Venus Retrograde: December 19, 2021 – January 29, 2022 – Consolidation

transit watchVenus turned retrograde in Capricorn early in the morning on December 19th.  The planet was tightly conjunct Pluto as shown below.

Pluto will be at 25 degrees Capricorn throughout the month of December. Venus will be between 23 and 26 degrees.  If you have planets or angles near these degrees in a Cardinal sign, you’re going to be impacted.

Loss is a given with Venus Pluto but that doesn’t mean there is no gain. Matter of fact, the loss can easily be related to a massive gain. I’ll give you an example.

A woman has a baby – this is the end of her “girlhood”. This transformation is deep and generally painful in certain spots or at certain times. As with most things Pluto-flavored, words fail when attempting to describe the depth of this conversion.

Venus retrograde in CapricornThe Pluto conjunction is so strong, I’m looking at this Venus retrograde period in two stages.  The December portion of this period will be dominated by Pluto. Pain and death and loss may be part of this but I would generally look at it more as a consolidation on the love and money front.

Here are some other ideas:

  • You will be aware of real losses and gains.
  • You may amputate relationships or be amputated.
  • You may be degraded by others or degrade others
  • You may also heal a relationship or commit to a deep or drastic makeover.
  • Karma on the love and money front. For good or ill.
  • Love or rejection – all or nothing
  • Obsession with others or vice versa

Post the first week of January, Venus will separate from Pluto and things will lighten up some. You may revisit one-on-one interactions you had in November when Venus was at the mid-degrees of Capricorn.   Venus will retrograde all the way back to 11 degrees before turning direct on January 29, 2022.

Once headed in the right direction, Venus won’t catch up with Pluto until the first week of March. This last conjunction will take place at 27 degrees. Again if you have planets or angles involved, near these degrees, you’ll be deeply affected. I have planets and angles involved so I’m not guessing about this. I’m in it up to my neck.

If you want to get deeper into this, I have this post on offer. I was told this was gruesome and dark. Well, I don’t deny that. But if I get on the phone with a client (this is a relationship) and they’re in their 30’s and they tell me they have cancer – is there anything light about that?

Reality can be dark at times, and gruesome.

What To Expect From Venus Conjunct Pluto In Capricorn

Update on December 31, 2021: It’s occurred to me that Venus rx in Capricorn is delaying gratification…

How is the Venus Pluto conjunction affecting you? What goals do you have in regards to the retrograde period?

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Venus Retrograde: December 19, 2021 – January 29, 2022 – Consolidation — 95 Comments

  1. I love your insights, as always. I mean it!!!

    Well, my almost 8 year old son, has his chart ruler at 27 degrees something Capricorn, in his 4th. It is Venus in first station. He has been eating KFC for the last 5 years and so in February, I will take him to be assessed for sensory issues, and possibly Aspergers (which is now part of Autism). There is going to be OT and diet therapy etc in store, regardless of the outcome of our assessments. I have seen his SR and he has N NN on SR AC.

    My almost 17 year old daughter has Chiron at 27 Capricorn. Her chart ruler is Venus at 23 degrees, Conjunct Merc, at 24 degrees. She has already had the Tr Pluto Tr Saturn horror show go over her chart ruler a couple of times. She is off to study Community Services next year, then after a 1/2 gap of trying something else or maybe her first real job, a Diploma in Mental Health. If you remember my other posts, you will realise that this is ironic.

    I have P Venus 1/2 degree away from Conjunct N Pluto. Things have been changing in the values department.

  2. So in addition to that conjunction in March I also see Mars joined up! What a pressure cooker it’s going to be for some people at that time..

    • Good on you to notice. Pressure cookers make tough cuts of meat meltingly tender and beans soft in 1/3 the time of a stove top, without overnight soaking.

      We don’t just “come of age” once in our lives. This transits will help us grow if we put them to good use.

  3. It’s tightly conjunct my Uranus in 2H and is loosely squaring my Mars in Aries at 28deg. To say that I’m worried, is an understatement.

