Weekend Love Forecast – Cancer Moon Medley

Friday afternoon, the Moon hits the last degree of Gemini in square to Pallas Athene at 29 Pisces. Then it rolls into Cancer by date-time, and we spend the night with the Moon heading into square with Chiron and trine to Jupiter.

So early on, there’s the twang of emotional recognition that comes with noticing what’s NOT working. That moment of concentrated angst flows into a larger understanding, diluted with a shrug, a hug, and the promise of something better.

Saturday night, the Cancer Moon sextiles Uranus and heads into opposition with Mars and Venus (exact overnight). It was only just this Friday morning when Mercury finished a series of exact conjunctions to Pluto then moved on.

It’s natural that we’ll have some aftershocks to the mood as we get the traction of those realizations reflected back to us with a few choice opportunities and a chance to make something good out of it. Or perhaps we’ve already made the thing, but now we get to USE it.

Venus and Mars moving together as they head into exact conjunction ahead of the full moon (Wednesday) casts a very earthy glow on our desires and the ability to meet them. Appreciate being in your body and sating the urges as they emerge.

On Sunday, the Cancer Moon trines Neptune then goes on to oppose Pluto and Mercury (exact overnight). Late Sunday, Pallas Athene leaves Pisces for Aries. It’s natural to fantasize now as we sense a sea change for a better plan. But it’s also important to relax into the ability to make sense of what’s happening to you and around you so you’ll be ready to run through that door of opportunity when you see it open. But do appreciate the yummy feels; you’ve already paid the admission.

Do you have any weekend plans? Are you sensing any patterns in your life?

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