Volatility In The Stock Market / Coronavirus

taurus bullThe sudden drops and gains in the stock market were utterly predictable, from the moment Uranus entered Taurus.

Currently, Venus is conjunct Uranus in Taurus, opposing the moon in Scorpio. Vomit-ride today for sure.  But you know what? Not everyone is losing. If you doubt me, look at this: MNK.

I am becoming concerned, especially mid month (March 16-18th) when the moon will be in Capricorn. I stumbled on this when writing my newsletter(s).  Look at it.

capricorn stellium march 2020That’s the sky on March 18th.  Jupiter is worldwide. Capricorn spells fear. Pluto is associated with death and wipeout. You get the idea.

It really doesn’t matter if the fear is justified or not. I certainly don’t want to argue about it.  I do think it would be prudent to adjust your expectations, AND…

Realize, this will pass!

This is one of the biggest advantages astrology offers. We know the moon will enter and then leave Capricorn in 2.5 days. We know that sudden reversals in the market will be the norm, probably for another five years!

We can also assume, when Uranus in Taurus is joined or provoked by some other planet, things will intensify.

I don’t want to tell people what to do, but I am going to keep my feet on the ground. These are Earth signs. Persevere!

Faith is good too. Neptune is in Pisces. Something good will come out of this, eventually. It is amazing how this happens.


Volatility In The Stock Market / Coronavirus — 28 Comments

  1. I can’t be bothered with panicking about any aspect of this. It certainly feels like the media and society want me to do that. I just can’t be bothered.

  2. Trying. My country is on semi-lockdown , and some of the measures seems extreme. I work in retail and we are still open. I wash my hands 24/7 and if I felt sick I would not go to work. People are very anxious and panicked. It is an effort maintaining mental clarity. Yeah I think it will pass, yesterday however I imagined armageddon. Sun is shining , spring is in the air. It is important we see each other and communicate with compassion and presence.

    • (((Iathina85))) “It is important we see each other and communicate with compassion and presence.” YES! Sending loads of positive light and energy to you, wherever you are, thanks for the awesome reminder.

  3. We are in ‘self-isolation’, grateful to safely pinned to astrology via this blog and forum to help with the timing. It DOES help me to know this will pass, eventually. I’ve lived a vulnerable life for some time now, the reality of volatility? It’s volcanic(earth making herself through fire), sometimes, and to earn self-esteem and stay alive during a flow means making difficult choices and don’t mess with lava when it’s hot.

  4. It encourages me so much that you say, “Faith is good too. Neptune is in Pisces. Something good will come out of this, eventually. It is amazing how this happens.” thank you

  5. Heading out to the hospital to see my brother before surgery. He has other health problems so he might not make it. Sanitizer and mask prepared.

  6. This was probably the best outlook I’ve read… And I’ve read more than a lion’s share working in the financial industry for a fortune 500 firm, myself. Thank you for posting… I was beginning to think I was the only sane person left. The only one who remembers contracting and… Omg, surviving you say ? SARS, MERS, H1N1 ? it’s just nature’s way of keeping a clean house for goodness sake. We’re all going to die eventually because no, immortality is not in that bottle of $120 face cream you *have to have* to “stay young”. ??‍♀️

    Go peacefully, spread positivity, and for pity’s sake, grow some backbone humanity! This is downright embarrassing.

  7. Looks like the virus has found its way to my small town in a remote area. Waiting for confirmation.

    In any case, I work in what I consider an “essential service”, i.e., in a supermarket. People need food, household supplies, meds (we have a pharmacy), you name it. And will continue to need all these in the weeks and months ahead.

    The craziness has already begun — this morning was SUPER insane.

    And the danger (of contagion, for me) will not cease until the pandemic is over. But, I am committed to showing up at work everyday until I am myself infected. It is a high risk, by virtue of some of the specific tasks I need to perform, and the environment in general. I’m okay with that. Someone has to do it. I am also in a higher-risk age group. But I’m ok and ready to “go” (die), should that be my fate. Better me (with no dependents) than someone with people depending on them.

    In the meantime, I will do my best to be especially useful to as many as I can.

    • That’s the spirit, Tango! ?? We’re all going to get it… but if we look after each other through it, we can only emerge stronger. ?

    • Hmm, Tango. I’d never have imagined this, but we’re on an island with new cases daily, too. ‘Self isolated’ at seventy plus going into a supermarket is risky for me … but you and all my neighbors who work there are the everyday heroines. Take care, dear, as you take care of others! You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you.

    • Same here. I work in home care, so there is no hiding for me, either. We caregivers have frail people depending on us to provide care. My work bag has PPE (gown, gloves, face masks, shoe covers).

      Thank you for what you do. I haven’t stockpiled yet (maybe I should, but I haven’t really got much room for extra food, anyway). People in my area are buying up all the rubbing alcohol and Lysol wipes, so panic hasn’t really set in yet. Maybe it will now that all the schools are closing.

      • Actually–I think panic HAS set in. Toilet paper is still plentiful here, but the local Sam’s Club just got cleaned out of everything. Shelves are bare.

        • I should clarify that I am not the one panicking–it’s the folks around me, in my city. COVID-19 hasn’t even reached this county yet.

          We had ONE person, who tested NEGATIVE. ONE.

  8. Also, when the Moon enters Capricorn this month, it will also go out of bounds too (only for a few hours).

    But this will begin this month, and carry on for the next few years. Twice a month, the Moon will enter Out of Bounds in Capricorn/Cancer

  9. I see Taurus as an expression of value(s) and notions of the good life. What we hold in esteem. Uranus jolts us out of unconscious slumber to bring awareness. Not only is this a global shakeup of commodity and stock values and of value chains: I think many are being prodded to draw their attention where the real value is in their lives. Sun and Neptune in Pisces supports seeing this value as connected to caring and empathy. I’ve been noticing people reaching out more, sensing that real value comes through connections (Venus). This is hard on everyone in varying degrees, but its universality seems to lend a real sense of solidarity. Just today, I’ve had three separate conversations that were all so uplifting, and the message of each was “I value you.”

    At the same time there’s the Cap stellium and that’s so much about power and consolidating it. Oh yes, with all the turmoil, some will be reaping incredible gains, and they’ll overwhelmingly be at the top already. This may well be the beginning of a time of an acceleration of global wealth redistribution. But how will it come to pass? Who will benefit, and who will lose out? These are the conditions we find ourselves in, but no outcome is truly a given. It could serve to reinforce the Capricornian structures that already make life so difficult for many, but giving it a more positive reading, there’s so much energy here for the empowerment of those who aren’t as powerful, which can include ourselves. Showing us our iron wills and conviction to keep going in spite of obstacles. At the same time, helping each other, we also help ourselves.

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