  4. Deep end for sure, feel like a gator up to the eyeballs,but I have no options no control must just float barely wiggle and pray.yup faith in others as I have a lousy hand,fake it till you make it, death to any kinda control, pretending to be the red balloon❤️

  5. I read this Venus retrograde cycle within the context of the Moon Nodes moving into Taurus /Scorpio. There are things about Scorpio and Pluto needing completion and release – and things – unknown things – about Taurus/Venus to invite in and explore.

    • Well spotted there!

      Venus (ruler of Taurus North node) will conjunct Pluto (ruler of South node). From February 2022, Venus will then conjunct Mars (co ruler of the South node).

      If you use Mean node, the node sign change will occur on 23rd December, for True Node it will be on 18th January. Both dates will be within the Venus retrograde regardless.

      The last time we had Venus retrograde in Capricorn, we also had nodes in Taurus and Scorpio but in reverse. The North node was in Scorpio, South node Taurus. Back in late 2013 and early 2014.

      So back then, a theme of letting go of the familiar and routine and what you felt was secure – eliminating what was always done in a predictable set way, and embracing the unknown, allowing complete transformation and overhauls. But going through the underworld to reach it!

    • Actually, THANK YOU Don for your post ?? I t triggered a major epiphany there as I was writing my previous post. The South node in Taurus for 2012 to 2014 makes sense to me now! No wonder everything got upended and uprooted in my life. Complete overhaul.

      I wonder what Taurus NORTH node will bring. A return to set ways, routine (what’s that? lol) and stability (again, what’s that?). A new normal??!

        • I did wonder about that some time after I posted my comment ? and you beat me to it!

          North node sharing the same sign as Uranus until 2023. To be fair, a return to stability would be a shock to our system after two years of pandemic mayhem. A world where we aren’t constantly hypervigilant over deadly viruses, no masks, vaccines, or social distancing. Even just thinking about that feels so …. alien!! Almost unthinkable ?

          • I be happy.
            Business need for this to end. Schools. All
            The world somewhat paranoid. It’s been a very turmoiltous
            Period . What week is it? Brain fog.last year daughter visited . I realized I having trouble talking. Vocal chords not being used. That was un nerving.
            I think spring things look up.

            The synod of two years ago. Atrocious

          • I had that and can relate. It freeing
            A few find it difficult

            Uranus frees to give a new view in life .,at times some may think selfish . While others are inspired . What does it matter. Your inner self needs uranus at times

  6. 2013-2014 was the beginning of the end of a 35 year marriage that
    Was gaining with abuse, maybe round two is approaching for me
    In letting the winds of change blow me forward ?thanks for the history y’all

  7. I’m a Taurus, ruled by Venus and as Venus has crept closer to Pluto by transit, I’m feeling more empowered. It’s very noticeable because I just got out of a 2 year Pluto transit to my Sun (Venus ruled) and my Uranus (Venus ruled and in 2nd house of Venus). So I’m watching this rx with interest!

    • I forgot to add, the Pluto transit felt debilitating physically and affected my appearance, I had to let go of all the means I learnt to ‘pass’ as a ‘woman’ in society. The usual arsenal of clothes, hair, makeup, exercise, diet… the list goes on. This may relate to something @Don mentioned elsewhere about Pluto being the other face of Venus, which made me think of the myth of Inanna and Ereshkigal, because I certainly resonate with with Inanna’s passage in the underworld regarding my recent Pluto transit.

    • Feeling empowered is a positive of Pluto. ? I had Tr Pluto opposite my N Sun and N Jupiter in Cancer a few years ago. It changed the way I was perceived publicly. Sun rules my 10th.

      • we-love-tough! You made it! Knowing deep things you made it!
        It takes courage to be perceived differently publicly!
        My Sun rules Third and i like to tell i love you for your courage!

    • Happy new year!!

      This venus Rx . I keep having sort of flashes of what I value .

      I believe amputation of people things will happen .

      We need reviews . Life becomes so fast paced we forget what truly valuable .
      Little things that create an picture of you and others.
      Venus is values , both libra and Taurus . One relationships . The other is senses . Sensuous
      Where both have this . Who would indulge in the beauty and smell of a flower. Given or received .

