Weekend Love Forecast – Cancer New Moon And Fated LEO ROAR

orange Zac coatWe’re coming up on the new moon, 18 degrees of Cancer, tonight. Exciting, emotional. It reflects a fresh cycle of connection, deep in the gut. Omie said something once, something I put on a post it and kept: Let fate do some of the heavy lifting. That’s particularly timely.

Cancer is one of the cardinal signs. Cardinal signs initiate. Cancer is parental, nurturing; it’s water and emotion. Water knows things. It’s in and out of everything, seen and unseen. Water knows.

Friday night’s new moon conjunction (Sun-Moon) takes place with an applying Venus-Mars conjunction one sign ahead in Leo. The Sun and Moon go on to trine Neptune and oppose Pluto. Values, desires, and our impetus to change, growth, and acquisition are playful and fiery, generous and dramatic. Our new project is tied to our spiritual seat and faces off against the powers that be. Alternately we get some help from an authority figure with power.

That’s pretty dramatic.

For some it’s good drama and pays out. For some it’s more challenge than they’re comfortable with. That sounds a lot like everything always. But right now, we’ve all got a chance to level up and shine, to deal with things in a new and healthy way that takes us somewhere life-affirming, somewhere satisfying when we access the flow of fate.

Listen to the water inside you, whispering and rushing about with all the answers. Emotions are not separate from fears or anxieties, but they color our interpretations and how we choose to make meaning. Make sure that you’re at least hearing out the facts of the matter before you run with it.

Mercury is functioning well in a sign it rules, Gemini, detached from direct influence. We have access to adept sensing and communications now, so figure out what you think and get some feedback if you need it. And right now: What do you think about how you feel?

You don’t necessarily have to do anything with that. Just keep it tucked up inside that mighty brain of yours. We all have might brains, and they all work differently.

That’s certainly enough to take us through the weekend, but Saturday night the Moon joins Venus and Mercury in Leo and spirits soar (roar). The Leo Moon picks up a quincunx to retro Jupiter in Pisces. This mood is what you make of it. You’ve got to prime the pump for a full ration of playtime fun.

Connection is key. Other people are key. What if you’re alone? Heck, with Leo you’re never alone unless it suits you: Leo can play all the parts. Warmth. Warmth is the answer. Warmth is contagious so go out and infect someone. Or stay in and reach out in other ways. Roar in our own way. It feels reeeeally gooooood.

Sunday’s Leo Moon heads into the influence of the receding Saturn-Uranus square and picks up a trine to Chiron. Yes that’s an echo of the intensity of the last few weeks, however, it’s also a chance to tune that up in a way that’s useful and invigorating.

As that influence applies, Mercury moves to Moon-ruled Cancer and into trine with Jupiter. When you know, you know… and it flows into EVERYthing. It’s a MIND BLOWN kind of influence, in a good way. You’re going to want to tell someone, and that’s going to feel good too.

Overnight into Monday, the Moon conjoins Venus and Mars, fun, pleasure, action, and satisfaction.

The new moon takes place Friday night at 18 degrees Cancer. Where is it impacting your chart? What are your weekend plans?



Weekend Love Forecast – Cancer New Moon And Fated LEO ROAR — 6 Comments

  1. My friend shared this quote: “You can’t go back and change the beginning; but you can start from here and change the ending.” -C.S. Lewis maybe. The New Moon is on my Desc “precisely” The bit about letting fate do some of the heavy lifting is so useful. Some big ‘something’ has risen from the depth and I can’t go back to change that or big back the dead. But I am living with Hope (literally our friend and land-sharing cohort is named Hope). That Venus-Mars conjunction is smack between my natal Mars-Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Leo … Fate and Hope help me out here.

  2. 2nd house, trine Scorp Mars.

    Boy am I ever rarin’ to go to work. For myself. My own business.

    Thank you Uranus. Before you came along the wheel was turning but the hamster was dead.

  3. This New Moon will be aspecting my Vertex in Cancer in my 8th House. Things are feeling quite fated at the moment but strangely it’s mixed up with someone else’s who has Mars in the 8th House widely aspecting with the New Moon at 10 degrees. We are trying to untangle things.

  4. Newbie here! I love your weekend love forecasts, Satori!

    For me it falls in my 8th, opposing my Mars in Aquarius. Yesterday I realized I needed to suppress some simple, selfish requests since my boyfriend had a pretty bad day (got a huge ER visit bill). Also, I have been wanting more affection from him, which I ended up getting (lots of hugs, cuddling, “I love you”‘s). Something about financial insecurity and wanting to show increased affection for increased security? Survival instincts!

  5. My BF moved in! And what a blessed coincidence, with this new moon coming! Could not be more perfect, as it was conjunct his mercury and trine my Sun-venus-Jupiter conjunction. Yipiie !

    I also resolved a long time matter with my bed (bought last year when Mercury was stationing in retrograde, going direct. I SHOULD have known better). I have had pain in my hips for quite a while now… But now I can sleep better and I am happy!

    The new moon is in my 5th/6th house.

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