Voice Of Mars: Fashion, Women, Men and Power

dynasty 80The soldier read Kate’s article, you might be able to imagine his reaction. He played both her date and the waiter, “Marco”. Later we were talking about the shoulder pads women wore in the 80’s. The “Dynasty” look.

“What was that? Women trying to assert themselves?”

“I guess. I have never seen that as the way to have power as a woman. That stuff is coming back by the way. Clothes with origami shapes. Pointy clothes.”

He groaned. “I don’t understand why women do that. They’ve got the p***** and they have been running the world since the beginning of time. Any man is going to do whatever it takes to so he can get the p*****. How can women not know this? They have all the power, they always have and I am sure they always will.”

Do you agree?



Voice Of Mars: Fashion, Women, Men and Power — 23 Comments

  1. I can’t bear shoulder pads and used to cut them out of my clothes in the 80s… but I think for some it was about enhancing the power of the pussy. some women have very slim shoulders which makes their hips look wider. it was a way for some women to make an hourglass out of a pear. also, it visually slims the waist to widen the shoulder. there are studies that found attraction was maximized in specific hip to waist ratios; perhaps shoulder pads were a subconscious attempt to make that ratio seem more ideal.

  2. Not at all. If women had the power there wouldn’t be all this silly business about birth control and abortion and so forth. And we wouldn’t have shitty programming like Lifetime.

  3. t-carat – the soldier (he’s drinking) said…

    “Just tell him, listen motherfucker. I’m going to cut you out of this pussy unless you let me play outside my sexual arena.”

    I laughed.

    “And then he’s going to say, fine. Just don’t cut me out of the pussy… play anywhere you want.

  4. How appropriate the Dynasty picture is because I thought sexual political intrigue (analyzing the war of the sexes) went out of vogue back then, in the 80s…..

    It may be true one woman can control one man (one at a time!) via biology and maybe that uncertain feeling men get, that they’re out of control, causes them to then control the real important stuff. To exclude women from it. There’s still a subsection of men who earn most of the money and retain all the power. If there’s a woman at home baking muffins who controls him in return it doesn’t mean anything except that she’s sort of a prostitute…

    Some of us want to play out our lives in areas outside a sexual arena and we deserve to be able to do that because .. sob .. we’re human beings too.

  5. “She’s right, it is Neanderthal! That’s good, it’s PRIMAL. It’s been this way since the beginning of time, it’s always going to be this way…” (the soldier)

  6. “My father, he was a strong man. And he’d put his foot down. We’re not getting a dog! A week later, there was a dog. My mother got the dog. And my father said, just wait’ll you grow up, he told me. Someday you’ll have a wife and you’ll work to pay for the rug and then have to get a dog to piss on it because that’s what the woman wants…” (the soldier)

  7. And as for p**** and all those beta males out there? Here’s the way I always heard it, “She’s already got one, she doesn’t need you to be one!”

  8. nope, not at all.

    “Any man is going to do whatever it takes to so he can get the p*****.”

    What is this? Why would any woman WANT a man so powerless and so easily manipulated? And why would any woman feel so powerless as to want to manipulate her lover this way? In this age??? Come on, this belongs to the neanderthals.

    And as for p***** being so powerful? There is nothing in this world that has that much power to move a person…except love. P***** (and c***) can be bought, sold and replaced, but the person it belongs to cannot. There are many men who would do anything for the love of a particular woman, and just as many who will deny this and try to cover it over with one p***** after another.

  9. *honk honk* The censorship brigade has come through town. Is there a conspiracy in favor of asterisks or can we all just not say pussy? So much for proving the point about power. Never associate with the pussy, ladies!

    Yeah yeah, I know, there are kids that read… but still.

  10. lol…pussy, pussy, pussy…there I said it. no more asterisks for the censorship brigade.

    primal? sex is primal, as the best usually is. But what ever happened to self-control??? I like a guy who can resist me as much as I resist him. And give in when he wants, not because I cracked the whip. Same goes for me. I only give in when I want, on my own terms. No man could ever control me with sex for long. And if he actually let me do it to him and get away with it…it would be over before he could say, well, pussy 😉

  11. thumbs down on shoulder pads, pointy clothes and rude exclusive dining behavior. thumbs up to the solder’s accurate and astute observation about the p*****.

  12. Oh thank you – i desperately tried to figure out what that p-stars-stuff was supposed to mean! *lol*

    As for power- we got it, we had it, we will always have it. But not because of sex, but because we CREATE those little male shitters! We give birth to them! And all they really want to do is get back inside, even if it´s just partly. So most of the time they´re angry because they´re still outside, and they take it out on us. Or on whatever. The good men are few, and they are those who know where the power is, and act accordingly. Which means respectful, loving and supportive. Not weak.

    I strongly believe that society as it is today is the result of male frustration ;-). The thing that angers me though is that women are so eager to give their power away in supporting whatever men are up to or fighting against each other instead of investing in their own causes.

    If I want to assert power over a man, by the way, I take out my hankerchief, spit on it and rub a spot from his cheek ;-).

    Oh, I should have warned you- Mars is transiting my 8th house at the moment.

  13. This is ridiculous.

    “Hey women! You being objectified and constantly sexualized? It’s not a sign of patriarchy, it’s a sign of your power! The next time your male boss stares at your breasts rather than listening to your ideas, be grateful! It’s means you’re powerful! =D”

  14. Brandon – that’s an interesting way to look at it. I just wonder if you would agree if the roles were reversed. Chris Rock says it best… “from the time you hit puberty, every man is offering you d**k. Can I get that door for you? How about some d**k?” Now that’s fine when it’s as mundane as opening doors or being eyed on the street, but when a woman has something important to say, real power would be having the man on the other end of the conversation truly listen.

  15. Brandon – that’s dangerously close to the logic that “rape is a compliment, because hey, if you weren’t so pretty, the attacker wouldn’t bother you.” another way to view your comment might be “Sure, it’s power. The only power women are allowed under patriarchy.”

    after a lifetime of getting looked down on/ignored/not taken seriously because you’re female, you might feel rather differently.

  16. OHMIGOD–I just got a haircut today and my stylist says “big hair” ala the 80’s is coming back!Can shoulder pads be far behind.

    Actually, as a Pisces rising,Uranus sun conj.I enjoy glamour and a bit of drama.. In the 70’s we women were wearing those little bow tie floppy things on our blouses with our new business suits–till we figured out power was not about dressing like a guy–at least the dynasty women EMBRACED their femaleness.

    For EVER, the sexes will be in a power struggle. (POLARITY!) I simply believe it is the human condition. Fight it if you like, or use it. We all have our own secret talents and ways of manipulating one another. Accept it!

    Genders and power? An interesting discussion here..

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