      Basic beyond!!!!
      Why Pluto in this transit important.
      The heart of the values.

      Great love

  8. Contemplating euthanasia for my dog. It’s so difficult because he’s young and the best dog we’ve ever had. The dog was born under this Saturn/Pluto stuff that won’t go away for a long time. My husband dug the hole yesterday, just in case. It surely will be a December to Remember, either way, for us.

  9. The planets have been dancing a tune on my 23Cap Saturn for what seems like years, so Venus and Pluto on my 27Cap Jupiter sounds great to me!
    Natally I have Venus Pluto 11 degrees separated in Virgo, in my 1st house, so nothing phases me anymore with that conjunction.
    Since it is in my 5th, my daughter might be able to visit me before she returns to the office full time in March. I am hoping some other fortunate events ensue as well.

  10. Well, my Jupiter is trine this dark collusion at 25° Taurus–but trine is good, isn’t it?

    Or, it will either expand the good or bad.

    My folks in their late 80s are in the hospital today. They’ve been quietly slowing down this year; the finish line may be in sight. We’ve preserved them from Covid THIS far. But that threat remains as well. Our Michigan hospitals are over-flowing…

  11. Laugh In The Face Of ☠️Death⚰️!

    I know Elsa will like this her being a lady with great humor ?

    Yesterday I found out that one of the greatest ways to deal with the somber transit of ?Venus in ☠️Capricorn, given that ?$ATUrn? is in ♒️Aquarius *and* squaring Uranus in ?Taurus?♉️, is to laugh away at it, as I happened to come across a Mr. Bean Christmas laughing to ?tears? clip on FB. The penny dropped when I thought that there’s no more ✨??Powerful✨ medicine against all those dark ☠️Death⚰️ Beings then to laugh at them, it really robs them of their negative power which is to subjugate people through terror, despair and sadness. And it’ll even be better if you look up comedians like Benny Hill or the Marx brothers or Laurel & Hardy to laugh it away given that they’re all deceased => ?$ATUrn? ? (plus the humor is better too)…

    I mean, this thing takes such a long time that it’s useful to have a strategy ???

    Then I found out people who faced ☠️Death⚰️ laughing — there’s even a photo of a Russian spy being shot laughing — and some people who even laughed to ☠️Death⚰️ like a man who couldn’t stop laughing for 25 minutes watching The Goodies ending with a ?Heart attack — then his wife wrote The Goodies thanking them for such a great way to keel over! No kidding ?????

    Now on Christmas Eve, Dec 24 — the day before retrograde ?Venus exactly conjoins •Pluto for the 2nd time — ?$ATUrn? and Uranus, both co-rulers of ☠️Capricorn and ♒️Aquarius, will be in an exact square! But given Uranus is in ?Venus ruled ?Taurus?♉️ and ?$ATUrn? rules ☠️Capricorn, ?Venus acts like a bridge between them, as if it‘s an additional aspect between the two, coloring the square — in so doing she is atop •Pluto.

    I see this basically as an equivalent of a 4 planet Stellium in ☠️Capricorn, as if •Pluto, ?Venus, Uranus and ?$ATUrn? are all together, but not nicely. And note that the ☀️Sun☀️ will already be in 2° ☠️Capricorn pushing all energy into this sign.

    ‘They‘ are meaning to wipe out the banking business, making it obsolete, replacing it with all controlling magical digital currency. It may thus be more than just a stock market crash, more like a total financial system collapse, and all this ☠️Capricorn emphasis plus people without access to their ??money, unable to buy and sell, could lead to mass hunger, a typical ☠️Capricorn theme and one of the 4 horseman:

    Notice the 4 planet ☠️Capricorn Stellium going on from Jan 26 to Valentines Day Feb 14th *with Mercury retrograde* — is that the telecom/internet turmoil? And on Feb 27th the ?Moon joins ?Venus, ☄️Mars and •Pluto on yet another 4 astro ☠️Capricorn Stellium ??‍♂️

    Now, when ?Venus turns direct on January 29th, she’ll be joined by the hip with ☄️Mars, with an orb of 1° all the way out of ☠️Capricorn, as if she went back to fetch and couple up (hook up?) with ?him for a specific sweeping purpose. Eventually both of them conjoin •Pluto, forming a 3 planet Stellium exactly at 27° on March 3rd. Then they‘ll move on to conjoin ?$ATUrn? as if delivering something from •Pluto.


