Voice Of Taurus Upon Waking Up… FOOD

The soldier rolls over this morning, “I smell biscuits and honey,” he said. First thing out of his mouth.

“No you don’t.”

“I smell biscuits and honey. Biscuits and honey?”

“You don’t smell that, you’re dreaming.”

“You’ve got no biscuits and honey?”

“Peanut butter cookies,” I said.

“You baked them in the oven?” he said, becoming more fully awake.


“Well get me one of them would ya, P?”


Voice Of Taurus Upon Waking Up… FOOD — 6 Comments

  1. I baked yesterday. Only I made Chocolate Chip cookies. We were supposed to go somewhere and I was going to bring them. However, plans were canceled. We sent some to their house today anyway.

  2. Elsa, you sound so in love with your soldier and that to me is so sweet & lovely & special! I am a Taurus Asc. Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Varuna & Waltermath person. I just love cookies and baking. You can bribe me with cake & coffee most days. I also love baking bread. I do find it difficult to diet and keep my weight down. I am buxom in size. Now after years of baking almost daily I have stopped for my health. I have to lose weight. Cutting out bread & biscuits I have lost 9kg in 3 months. But Yeah! I love them cookies, especially when I am feeling sad. Yesterday I made cinnamon muffins upon request of my Aries Sun & Asc. & Scorpio Moon son and had one for breakfast with my tea this morning. He is 15 and writing big exams at the moment so I had to cheer him up.

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