Victimization Under The Full Moon In Virgo: March 1, 2018

“There must be some kind of way out of here,”
Said the joker to the thief
“There’s too much confusion
I can’t get no relief…
– Bob Dylan

I’m not liking the looks of the Full Moon in Virgo on March 1st, 2018. I admit this might be personal. I have Libra in my chart. When things get way out of whack, I notice!

We’re already dealing with a large stellium in Pisces over a three week period.  Now take a look at this chart –See the chart full size.

As you can see, most of the planets and all of the personal planets are in the mutable signs.

The Moon in Virgo is sensitive to criticism. I don’t like the idea of her attempting to stand up against all that Pisces, particularly with Mars in Sagittarius involved.   There will be tricks and sneak-attacks (see tag – gaslighting) but a person can easily do themselves in under a sky like that.

I am talking about tricking yourself; reacting to something imaginary, but I am also talking in real terms such as suicide.

A person feels criticized (Virgo), sees no way out (Pisces) and acts out (Mars in Sagittarius). If you know anyone with a suicidal tendency, I’d keep an eye on them. In particular watch for children who may be at risk. I am sorry to bring this up but hey!  Better safe than sorry.

Also, it’s under a sky like this, kids put on capes and jump from the top of their house, thinking they can fly.  Mars in Sagittarius takes risks. Mash that with Pisces and you come up with “leaps of faith”.

Mars in Sagittarius can also be a bully. I am not suggesting that Virgo and Pisces are innocents, by any stretch of the imagination; imagination which will be stretched under this full moon. I’m just trying to explain my thoughts on this.

Bottom line, there is a lot of fog out there and it is already rolling in.  Common sense tells us to be careful when it’s foggy out. It seems worthwhile, you get this into your head, now, far in advance of the actual event.

Also, heads up to Gemini – a lot of this energy will wind up in your lap. This is because you fill in the T-square to complete the circuit of the Mutable signs.

Got plans for the full moon in Virgo? Tell us!

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Victimization Under The Full Moon In Virgo: March 1, 2018 — 36 Comments

  1. Gemini rising here….I’m feeling very impatient with a lot of people, but very hesitant to criticize them. Maybe I’m feeling their vulnerability.

  2. Wow, thanks. My husband has a virgo moon, actually a stellium there in his 8th house. He has a meeting with a surgeon on the 23 rd.. I think he will be scheduled for surgery the following week. A Lung biopsy, I pray it is successful with no complications.

  3. I drive a bus and I don’t remember teenagers with such serious and sullen expressions? what’s happening out there. I have to blame the schools. Around here they label 5 out of 8 boys special needs so that administrators can stick their greedy hands into the Feds pockets. These schools are nonprofit. They are accountable to no one how they spend. I feel at the expense of children and families self esteem these educators get fat. I was told by guidance that they recruit special needs students to sign IEP’s so they can justify full time employees and keep the budget high. Shame on them around here school committee meetings are closed to public. These
    Children are humiliated to keep a few very fat. Tell a teenager how fantastic they are today!

    • That’s in the public schools too. At least in Texas where my sister works in a gifted and talented school she says there is a pharmacy in every school at least throughout Texas. It’s everywhere so don’t feel alone. It’s hard to watch. Prayer takes on a whole new depth. Maybe that’s the wisdom of Pisces but I agree it feels too much. Too much confusion…no release. Perhaps a really good joke would help crack a smile. In fact the sabiansymbols pisces30 is about a rock face that a boy grows into. Humor perhaps of the satrical type maybe medicine right now. Oui!

  4. Looking at the north node in Leo and Uranus in Aries aspecting mars, there might be a revelation or a strong push of destiny in the right direction. The full moon aspects Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. This full moon could be a small step in the overall picture of the saturn/pluto thingy.

    Personally, the virgo full moon and stellium in pisc plays out in my 7th and 1st houses. I hope I get the news I’ve been waiting / dreaming for. With Nept/Pisc you never know. Maybe it will drag me through the mud and spit in my face.

    I don’t know.

  5. that’s a good idea. i’ve been doing alot of painting,out in the cold midday winter sunlight what little we have left since the sun is so far away. stocking up on healthy food we like, and keeping a close watch on our mental and physical health.

    thanks for the blog post/heads up.

  6. Hmmmmm….that Pisces stellium is bunched around my south node, and Mars within orb conjoining my Jupiter. I can envisage a few possible scenarios, one most likely being complete liberation or release from a particular past pattern.

  7. Am already at the breaking point and this hits my gemini asc and virgo moon… Am afraid to truly lash out but have been pushed beyond my limits. I dont want to be that person who lashes out. I just want to be away from the mess. Am also in my uranus square the universe has a perverse sense of humor

    • Well at least it’s a sense of humor! There seems to be a certain lack of acceptance of not nice things that has been going on for sometime. Perhaps it’s related to the opioids addiction. Not knowing how to spiritually cope with bullies and such. Uranus has known some bullies. Let him vent a bit. It might defuse the pressure, not be as bad as it looks once it’s not bottled up and might even be funny.