    Prepare, if you will, by storing ?water? and food that can last. With ?$ATUrn? and Jupiter in Uranus it may be *also* about power and electricity outages so if you have a gas stove get one or two extra canisters. This winter may also prove to be extremely ?cold so get extra warm blankets and clothes. Don’t forget your animal companions.

    All that you buy extra you’ll be able to spend later on if no big deal comes out of all this. But remember that stocking up with funnies like Laurel & Hardy, Benny Hill, Mr. Bean etc may prove precious. Just laugh it away! ??

      • You must have been born after the 2020 ☠️Capricorn Stellium or maybe you forgot what came out of it? And you got out of your way and took the time and energy to come here say this remark that is nothing short of negative, destructive and pointless.

        It’s just validation of what I wrote — if this is not an expression of ?Venus conjoining •Pluto in ☠️Capricorn which is Persephone (?Venus) kidnapped and raped by Hades (•Pluto), then turned into the ?Queen of Hell (☠️Capricorn), I don’t know what it is — look it up here

        See, I just added some important interesting insight. What did you add?

        My suggestion when you encounter stuff you dislike on the internet is, that’s right, to laugh away and move on. Much better use of your time and energy, with the added plus you’ll never tread on anyone’s toes, especially those who took a lot of time and energy into writing a piece they’ll have nothing to gain from.

        Last but not least, don’t shoot the messenger if you dislike the message. Have I placed the Solar System into motion and invented the Astrology Program & Personality Program? Not in this lifetime for sure ??

        I focused on what I had the time and inclination to focus on which is this long ?Venus in ☠️Capricorn transit. Surely there’ll be other possibly soothing aspects like a Stellium in ????Pisces? etc. Elsa will surely cover all of that when we come get there in March. Finally, regarding the free will of what we can do with these energies, namely to transmute them, I even pointed out an easy simple all access way which is to turn on the ?laughter?. Maybe you missed that…

        Popular saying is ‘prepare for the worse (?$ATUrn?), hope for the better’ (Jupiter). One cannot prepare for the worse with rose colored glasses, chasing butterflies or riding unicorns, in my humble opinion. Plus it’s not actually the scope of this blog, it is? Here Astrology is used to warn people of possible scenarios ahead, not to ?BS? people with feel good messages.

        I wish I’m totally in the wrong with the scenarios I described and things turn out for you really great, sincerely, no cynicism or sarcasm!

        • Nice defense!
          You have something to say and you have your own style. I have learned to read emoji. This is necessary for anyone who wants to interact with younger generations.

          This is also related to the next topic I have in mind, related all this. I am glad for this exchange. I will be following up.

          • In my mind I’m forever young ? ???

            Physically I’m probably older than you ?

            I just find it really enriching and empowering to use emoticons as an expression tool. So I use them. It’s also nice on the eye and pleases my Libra♎️ ???

            I truly hope I didn’t offend anyone with my response. That too takes effort and mastery — but isn’t Libra♎️ a master at diplomacy, Elsa? With ☄️Mars in Libra♎️ I bet you wrote the book on that ???

            • I think I’m more rough around the edges with Mars in Libra. But you are discerning and you have personal style – this can’t be denied.
              I do understand other people though and in fact, your comments trigger “spam” alerts in google, lol. I also used to blank out when I saw a bunch of emojis but like I said, people who were using them had information I wanted to glean so guess what? I had to transcend, the same way people who read my atrocious grammar have to do!
              We’re just weirdos, Miquel. But both well meaning.

