Weekend Love Forecast – An Alluring Snack Or A Whole Meal (And Mercury Retro)

laser pointer janeSo I suppose Mercury is the story of the moment, because of course it is. Mercury is sluggish, hitting retrograde later on Saturday. But many are still reeling from the intensity of Wednesday’s Sadge full moon eclipse.

Friday night features a Capricorn Moon, square to Chiron and in trine to Uranus. When you contrast this against the long term Saturn (Cap ruler and currently retro) square to Uranus, the mood grounds the components of growth – taking us from resistance and grief to the rush of lift that accompanies a commitment to healing and change.

That’s a grand undertaking. Jupiter in Pisces with Pisces-ruler Neptune trining Mars in Cancer is the battery-controller-machine. Be not afraid. Mercury retrograde in Gemini is the mischief maker we need.

Coyote is always waiting. Coyote is always hungry.

Trickster energy is born this week. But it takes something next level to navigate a next level undertaking. This Mercury is the navigator we need.

Friday night, Venus overtakes Mercury while both are direct. Blowing kisses. Sweetening the deal. Planting multiple beneficial options in the wiring.

There’s already been so much entrenchment and change, entrenchment and change… AND, taken together… redirection, Saturn and Mercury retros are necessary to this ideal action.

Look, I’m the person who installed their cat door upside down. I know a bit about having to take things apart, re-read, re-plan, and recommit to the whole damn thing. Trust… it’s not easy when you’ve already cut a hole in a permanent structure. While the universe and added brain fog can be a dick, anything is possible if you’re willing to rethink on a higher level (Uranus involved).

The solution is wired into the problem just like the veins on a leaf mimic the pattern of the tree.

Saturday night the Moon conjoins Pluto and Mercury flips retro. Go inside yourself and power up. Or if you’re an outre or external type, go outer and do your thing.

Later Saturday, the Moon moves to Uranus, sparky and collectively social or internally spinning on the current. Sunday morning, the Moon heads into trine with the Gemini Sun. Even with Mercury retro, we want to waste no time, because it feels so very fleeting.

The Moon goes on to sextile Chiron, square Uranus, and conjoin Saturn as the Sun moves onto the Moon’s north node. There is every opportunity to take your difficulties and twist them into something brilliant and inutterably mind-blowing and targeted to your quest.

Venus quincunxes Pluto all weekend, exact on Sunday. Mars perfects its trine to Neptune late Sunday and heads into opposition to Pluto. We may have to sort the wheat from the chaff as far as knowing what has value. Eventually we may have to nuke something from space, and that’s a responsibility of epic proportion. But for now…

There are many possibilities that pop up, lovely and alluring, seductive and delicious. However, not all have “legs”. Not all are where we’re going or what will serve our ideal life. Don’t jump on any passing trains; wait and see if it’s a mermaid or if it’s a siren calling your ship onto the rocks. Either way, it’s exciting RIGHT NOW.

What I mean is that whether this delicious snack is “for you” long term or not, it’s a delicious snack. Even enjoying the possibility is a worthwhile endeavor right now. How else will you know if it’s real? Sample, but do it wisely.

How have you fared with the first eclipse? What are your weekend plans?

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Weekend Love Forecast – An Alluring Snack Or A Whole Meal (And Mercury Retro) — 2 Comments

  1. We are learning a new lay of the land, asking questions of ourselves about how to “create” space that looks like other folks who live in space created by the walls of their houses. Your ‘alluring snack or whole meal’ tastes like our experiences with this choice: an instant screen or that choice: potted 10 year old weeping bamboo that was grown from seed (bamboo the nursery woman said only blooms once in a 100 or so yrs.) or maybe more small panels of fabric windows that can be opened or closed.
    Sorting the wheat from the chaff kind of time, and feeling the resistance to change and the tears that might lubricate the gears and create flow. To give up fear some snacks do turn out to be mistakes. Trickster is always hunger … right.

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