Voice Of Mars Regarding The Big Mouth At The Gym Yesterday

distorted mirrorYesterday, some guy made a comment about my body as I was leaving the gym.

Talk About Blunt

Whatever weight I had gained I would say it was less than 5 pounds. The soldier had this to say about the incident:

(swearing, all swearing below the break)

“Yeah, that made me jealous as shit,” he said. “Number one, I don’t like him looking at your ass. Number two, I don’t like him talking to you. Number three, it’s none of his business what you do. I think he’s one of those Colorado pricks who likes their women to look like Barbie dolls. Well I like my Italian woman to look the way she does! And by God, if my woman wants a cookie, she can have a cookie. She can eat all the fucking cookies she wants. Her ass can be whatever size she wants it to be and I don’t care if you have some ideal image you’ve been holding onto since you were a kid! She’s my woman – it’s her business – we don’t need any comments from the peanut gallery and if you look at her ass or make a comment about it again, I am going to stomp your ass into the ground. Now do you understand me, motherfucker? I’m sorry, P but I hate men who want their women to look like Barbie dolls. I hate what they have done to women, got them all starving themselves and they damned well better stay away from mine, and her ass, especially her ass or I am going to beat their ass, I swear I will do it. Let them go get a stick to fuck if they want. I don’t care. But they best not be telling my women she’d ought to look like a stick because it makes me mad and when I am mad I can be dangerous especially if you have been looking at my woman’s ass and making comments making her feel like there is something wrong with her when there ain’t a damned thing wrong with her, my woman is beautiful! All women are beautiful except for the ones that look like sticks. They look like they are dying all because of assholes like this and while I can’t get them all, I will definitely beat the hell out of anyone who makes my woman look in the mirror and worry something is wrong with her body. I just won’t put up with it. I will happily break every bone in their body so they best think twice before they tell my woman something is wrong with her ass as if they have anything to do with her ass in the first place which they don’t. Who does this motherfucker think he is anyway?”



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  1. Oh Elsa I love your soldier in a completely respectful way that would never get any motor cycle helmets wielded in my direction. My man would say pretty much the same thing except with much less swearing. 🙂

  2. That’s fine, Lupa. Just stay in your own town, LOL. 😀
    Because I do flare. Hair on my neck goes straight up. :/ <- is that a smirk?

  3. Oh, he’s awesome! My honey has the same sort of opinion, but he’s got enough Libra to keep his Aries from swearing so much. 😀

  4. I briefly considered denying the smirk but you know my chart and I’m pretty sure you know with all this Gemini going on it’s impossible for me NOT to smirk. Doesn’t mean I’m not sincere. Just easily amused.

    Off to work now! Bye. 🙂

  5. Standing behind me now I saw him look down at my ass. “You’re losing your weight back,” he said. “For awhile there you had started to swell up. Looked like you were on steroids or something.”

    Ya know, I am not entirely sure, but I suspect, given the mention of the steroids, that he may have been implying you were getting really muscular; I’d also point out that most black guys like their women with junk in the trunk. So I’m not exactly sure what he was saying, but I suspect he wasn’t trying to be rude about how you look. And I am pretty sure when I say someone is on drugs, I’m not referring to steroids; methheads and heroin junkies ain’t exactly muscular, or even just bulky.

    [‘Perhaps you should chalk that sucker up to Merc xR.’]

    p.s. I know the picture you posted is supposed to represent body image distortion in EDs, but I notice she looks ok to me either way, and therefore conclude that everyone in the world should get the hell over it.

  6. That guy was pretty rude. I can see why the soldier was pissed. Still, it must make it hard NOT to eat cookies when he encourages you to eat – as I know he can from past posts. I remember you talked about being fat when you guys broke up – gained a bunch of weight without even being aware of it. Yep, our Taurus appetites can be ravenous. I know food is right up there after sex in the “good things” list for me, too!!

    It is nice to have someone who accepts you any way you are, though. I always think my SO would like me to lose some weight, but I think I must be projecting my own feelings about body image because he has never said anything negative and frequently compliments my looks. I know I’ll feel better after I lose about 20-30 pounds, but I don’t think it will make him love me more. Just like your soldier, he loves “me” – not just the packaging, but the whole package.

  7. A little clarification, the steroids that bodybuilders use are adrenal-based (I don’t remember the specific type), but the steriods used for inflammation (arthritis, asthma, burns) are usually corticosteroids. Corticosteriods have the unfortunate side effect of weight gain in a flabby sort-of way and also residual puffiness especially in the face and extremeties.
    When I read the first blog, I didn’t think he was saying Elsa got muscular because of the “tone” of his “voice.” I took it that buddy-boy was a bit nosy, was saying E got fat, and needed to butt (ha!) out. (Pun really not intended, but it did amuse me. 🙂 )

  8. SaDiablo – he was definitely telling me I was “going to pot”… I had lost my way and thank God I had turned this tragedy around.

    drew – everything has to do with astrology if you’re me.