              • I agree with the weirdos. And Grateful for making me laugh out loud… or is it LOL?

                Look, no emoticons!

        • Another projection: That my comment is negative, pointless and destructive.

          My comment had a purpose. I wrote it so that anyone reading your post who may be feeling vulnerable and anxious, and who may feel they lack the astrological understanding to consider these aspects for themselves, will have a further opinion to consider. Also to highlight that any astrological statement always contains a level of subjectivity (i.e., it is influenced by the mental and emotional state of the astrologer who makes it) and that needs to be taken into account.

          • No you did not, you made a personal attack as a reaction of your personal fear issues or whatever internal reason, you tried to shoot the messenger, always the easy way. It’s always bad when one lowers the bar to the personal level instead of addressing the matters discussed, that’s what you did — and unfortunately that is still true. You add absolutely nothing to add to the discussion, just tried to shoot down the author of the text and you keep going at it. When that happens there’s an expression that applies: when you point the finger, 3 fingers point back at you. It’s obvious you’re the one projecting eh?

            As for the anxious and vulnerable, might as well include the ?Unicorn riders, ?Butterfly chasers and rose colored ?glasses wearers, it’s still better to stock on ?water?, stove gas, and chickpeas, etc., and to take as much ??money out of the ??Bank??? that they possibly can (best is to buy ?Gold and silver pre-1933 collection coins if there are still any) than read your negative no substance just destructive comment of a comment and do nothing. They can always spend it later if nothing happens which is obviously what is hoped for — prepare for the worse, hope for the best.

            I will not spend more energy replying to you, will not fall for that trap again.

            PS: been studying and practicing astrology for 21 years. In this lifetime, that is.

        • “Now on Christmas Eve, Dec 24 — the day before retrograde ?Venus exactly conjoins •Pluto for the 2nd time — ?$ATUrn? and Uranus, both co-rulers of ☠️Capricorn and ♒️Aquarius, will be in an exact square! But given Uranus is in ?Venus ruled ?Taurus?♉️ and ?$ATUrn? rules ☠️Capricorn, ?Venus acts like a bridge between them, as if it‘s an additional aspect between the two, coloring the square — in so doing she is atop •Pluto. ”

          Good spot about the dispositors!

          Uranus in Taurus, ruled by Venus in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn in Aquarius, which leads back to Uranus. So a feedback loop happening there. Interesting!

          • Yes, I see ?Venus there as the representative agent of the Uranus-?$ATUrn? square. ?Venus is very poorly placed in ☠️Capricorn and in my view she loses almost all of her good/pleasant qualities, she’s 1) Persephone after being kidnapped and raped by Hades and turned to ?Queen of ?Hell?, 2) like ??Lilith??‍?? (not the celestial body) mother of the deadly sexual ✨Life??Force✨ leeching Succubus and Incubus ?vampires??, i.e. a ?vampirical? prostitute, or 3) ☠️Santa Muerte⚰️. What I mean is that her influence there, if any, is no good. She’s a corpse, acting almost only as the agent for the ?$ATUrn? and Uranus square, coloring it with the ☠️Capricorn vibration while sweeping that sign back and forth and hitting a climax when she conjoins •Pluto. Today is only the first of three conjunctions but given she stations at 26° before retrograding, only 1° away of •Pluto, it’s even worse. So it’s like amplifying •Pluto in ☠️Capricorn who has been doing it’s nasty business for 15 years, since its entering into ☠️Capricorn in 2008 which is in everybody’s memory as the horrible financial crisis. Back then it was •Pluto forming a Stellium with ?Venus (money) and Jupiter (speculation/magnifier) in ☠️Capricorn trining ?$ATUrn? in ??‍♀️Virgo♍️. Now he’s magnified, aided in his nasty task, by the disrupting Uranus-?$ATUrn? square that is exact on Christmas Eve, Dec 24. And on Dec 25 through to Dec 27 ?Venus has retrograded back to exactly conjoin •Pluto. So from Christmas’s to New Year’s Eve you have the perfect storm setting of (the start of) a financial crisis much worse than 2008. Knowing that the boards of the then failed Banks, rather than punished, were awarded million$ and that their criminal behavior was in fact incentivized and multiple times compounded throughout the banking industry and that there are Banks so big and so far deep that their fall may immediately bring the fall of the $dollar and €uro currencies as they’re both joined at the hip and the collapse of the entire economy and that the billionaires announced the Great Reset at Davos, Switzerland and they’re eager to remove the banking system in its entirety to replace it with an all-controlling digital currency, it just sounds like astrological conditions are then created for it to happen. If it happens Banks will ST⛔️P all operations blocking ??money withdrawal — a test was run in Cyprus — then proceed to say the financial system is shot and needs replacing and what a beautiful opportunity bla bla bla => Great Reset.

