Weekend Love Forecast – Cardinal Square Between The Eclipses

watchWhen you’re walking between one place and another, you need to relax and disengage from the intensity of beginnings and endings. Otherwise you do that thing that comes with too much attention to detail: “Omigod, what is walking??” ::stumbles::

That means you shiver-shake it off and put on walking mode. You remember who you are and are enlivened in the moment. You can BE FIERCE. Shake that mane and stand up straight! Or if you’re the other type of lion, you do that sultry slink and smirk thing you know you do so well.

And pretty soon you see all the other lions on their strut or slink walk, and you say: “Oh hey, YOU!” And you start to remember what kind of lion you are, and how good it feels in your lion skin with your lion saunter, out with all the others lions: a PRIDE. Hot DAMN, I’m a lion.

We all are lions somewhere, somehow.

Regardless of where you are in your own personal history, whether things are good-complicated or bad-complicated, it’s always a good time of year to remember what kind of awesome or sassy lion you are. Some time this weekend, please find the time to remember. You are FIERCE.

It’s in your languid moves, the flick of your limbs. The subtle line of your neck and parting of your lips… the rise of a brow. Your roar. Oh yes, you’re good. If you don’t see it yet, look again and streeeeetch.

Friday night, the Aries Moon quincunxes stationing Virgo Mercury. We’re catching a glimpse of those moves… in others… in ourselves… oh wait, is that a mirror? Oh wow. How does that movement feel? Consider what goes through your head when you feel that.

The Moon moves into square with Cancer Venus and Capricorn Pluto. It also moves toward opposition to Jupiter. Venus moves into square with Jupiter and Pluto all weekend and through the week. The Moon brings out a preview of this tension as it builds. Friday night and into Saturday afternoon, the friction of wants and needs is exacerbated by the active mood and inflation from the warring needs of others.

This is offset by the trine of the Moon to Leo Mars. Just stretch and move throught it. Rawrrrrrr.

Saturday as the square with the Moon is wrapping up, the Moon moves into a grand trine with the Sun and Saturn. Do that active lion-ing, ferocity act right on into some fiery stability. Be proud if you feel it. Get steady in how you feel about yourself.

Venus holds that t-square, but it also trines Neptune. A delicious ideal holds sway over any old issues that crop up. Why would you choose to give energy to something dirty and dead when you can see just how good things can be without that influence? Or alternately, something that initially makes you feel dirtied – you may realize it has its place and a higher meaning. In that case, you may reconsider your aversion. Sometimes seeing the shadow is an invitation to integrate.

It’s a beauty and the beast sort of juncture. Is it really dark and dirty? Or does it just need love, appreciation, and connection.

We’re on the cusp of change, here in between the eclipses. Change, growth, thinning the herd. What’s rotting will die so that what’s ideal can take root and fill in the space. Here is the point in between where we pivot and look around and stretch ourselves… body and mind and heart.

Saturday night, the Moon moves over Uranus at the very end of Aries. Some feel like making a bit of zippy trouble, pranks and whatnot. Some just want to chill out on the intense stuff and go with the social flow.

Saturday afternoon/evening, Virgo Mercury pivots retrograde. It heads back into trine with retrograde Juno, rethinking our commitments. Communications may stumble, but never forget: Everything is information, informative. What may seem mundane can be very telling. Think less in terms of good or bad, and more to the tune of what you want to last. What would you like to correct going forward?

Sunday, the Moon moves to Venus-ruled Taurus. It trines Juno in the morning and builds into trine with Mercury, exact by nighttime. We’re not quite halfway to the next eclipse, but soon. Mull over the first bit now. It’s not the time for conclusions, but it is time to take stock of where you stand, emotionally and rationally – between want and need, between what works and what doesn’t.

We’re in the mood to understand what we’re investing in, and also what is up with our current investments. Venus heading into opposition with Pluto, exacerbated by Jupiter, brings issues of what past investment has wrought. It helps inform our current and future choices. Don’t throw good money after bad, they say. All energy we expend equates to “money” in this way. Our energy is what we’re truly investing. Decide if you like what you’re getting back. Mull it over.