  9. I’ve got this to add:

    I have just suffered a trauma less than 1/10 of 1% of the population will ever suffer

    And as the soldier said, “If anyone deserves to eat a cookie it’s you, so he can just shut the fuck up…” which is another lesson.

    When you seem someone failing / struggling, there is probably a reason and if you are not a friend of theirs you really ought to stay out of it. For all that guy knows my mother just died!

    And actually that would be minor compared to reality so you get my drift. “You look good,” is very different from “You look good but you were looking like shit there for awhile…”

  10. YES! I love it! I think I will go read all the archives on the soldier now. I am in love with him (but, like Lupa, only in a non-threatening way 🙂 That’s a real man.

  11. I love the Soldier 🙂

    I had a dream about anorexic women today, it was horrible. They got up from chairs to greet me and they were like sticks, dry sticks.Yack!

  12. Seriously, eff that guy at the gym. Who does he think he is? I hope to God he doesn’t have a woman because you just know she’d be getting that same stuff but probably worse at home. The soldier is representin’!

  13. i find it interesting how sometimes people feel free to comment on others’ bodies like that. i don’t understand it, but i wouldn’t have asked anything either. just kinda blown it off.

    the soldier’s reaction was funny. and it’s pretty much how my man sees it, except with a lot less mars bone-breakin’ going on.

  14. Goddess, I suppose this is where I need to learn from you and Elsa: transcend people’s idiocy. ‘Cause buddy-boy would have gotten a round “EX-cuuuse me?! Who the hell do you think YOU are?!” from me. 🙂 *shrug* But I think in this situation, maybe most situations, you guys handle it better – let the idiots be idiots and go on your way. Because if you correct every single one of them… aye, aye, aye. You’d never get anything else done!

  15. Oh we LIKE him. As Lupa says, in a completely respectful and non-interfering way.

    Come to think of it, regardless of how they express it, I don’t date or befriend men who think women should look like sticks or barbies. Then again I have the Venus of Willendorf tattooed on my back, visible in street clothes, so that’s kind of a clue.


  16. Can we like him in an older-brother sort of way, E? *innocent look* *ducks* 😀

    (Interesting typo: I originally typed “dicks.” 😛 )

    Cool tat, Shannon!

  17. The more I read about your soldier, the more I like him. Of course, with Aries sun and Pices moon, he appeals to me on all fronts.

  18. There is nothing wrong with women looking like Barbie dolls. I work out 3 times a week at the gym. Women who complain that women look like Barbie dolls don’t take care of there bodies. Because you are obese does not mean people should find you’re attractive. Women look for wealthy men to marry. As a man I don’t complain about women looking for wealthy men; as I am not wealthy.

  19. This made me laugh:

    Just LIKE him from your space, mm’kay?

    ::seethes irrationally::
    ::is amused at own irrationality::

  20. max – in any case, it’s icky and creepy to make a comment to a woman you hardly know that indicates you’ve been watching her ass with rapt attention for months. and, worse, he also implies that a woman he hardly knows should give a shit what he thinks. but i think elsa’s got that one handled (i’m thinking of that ol’ put your dick on the bar story, hehehehe)

  21. Doreen – it is arrogant as hell to think someone is interested in your opinion when in reality they’ve never given your opinion a thought.

    I would offer a stranger a compliment but never, ever a criticism because who the hell am I?

    Plus, you just never know what a person is going through or dealing with. I have been through so much in my life and been so heavily burdened, I’d just never dream of walking up to a stranger and cutting them so to me this is beyond the pale.

  22. About 20 years ago, I lost a lot of weight, slowly over several months. Apparently, no one noticed because I didn’t change the way I dressed. One weekend I had to go out a buy a nice dress for a wedding and while I was at it, I bought some other dresses to fit the new me and started wearing them to work. Within days, people, both men and women, who never gave me the time of day, complimented me on my weight loss, and in the case of a couple of the men, started hitting on me.

    Supposedly, these were compliments, but what they were telling me is that I wasn’t worth their time when I was overweight, but apparently, now thin, I was worthy of their attention.

    And like you said, it wasn’t like I was thinking about them and what they would think while I was losing weight! Funny thing, I thought I was doing it for me!

  23. Yeah, he is POSSESSIVE. Thing is I am TWICE as POSSESSIVE. Either one of us will pretty much kill you if you get between us. I don’t know how it happens but one way or the other, you cease to exist.
    Bug zapper

    But really people don’t get between us very often,,, we are both way too scary.

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