            Winter Is Coming — Note that winter solstice will have happened and the ☀️Sun☀️ will already have entered ☠️Capricorn. So that’s one more — and big — there.

            I feel this setting with ?Venus and •Pluto in ☠️Capricorn connected to the ?$ATUrn? Uranus square acts like a 4 ?Planet Stellium, maybe 5 celestial bodies if you add the ☀️Sun☀️, and it’s still fresh in the memory from 2020 what that may translate into.

            Then the Uranus ?$ATUrn? square fades away, but they still remain in those signs just not squaring, while ?Venus goes back to Cap 11° to fetch ☄️Mars, doing the entire direct motion final passage through ☠️Capricorn holding hands with him in a 1° and less conjunction! I mean, besides ☄️Mars being the god of war, it surely is the planet that ignites and sets things into motion, makes things happen, he marks events. And that Bonnie and Clyde couple will sweep ☠️Capricorn to conjoin •Pluto exactly at 27° on March 2nd evening US time then quickly move on to ♒️Aquarius to eventually join ?$ATUrn?, ?Venus first on Mar 29th and with the ☀️Sun☀️ in ?Aries♈️? its ruler ☄️Mars joins ?$ATUrn? on April 5. Plenty of Stelliums in ☠️Capricorn and ♒️Aquarius with lunations and the Spring equinox in the meantime.

            So I’d say that the period of Dec 24-March 2 has the signs of being complicated to say the least towards finances with the possible introduction of a new global crypto-currency. In 2019 FB announced its own cryptocurrency to be launched in 2020. I’m sure Mark meant 2021-2022.

            In Europe it’s the Deutsche Bank that is so deep in irrecoverable junk debt, its fall would bring the €uro down then the dollar. ?$ATUrn? — ☠️Capricorn and ♒️Aquarius co-ruler with Uranus — is the Karma reaping planet, it’s Shiva the destroyer, it acts like a ?Tsunami? razing everything whose foundations and structure is not absolutely solid, strong, unbreakable. And, according to many many analysts who for years have been issuing warnings, what the ??Banks??? have done since 2008 is multiple times worse than what they had previously done, so it may be inevitable they’ll be confronted with such Karma, which will bring them down. ??Banks??? grab 99% of their clients ??money??? and invest it in whatever financial product as long as it makes them as much ??money??? as possible, paying their sucker clients only a ridiculous interest. So they couldn’t care less and dove deep into junk credit, junk bonds, etc., after all it’s not their ??money??? plus many corrupt governments “come to their rescue”. It doesn’t look good, folks, and it’s been really a miracle how it has not all exploded yet. It hasn’t because money was disconnected from ?Gold and became just a number on a computer screen so they just make more out of thin air. This was not by chance. Read again. And that means it’s not obeying economy law any longer and that it’s in the hands of those who control the system if and when anything really bad happens. If the natural Laws of Economy were happening it would have all come down years ago. So it looks like they’re waiting for the perfect moment. And looking at the recent power grab wave, all of it pointing in the direction of controlling the masses, well…