What are your weekend plans? Mercury goes retrograde at 11 Virgo. What does this hit in your chart? Where is Leo in your chart – where are you ready to stretch and roar and enjoy yourself?

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Weekend Love Forecast – Cardinal Square Between The Eclipses — 6 Comments

  1. Desert Pete, The Kingston Trio:

    I was travelin’ west a buckskin on my way to a cattle run
    ‘Cross a little cactus desert under a hot blisterin’ sun
    I was thirsty down to my toenails, stopped to rest me on a stump
    But I tell ya I just couldn’t believe it when I saw that water pump
    I took it to be a mirage at first, it’ll fool a thirsty man
    Then I saw a note stuck in a bakin’ powder can
    This pump is old, the note began, but she works so give’er a try
    I put a new sucker washer in ‘er, you may find the leather dry

    You’ve got to prime the pump, you must have faith and believe
    You’ve got to give of yourself ‘fore you’re worthy to receive
    Drink all the water you can hold, wash your face, cool your feet
    Leave the bottle full for others, thank you kindly, desert Pete

    Yeah, you’ll have to prime the pump, work that handle like there’s a fire
    Under that rock you’ll find some water I left in a bitters jar
    Now there’s just enough to prime it with so dont’cha go drinkin’ first
    You just pour it in and pump like mad, buddy, you’ll quench your thirst

    You’ve got to prime the pump, you must have faith and believe
    You’ve got to give of yourself ‘fore you’re worthy to receive
    Drink all the water you can hold, wash your face, cool your feet
    Leave the bottle full for others, thank you kindly, desert Pete

    Well I found that jar and I tell ya nothin’ was ever prettier to my eye
    And I was tempted strong to drink it, ’cause that pump looked mighty dry
    But the note went on have faith my friend, there’s water down below
    You’ve got to give until you get—I’m the one who ought to know
    So I poured in the jar and I started pumpin’ and I heard a beautiful sound
    Of water bubblin’ and splashin’ up outta that hole in the ground
    I took off my shoes and I drunk my fill of that cool refreshing treat
    I thank the Lord and thank the pump and I thank old desert Pete

    You’ve got to prime the pump, you must have faith and believe
    You’ve got to give of yourself ‘fore you’re worthy to receive
    Drink all the water you can hold, wash your face, cool your feet
    Leave the bottle full for others, thank you kindly, desert Pete

    Drink all the water you can hold, wash your face, cool your feet
    Leave the bottle full for others, thank you kindly, desert Pete

  2. When my soul was as dry as the desert, and my feet as wet as moss in winter I fashioned up a space and called it Prime the Pump. For years, slow at first, a handful of writers came to write on a cup of tickle lines. I wrote my soul wet there. My honey? His name is Pete

    This is good water, Satori (The Kingston Trio!! OMG). Just the water I needed thank you.

  3. Well my Mama a proud Leo of 9 children my Daddy a Texas who could snap the Christmas bulbs off the Christmas tree with his bullwhip, one would think I should have the lines of an aircraft carrier, the case is I heading out of the war zone, trip feels almost too long ;my chin is up
    I watch all in my realm, haven’t quite got the swagger not sure I can roar
    But I got a purr on , trouble is I m on the tiny boat at the moment I am
    Believing you see strength and energy for hire in these planets
    And I need this, I have woken to rain and I cut out 70 bouquets (all of yesterday)to sell at market this morning; just realizing those colors in bouquets are roaring like the jets
    Right? And me damn it it’s about
    Me making my way thru this lions den; someone told me once when I explained I thought I didn’t feel strong enough, she said”fake it” here I go, need to slay this moment , thx

  4. Thank you immensely, Satori! This whole post is rich, timely and on-the-mark useful for me as I received and accepted a job offer yesterday. Your words will help me navigate the life-changing transition involved.

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