  8. I have Mars in Sagittarius natally and I have been trying to personify some of the traits that you have been associating with it in my own personality. I don’t find myself particularly dogmatic or pushy but perhaps my Mercury in Libra makes me more diplomatic when expressing my Mars. I have been a little introspective lately. And also my proggressed Mars is Cap so maybe I have tempered.

  9. All that Pisces is in my 7H so a lot of it hits my AC and Virgo stellium, which includes my Virgo moon.

    So far the big thing on my plate now is a health-related thing, awaiting he reading of some tests, a consult, and a decision of what will happen next.

    But March 1 is my sister’s birthday so I am going to look for something extra special to send her ❤️

  10. mars is conjunct my natal uranus @ 1st house. Full moon square my natal mercury @ 11 degree 7th house gemini and 14 degree gemini natal chiron.

    Transiting chiron sextile my natal moon @ 28 degree capricorn 2nd house

    Venus and mercury making sextile to my natal mars @ 22 degree capricorn
    So 7th house under pressure from 4th house.. 5th house ruler on top the my 3rd house ruler in 1st house INTERESTING a lot going on in my chart.

  11. Can really relate to the sensitivity. Don’t know why I missed the connection with Pisces (Pisces enough on my chart). Definitely feeling “hormonal” (very tearful… Annoying myself actually).

    Thanks as always.

  12. Well, I was looking forward to this full moon until I read this LOL! The full moon is going to be on my MC and I was thinking along the lines of a promotion. Now it’s more that I don’t somehow commit hari-kari with my career. Thanks for the forewarning!

  13. Pisc Asc/ Sag Moon and Gemini Sun! Also natal Pluto in early Virgo 7th. Yikes, this is going to hit me big time I think. Confrontation or avoidance?

  14. My sun is 11 virgo, have 3 other planets in virgo. The stellium is bunched up in my 10th house, have Gemini rising.
    Currently looking for a new job, may have one on the line.
    Hope I can clear this mess before having to make a decision.
    Hoping Saturn in Capricorn will help with grounding and stability.

  15. I was wondering how this would affect me. I have the Moon in the 12 House Virgo natally. Today, I was verbally attacked by my father whose a Pisces Sun. And the experience really did bring up old suicidal/depression issues. So this post resonated a lot. I’m not really looking forward to this Full Moon. I just thought I’d share how this showed up in my life.

  16. This resonated on so many levels. Thank you for your bluntness, so needed it. I have natal moon in 12th house Pisces and just gave someone the boot 10 days ago to the point of making him cry. With Pluto and Uranus in my 7th (Virgo) and Mars in Gemini, I was not delicate either. I regretted almost immediately. The day after I was filled with so much remorse that he’s gone that I’ve been feeling like giving up for good. He was “just” a friend but held countless rays of sunshine in my life. While he’s gone, I’m looking forward to these planetary pressures lifting sooner than later. I’d like my smiles back.

  17. I’ve been eager to but we agreed from the get-go not to exchange phone numbers (too tempting). The only way I can is if he comes crawling back (and visits). I’ve been waiting…

  18. What scares me a bit about this Full Monn, apart from my natal Venus being ganged up on, is the fact that my progressed Venus moves to Scorpio–THAT DAY. Greeeeaaat timing, lol. Could that cause a problem?

  19. This is in my 8th house, was in a whirlwind story all during these eclipses which began back in Aug, 2017 but really kicked off the end of Dec, he is my exact opposite, I am April 6, he is Oct 6th, same year, both of us astrologers, similar backgrounds and yet Venus/Pluto conjuction in late Leo early Virgo…my own Sun/Merc in his 7th, my Moon in Aquarius in his 5th..we laughed till we cried and there was so much potential but it seems he played me all along like a violin! I am gutted, (Virgo) what is wrong with people?? Healing and Hell all in one 2 month, multi eclipse experiences? Now, we do not speak…such was the mouth on me where I could not say nothing…standing up for myself and women, Pallis on my Asc at 17degree Cap, Black Moon Lilith in my 12th in Cap, so Pluto in my first, Saturn coming in soon, (for the kill??) In the end, was he a narc? He thought he was God (Sun in the first!) and so many past lives, past loves showing up! Now the Virgo Full Moon will conjunct his Venus (wide) square my North and South nodes and my Venus in Gemini…what MORE could possibly happen? Not kissing and making up, surely? What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger?? At nearly 62, you must be kidding me, right?? Help!

  20. sorry, Juno exact on my Cap Asc. His Juno conjunct, his Pallas in his 5th same as my Moon in Aquarius. His Venus conjuncts Pluto natally in his 11th. Just being clear amongst all this Neptunian Piscean fog, of which his Mars in Pisces in his 5th must be having a tsunami right now! Never experienced anything like this and I feel like a chump right now, how can it be? Was it real? Sadly I just don’t know…any insight would be helpful, thanks!

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