Weekend Love Forecast – Allow Pisces Permeability

em againThe Moon is in Pisces all weekend. Connection can mean many things, but this mood supports a watery flow that balances energy laterally. We’re not talking about oppositions and struggle. Soften your edges and what you need will flow in. What must go will flow out. It feels good.

Do you remember what you learned about cell biology and permeable cell membranes? Different types of cells allow different materials in and out. Permeability rate relates to the individual makeup of cell types. What can flow in and out depends on many factors, just like our individual astro-makeup regulates our own personal flow. Some of us are more highly charged than others naturally. Some have a higher rate of lateral balance. Some need a catalyst.

This weekend’s Pisces Moon quietly assists in our flow. If you let it! You can choose to erect barriers to taking advantage of a connection that allows organic leveling.

Earlier this week I had an interaction with someone I dread, but they don’t know I dread them. I felt that moment where they said and did various things that normally hurt me… and felt the usual reaction load intellectually… and felt something new waiting to flow in instead. Love. Connection. I felt the choice to see them how I always do – or to see them as purely human, their flaws due to something beyond their control or mine. It is an example of how I do not want to live. I felt grateful for my own being. I didn’t feel better-than, but I didn’t feel like I needed to defend against lesser-than. I allowed myself to level.

They didn’t get any nicer, but I had a lovely experience. I didn’t love that they were rude, but it didn’t hurt. I felt good about who I am and about being human, connected in a human world. I have a lot of Neptune natally. This weekend, you can access this permeable, lateral balance too. It can stick! Once you experience something, you’ll always have that skill. Let it happen when you feel that opportunity assert itself in your mind or heart or body. It comes at us all in different ways – individual to our own levels of permeability.

One thing about Pisces-Neptune energy is that if diffuses power imbalances; those differing levels can exact pain. It’s a chance to alleviate pain by connection, using connection to heal yourself- by relaxing into lateral balance. Healing isn’t always “reversing damage”. Healing can be allowing yourself to flow back into a state of health.

Disconnection is unhealthy.

Connection and healing through level flow is there for everyone, but only YOU can do it. You can’t do it for anyone else, and they can’t do it for you. But you have to open to something bigger than yourself.

When all the cells connect and flow what they need between them, joy in health is the result. Each cell retains its individual identity, inside a larger organism. That’s Pisces Neptune flow. It’s a paradox. All are individuals. All are one. There are probably exponential layers upon that as well, outward and inward.

So the mood is ripe.

Friday night, the Pisces Moon squares Ceres and moves into sextile with Uranus. Right off the bat we’ve got an urge to draw in what we need. It will be immediately obvious what we need, but that doesn’t mean we will grasp it immediately. Mercury back into Cancer will help that info leak right in. Drip, drip, drip. But for some the tide will come in all at once.

The Moon moves into orb of sextile to Uranus late Friday, with Chiron on their midpoint. Take that opportunity to upgrade and learn. Feel yourself open – who you genuinely are is a bridge to who you can be. Sounds shmoopy, but why not.

Saturday night, the Moon moves into conjunction with Neptune, and it’s ON. Feel the flow. You can buck it if you want; that’s up to you. The Moon sextiles Saturn. It’s your choice if that’s a leg up or a balk. Vesta trines Saturn with the Moon on their midpoint. You can align your personal sacred cows with your ability to solidify your emerging connection and purpose.

Conditions that seem irredeemable or incongruent with reality may just be in need of flowing connection to remedy that logic blip. If you believe something is impossible, that’s certainly true if you cling to that belief.

And here’s where the Venus-Pluto opposition comes in: Some things you really want are not in your best interest, but some of them are. How do you know? You let that flow come through and let it take the dross with it. We cling so tightly that we’re not always sure what we’re grasping is what we want or what we fear.

Connect. Let the flow level your connection to what you truly need. Then let that connection soften the standoff between desire and putrification. What’s dead can be sifted away when you relax your grip on imbalance of both kinds.

In relationship, you have your work and they have theirs. Do yours.

Sunday morning the Venus-Pluto opposition is exact. The Moon sextiles Pluto. Mercury conjoins the Sun in Cancer. Then the Moon goes on to trine Venus, then Mercury – and the Sun overnight into Monday. The Sun will be at the final degree of Cancer when the Pisces Moon (the final sign of the zodiac) makes a trine of ease. The sky is begging you to connect and take in all that goodness. How can you help but say yes?

Some of us are defiant. I can help but say yes very easily on occasion. We’re getting a soft and supportive chance here, over and over. It’s warm, or cool, or whatever you prefer. It’s lapping at your rough edges. It feels good, but it’s up to you. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Mars in Leo wants the last word here. It’s last word is to jump on stage and bite you in the leg, very dramatic. It’s Caliban, but it’s also the jester. Mars conjoins Juno and trines Jupiter. There’s a fabulous chance to act out some of your relationship angst in a very positive and fruitful way! It is a heightened sense of agency, but without all the durm and strang of the usual. Have fun! Try a little play-acting. Flirt in a sunny and obvious way. Make them laugh! La, how jolly!

What are your weekend plans?



Weekend Love Forecast – Allow Pisces Permeability — 10 Comments

  1. My birthday weekend. I wasn’t sure what to think of the astro-forecast before but this makes it sound good. My solar return chart is super 12th-house focused (including Sun) and has the Moon-Neptune conjunction in Pisces. I have natal Moon in Pisces. My progressed Aries Moon is squaring my natal Neptune, exact this weekend.

    I’m having dinner + cake with parents and a friend tonight, Mexican food and margaritas tomorrow with multiple friends, karaoke, brunch on Sunday (my actual birthday), and then a trip out of town to see a show. By the end of it all I’ll be in my 30s. Taking the entire next week off.

  2. I have to tell you Satori, I have unintentionally tapped into that flow and felt the diffusion of (perceived) power imbalances amazingly and almost immediately alleviate the pain I felt. My Neptune can wreck havoc on my perceptions but this was incredible. The improvement it had on other relationships was pretty powerful too. It felt healing. I hadn’t been able to understand it until I read this post. I’m encouraged knowing that this is something I have been able to learn from and can continue to access. Thank you!

  3. I ran across this on my phone and maybe accidents don’t really exist.My birthdate 22nd Feb. I have felt something was going on in the universe, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it.Now I know thank you for this pure knowledge ??.

  4. Im single a Pisces femal march 10th my flow and energy is in good alignment with the universe I feel a good energy everything seems to be going good….

  5. The transits take place in my 4th (sun, mercury, venus, mars), 11th (neptune – one leg in 12th; Moon) and 10th (right over my MC: Pluto; Saturn – still in 9th).
    So I stayed home with my dad this weekend. I have just got a new job and will soon receive my first salary. Last night (Saturday) he hit me with the real talk (he’s a Capricorn after all – me a Sagittarius with a strong 8th house) about family’s money, and all it came down to was my supposed responsibility to the family (mine is an Asian family in an Asian country, so, typical..).
    Being a Sagittarius with a Taurus Moon, I do not want anyone to go after my possession; I hardly have anything of my own to start with. I am also against the traditional notion of bondage to family (yup, ‘bondage’). Others fuck up, but that’s them fucking up. I want no part in it, but it seems clear enough to me that I will get involved one way or another.
    Honestly, I just want to be left alone.

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