Weekend Love Forecast – Counter The Imbalance Within

fireFriday night, the stolid Capricorn Moon sextiles retro Neptune then sextiles the exact Sun-Mars conjunction in Scorpio. The mood is ballast. It bridges the gap between the ideal and the possible. A settled mood aims for best case scenario and highlights the entry point.

It also bridges the gap between mundane, individual effort and the fated, overarching change that comes with time as the Moon conjoins Pluto overnight. Whether or not we reach and maintain satisfaction (or a happy belly) is largely based on our own independent ability to accept things as they come, to ride the wave.

All weekend, Mars and the Sun move in sextile to Pluto; so what starts Friday night with the Moon is baked into the following days’ character. Use the larger forces present to find the best path forward… and go!

Saturday night, the Aquarius Moon squares retro Taurus Jupiter and trines Libra Venus, going on to sextile Sadge Mercury overnight. The challenge between choppy and pleasant is one of attention. Master the moment through breezy balance and pleasantly popping redirection and the night ends (or extends) with an attitude of thrilling optimism.

Keep things light till you find the right subject: one you can run with.

Sunday morning, the Aquarius Moon sextiles retro Chiron, air to fire. Do you feel like trying something new? How about taking something you started and finishing it… strike while the iron is red-hot. Afternoon takes the Moon into square with Aquarius ruler retro Uranus. Inspiration comes in spurts, but that just makes room for lightning bursts of insight in the interim. Stay breezy.

Venus heads into opposition with retro Chiron, ever closer as the days go by. We’re faced with an onslaught of worries that originated in the past but are now becoming relevant again. Worries, hurt feelings, the actions of others that victimized us: they can seem to stand between us and creating a happy life. But this slowly advancing discomfort also creates the chance to counter the imbalance within. We’re not the same as when the damage occurred. Take charge and turn it to your favor… or fix it.

Do you have any weekend plan?


Weekend Love Forecast – Counter The Imbalance Within — 12 Comments

  1. I’m just where you describe navigating new territory; dealing with old hurts, fears, shortcomings. An old navigator riding the waves, noticing, paying attention to the patterns. Timing the moves, pausing, calling on my ancestors. And seeing the island in my mind so I don’t get lost.
    I’m preparing to go home.

  2. Yes @Moki, May you teach the Island safely! Sounds like you are in tune and are in the flow. 😊
    I am revisiting some old hurts lately but mostly from what I do and say to myself rather than from other people. I am turning about face and trying to figure out why I do that (over eat, stay up too late, don’t exercise enough, tell myself I am not worthy). I had been doing great then just sabotaged myself. Back to the drawing board.
    As far as plans for the weekend, it’s raining so staying inside, which will allow more time to work on the above and be ready for the next week! Maybe will get on my laptop and work on my story.

    Wishing you a good weekend Satori !

  3. Agree with you Astronaut. I think that the eclipses have wreaked havoc on my behavior such as staying up too late, getting too emotional over minor stuff. Indeed back to the drawing board for me also…
    Wishing you all the best!

  4. Now time for the new synodic cycle of Sun and Mars, the Cazimi aspect had built up from this week. Cazimi aspects are when a planet is 0°17′ away from the Sun, and the planet assumes the most power.

    We have the Sun/Mars synodic cycle every two years. 8th October 2021 we had it in Libra. Mars was in detriment in Libra, it was conjunct Mercury retrograde, and opposite Chiron. So if the past two years have been, ahem, “interesting”, you’ll know why. Cast your mind back to what began then.

    This year, Mars is in domicile in Scorpio, makes a wide opposition to Uranus Taurus, and a sextile to Moon Capricorn, the sign of Mars exaltation. So more concentrated and far less thwarted Mars energies. It also makes a trine to Neptune Pisces, which may soften the edges.

    The last time we had a Mars synodic cycle specifically in Scorpio, was 8th November 1991. Agsun, cast your mind back to what was initiated back then, and the years of 1992-1993, and see if there were similar themes to this weekend’s one.

    • Not sure what agsun is, surely that’s not even a word? I meant to type “Again” 🤦

      To add, I now think that Sun/Mars conjunctions start significant new cycles. Considering there was a Sun/Mars cycle in August 2019 in Virgo, the sign representing health and sickness. The following two years … the rest is history! 😷

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