects its conjunction to Neptune this weekend, infusing all Venus issues with enhanced romance and longing. The pleasure principle is sweet and ideal. Break out that early Easter candy and whisper those sweet nothings. Pangs of pleasure abound and enhance the experience. If you’re feeling light, it’s heavenly. But be aware, if you’re feeling lonely, it’s hell. So fire up the sunny parts!

Saturday the Moon trines Saturn in Sadge and Uranus in Aries for a grand trine in fire. The mood is creative, romantic, dramatic, and active and brought into balance by the longer term trine of stable Saturn to rebel Uranus. Can we fire up the fun without going to far? YES WE CAN! There are always a few outliers who go too far, but that part aside, it’s a great time to enjoy and play.

Let loose and run, party and play! Regardless of where you find yourself, turn creative and dream up your circumstances. There’s a unique wonderland to create and an end of the zodiac, start of the new astro-year to celebrate!

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Weekend Love Forecast – In Like A Lion, Out Like A Ram — 7 Comments

  1. Fire Aries energy makes me want to run or fart metaphorically. Sometimes my water moon motors forward sometimes it balks and gets angry and hurt and oppositional. With the stellium in Aries I used to wake up in the night crying about my present and future life. Now I hope to eventually move in the right path
    But yeah Leo is a fun moon

  2. I am so looking forward to the Sun entering Aries! 🙂 Being a fire dominant person (Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven, Venus, Jupiter being in fire signs) I feel the best during “fire seasons” (Aries/Leo/Sagittarius season).

    Personally I consider March 21st the start of the New Year, in my opinion it makes much more sense than celebrating New Year on January 1st. March 21st is the first day of the new astrological cycle, and also the first day of the spring and rebirth. What a lovely day it is!

    Happy Spring Equinox y’all! 🙂

  3. I’m damn lucky to have so much going on this weekend. Pinata busting party at my Scorpio sun Aquarius moon BFF’s casa manana. Art show on Saturday. A painting of mine will be on exhibit and I’ll be selling my collages. Live music! I’m nervous, excited, ready. Bring it, spring. ♤♡♢♧

  4. I started clearing the winter stuff and doing some spring cleaning almost immediately after the moon shifted to Virgo. It’s about time. Spring time’s here, folks!

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