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When those in the public eye, especially those who like to make fashion statements get married, they take great care in choosing their gowns. We can see the person in the gown has taken a great deal of time choosing their look for the day that they marry.

I find that the earth signs take their wedding dresses very seriously. Air signs tend to entertain with their choices while choosing very personal dresses, Fire signs go for the flash often enough and Water signs are emotionally connected with their dress and most likely, with the exception of a Taurus, to wear a vintage style. I also find that the rules I’ve set up for dressing play a huge role in how a woman appears on her wedding day.

Where your Venus is has a great deal to do with your wedding dress choice and men like dresses that reflect where their Mars is placed. Let’s start with a Libra:

Catherine Zeta Jones’s wedding dress

Being a Libra, we know Catherine is going to choose “just right.” Libra’s are always proper in their attire and dress for the occasion, matching things as they go. The Libra need to “pair,” pairs their dress to the person and the feel of the wedding. Ms. Zeta Jones felt she was marrying Hollywood royalty and we see that in her wedding dress with the huge train on her dress. Her royal hairstyle with the “crown,” added to the veil that almost connects to the train shows us that she was going “Hollywood,” all the way. Notice the stairs used in the photo so the entire “Old Hollywood,” feel was present. However, the dress is close to the body and Catherine is usually dressed in hugging clothing and this can be placed firmly on her Mars in the first house and Sag rising. Catherine has a Libra MC and a stellium in Libra with a Pisces Moon to finish the fantasy.

Gemini Courtney Cox’s wedding dress:

Gives us a costume of a princess which is every little girls dream. However, Courtney has Venus and her North Node in the first house and we see the low cut dress to show that placement. Courtney often dresses to flatter her bodice and this is one reason why. Courtney was also going to do what was proper and even “virginal,” and do the princess pattern because of her Uranus, Moon, and Pluto in Virgo in the third house, giving a costume feeling that was needed, I’m sure, that gave the innocent virgin look. When we look at her chart, we know we will see a costume because she is Gemini and we can tell what costume by what planets are in play. The last influence that would give Courtney the feeling of being a princess is Pisces in the ninth and on the MC.

Katie Holmes’s wedding dress:

Katie gives us playful in her wedding attire. Katie is a Sag with Sag Mercury and Neptune. She has a Leo rising to give drama to her dress but all in all, it looks playful and as I often say of Fire signs, it fits close to the body and reveals the shoulders. There is not a lot of tulle covering her face and upper body and the cut is not princess style because Katie is a fun loving person with a chart that reflects Katie’s Leo planets remain locked in the 12 house giving her less drama than one would expect from a Leo rising. In play in her choice, I believe are Saturn in the first house making her choice a bit more conservative than perhaps another choice and her love of close fitting gowns comes from her Venus and Uranus in Scorpio combined with her planets in Sag. I think that if Katie’s Leo planets were outside the 12th house we would have seen much more drama in the dress choice.

Possibly continued before Elsa’s wedding…

– Annalisa


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Astrology, Weddings, Celebrities and Fashion Statements — 14 Comments

  1. Fun article. Think I (Sagi rising) like Katie’s dress the best!

    We married in jeans :)… and spent the funds for a wedding on an amazing honeymoon.

  2. I can’t wait for the next installment!

    Interesting how Elsa just blogged about marriage and morphing and you mentioned celebrity personal styles and how they changed after marriage. I guess since Katie Holmes and Catherine Zeta Jones was mentioned it made me think of that.

  3. YES! This might be one of my favorite topics ever. I nerded out big time on the wedding preparations, and I was so well-versed in dress designers at one point I actually named the designer of a bride’s gown just from her mom’s description of it (it was Amsale, very recognizable). Dying laughing because my dress actually coordinated with the colors and style of the interior of the CHURCH.

    I’m divorced. Maybe this means I’ll get to do it all again someday. 😉

    Thank you, Annalisa!

    Can we talk about Victoria Beckham? Off to google her wedding pictures, I never saw those but I’d kill to.

  4. I’ve got a weakness for Vera Wang’s bridal gowns, I’ll confess. My style has long been described as “classic with a twist,” and I feel she designs that way. Yes, I almost included Posh, her gown was stunning.

  5. Von, I’m a Pisces also and I have my wedding album from my former marriage as well. I stay friends with my ex also. I understand what you are saying here.

  6. Oooh this was a great post and I love the conversation following it. I love Katies dress out of the three maybe due my sag mars

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