Weekend Love Forecast – Happy-Hungry Venus Sextile Flighty-Fairy Juno

persephone and hadesThe Sun is firmly in Taurus putting Venus in the limelight. As the ruler of Taurus, also currently in Taurus, Venus in sextile to Pisces Juno is the ideal aspect for romance.

Juno in Pisces can float through the tough exterior and into the heart of the partnership. How did they know? They may not even know they know, but they act it. In the opportune energy of the sextile, Juno to Taurus Venus opens a path to mutual bliss. Why would you resist? Don’t ask why, just go.

Why one might resist could be covered in the weekend’s budding convergence of Mars and Pluto in Capricorn. Mars moves closer into conjunction with Pluto and Pluto goes retrograde on Sunday. Action is not happening hot and fast, but it IS intense. This is potent but acting in an enclosed space. Actions have power. Power can seem pointy and hard. It feels like bull in a china shop energy if you’re trying to finesse an interaction. Still yourself and work on control.

This is further fueled by Capricorn ruler Saturn, retrograde in square to newly direct Mercury in Aries (Mars-ruled). Explaining yourself is not always the path out. But do your level best… all around the energy supports this. If you stumble over your words or mash them up, take a deep breath and try again… sloooooowly. The effort matters.

The planets in Capricorn and the planets in Taurus share a grounding energy of earth and operate well together. You know how it’s all going to work out? In time, as we move forward and everything gets worked out tangibly bit by bit.

We’re in the early days of Chiron in Aries. It lends a new flavor to the mix. Our private hurts, our messy sores, they’re on display now – or it can seem as though they are. The veil of Pisces isn’t hiding them any longer. In any case, we’ll figure that out too in time. Mars the ruler of Aries is in responsible, working Capricorn. This is a good place to start.

So let’s go back to Venus and Juno. Doesn’t that sound nice? Look for opportunities to deepen your commitments in pleasurable and beneficial ways. Juno is quite sexual, as is Taurus. Pisces is a little more ephemeral, but it’s good to go in the right circumstance. Taurus is good to go. The combo is romantic – a little sweet spark of squeal and chase, the kind where you want to be caught. Look for the opportunity.

Kindness is another buzzword for this combo. It’s a loving, kind type of partnership – but not without its genuine benefits and rich resources. It’s ideal and real. It’s the ideal you can touch and hold, in moments.

Friday the Cancer Moon roughs up the Mercury-Saturn energy. It’s the stuff that fights are made of. That’s me being realistic. However, get on the same side of something and it creates camaraderie! Or work to work it out and find yourself exhilarated after the effort. That’s a spark.

Saturday the Cancer Moon trines Neptune then goes on to oppose Mars-Pluto and trine Jupiter. The mood creates the backdrop for a classic adventure lending itself to romance. Or maybe a role play. Put a feather in your hat and play the faux villain. Try some swashbuckling. Any rise is a rise. Play along and make the best of your circumstances. The possibilities are gorgeous and plump with yum.

Sunday morning the Moon trines Juno and sextiles Venus. It also squares Uranus. Emotional realizations are likely – and likely beneficial even when shocking.

The Moon moves to Leo and a trine to Chiron. It goes on to square the Sun and trine Mercury. Use the fiery mood to twiddle that new flavor and come up with some plot progressions all your own. Fresh feelings come with new territory! Get a jump on feeling them out.

Chiron is at the zero degree of Aries, the start of the zodiac. What does this hit in your chart? What are your weekend plans?

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Weekend Love Forecast – Happy-Hungry Venus Sextile Flighty-Fairy Juno — 6 Comments

  1. Thanks, Satori.
    I feel the air full of potential, but still have a hard time seeing how things are getting grounded.
    Patience is something I’m working on.

  2. Chiron hits my Ascendant 1st house. Don’t know what to expect. It’s such a long transit. But after 7 years with Uranus – I actually feel and look good. Very concerned about the Taureans – May 15th begins their 7 years….
    Aries Rising

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