Weekend Love Forecast – A Mystery Where The Path Ends

firepitFriday night, the Pisces Sun squares the Sagittarius Sun and conjoins Neptune. The Sun squares Neptune all weekend, exact Saturday night. The way is not straight and narrow, and we may not have an exact handle on the flow of the day. However, don’t let it ruin the mood: Mercury is past square to Neptune and into sextile with with Sadge ruler Jupiter. THIS, is epic.

And by that I mean that whatever hijinks ensue, fated and jubilant details delight the senses and create a better story than the one you had in mind. Don’t try to control the narrative; let it play out. Anything could happen; we need this wiggle room to allow some magic through the cracks, to influence in ways we never dreamed on our own.

Friday night is also the peak of Venus’ approach to Pluto in Capricorn. We want control. Passionately. And the urge is there to manipulate. It feels good, it’s pleasurable. There’s nothing wrong with that! Control what feels good and lay off at the point where it doesn’t. Don’t take over for the magic, but lean into it.

Control in a good way, not in a way that causes confusion or pain for yourself and others. Be aware of your part in the play. You have the power as much as anyone. You can control and influence, particularly in ways that improve the situation for everyone.

Is there an element of destruction in the mix? Destroy what stands in the way. Make way for a solid good. Tear down something for your betterment.

Saturday morning, Venus conjoins Pluto exactly. Midday, Mercury sextiles Jupiter exactly. Saturday night, the Sun squares Neptune… exactly. The Moon in Mars ruled Aries on Saturday night fills us with a drive and a mood to MOVE. To make something happen.

The Aries Moon is cardinal, starting something, controlling by nature. But pure in intent. It’s very physical.

By Sunday morning, the Aries Moon conjoins Chiron, sextiles Saturn, and squares Juno in Capricorn. This occurs in the last degree of Mars in fixed and fine Scorpio, an exquisite position for Mars, where Mars is oh so skilled. Get out and going in the morning, utilize the direction and passion these Moon mood contacts provide.

The details and motivations uncovered by the Mercury-Jupiter sextile are still fresh and vital: follow up. Put on your shoes and gloves and get traction on those plans. That momentum will capitalize on a day that promises amazing returns on investment when the action and goals are personal. You don’t have to go it alone either. That urge is inspiring and the more flames the better. There’s plenty of fuel for company, and many hands and feet make light work.

If the path ends, blaze a new one.

It’s a first quarter Moon; are you moving forward on your new moon eclipse plans? Do you have any weekend plans? Be willing to go off plan when the path ends…

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