Weekend Love Forecast – Happy New Year!

maskHappy new year! New Year’s Day features a promising Mercury-Neptune sextile, earth to water. Let your mind wander and the creative possibilities flow. Intangible connection fuels down to earth results and communications. The results are sweet.

Friday afternoon, the Leo Moon opposes the Mercury-Neptune midpoint, the focus of a yod. It’s the perfect mood to envision things going your way in the new year. It’s possible to get a glimpse of better days ahead, to channel aspirational AND realistic goals.

The Leo Moon picks up wide trines from Venus and Mars, the beginning of a grand trine in fire. While inexact, the Moon completes trines to both on Saturday. The mood for both days is brightly lit for optimism, fun, pleasure, and movement.

All weekend, Mercury in Capricorn moves closer into conjunction with Pluto (exact early Monday). This lends power and depth to the mindset, communications, and the senses. It can facilitate some intensity along those lines. Volcanic eruptions of the mouth are possible, and there are multiple ways to interpret that. All are valid. We also have the ability to throw out old ways of thinking and arise phoenix style.

Saturday night, the Moon leaves Leo for earthy Virgo. Jupiter is in orb of sextile to Chiron and the Moon quincunxes Jupiter then Chiron, another yod. This one features air and fire focused on earth. The ramifications of longer term considerations are an issue. How that affects the mood hinges on how truthful we’re being about our hopes, our limitations, and our current philosophy. A Virgo mood will also highlight service and the nuts and bolts of any longer term plan. Minor tweaks can make a major difference.

On Sunday, the Virgo Moon trines Uranus and goes on to trine the Sun in Capricorn. Venus continues in trine to Mars, and Juno trines Chiron. The mood is salty but stable and pleasant. It favors doing something concrete to improve your lot. And there’s lots of fire to fuel the urge. It’s easier than usual to be your genuine self, and to find that fueling a passion for operating from that new space. Stretch your comfort zone.

Happy New Year! Happy 2021! What are your weekend plans?



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  1. For Christmas, I made a big lasagna, today I made a French bread from scratch, cooking just seems to be the right thing for me to do right now.

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