            Mitigating factors — I see Jupiter, the great benevolent, ruler of ????Pisces? and ?Sagittarius, entering ????Pisces? on Dec 29. Given that Jupiter rules speculation, will that be mitigating? Or will it dissolve all limits making it a de facto global issue? One thing I think ‘they’ may use it for is to ride on the population’s idealistic dreams of creating an utopian society, saying “well, this didn’t go well, our ??money??? system ‘unfortunately’ ‘accidentally’ went bust. Let us take the opportunity to make something good out of it, replacing it with a technology wonder that’ll make everybody’s life easier… in the meantime we’ll create the guaranteed minimum subsistence income and everyone will have living money… just as long as they comply. Let us manage it all for you, we know better, we got this.” Also with Jupiter in ????Pisces? the population may become rather passive and permissive and confused, Sleeping Beauty dreaming in her Crystal ⚰️Coffin or the modern version of people locked down in their box homes watching movies, porn and the 8 o’clock terrorizing soap opera.

            The actual mitigating factor I find in much awaited Jupiter in ????Pisces? is many many people turning to SPIRITuality and waking up to their true selves. The ✨Truth??, like Albert Einstein’s epiphanies in the tub, may fall on them as insights, Eureka moments. I’m curious how that’s going to play out in regards to the ?Venus in ☠️Capricorn period as it is quite a different energy, soaking all the rigidity of stone masonry in ?water?, bringing in unpredictability to the entire thing — what will Spirit do?

            I’m not saying all this is going to happen. I’m saying that if it’s going to happen this seems like a setting it may happen, considering past history and official statements and so forth. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared instead of taken by surprise, paralyzed like a deer hit by headlights.

            And that is the point of Astrology.

            • I have been reading about this. Business reports.
              ♉️??♓️ Spells❤️‍? fried.

              Simply the stock market is not showing the true value.

  12. Venus and Pluto will conjoin my Jupiter at 24 Cap in the 4th house. Will Jupiter soften or magnify the conjunction’s possibly negative effect? Well, with a natal Venus trine Pluto and a lot of life experience, I’ve decided to take a long perspective and not worry about it personally. As to what will happen on the world stage, I’ve been scared for quite a long time.

      • Well, so far, December has been lucky. Oh, Elsa, I think it already happened! Not only did I receive money owed me from excess pension payments but I was offered a 3 day a week job I never applied for, with someone I know and like, beginning this summer. Great retirement income and great location, doing something I like. What a wonderful surprise!

    • ?Venus is ??money, •Pluto is power grab, manipulation. ☠️Capricorn is paralyzing ☠️Fear⚰️. If you prep yourself up for worst case scenarios, you’re already not paralyzed, which is what ‘they’ want the population to be, with the head stuck in the sand, confused not knowing what to do. Confusion is actually being intentionally used, by constantly making contradicting statements, etc., to further paralyze people. Prepping up is thus therapeutical, so is laughing away at fear. There’s also ??‍♀️Meditation??‍♂️ and multidimensional transmutation practices, like Healing the Karma that emerges from the astrology scenario, that One can do to achieve peace and clarity of mind.

      It’s happening in my 4th as well and that concerns the ??mother, food, home, family, matters of the ?Moon cos the 4th equates to the ?Cancer♋️ sign. So storing up on stove gas, food supplies, survival kit etc that’s already addressing it. If she’s alive, be on constant contact with your ??mother, call her everyday. I’d strongly suggest you try to Heal all your birth, ??baby, and child trauma issues, your interaction with her when starting your earthly journey — you can know how your birth/her labor went from the ?Moon, if it’s ?Scorpio or ?Aries♈️? it means she was on the verge of dying in the labor so there was/is Subconscious ?hatred? towards you as a ??baby and since then, she blames you for that traumatic event. ?Moon in ?Cancer♋️ usually equates to easy quick birth. Do that Healing work towards your daddy as well as your 4th is likely Capricorn. Where’s your ?$ATUrn?, ruler of your 4th, and what’s it doing? From that you can also understand what you may specifically do as to address the matters of your 4th. In ????Pisces? it could be using Spiritual Healing practices, that would be a very good transmutation way of all the otherwise potentially nasty expressions of ☠️Capricorn and ♒️Aquarius ruling ?$ATUrn?, which is much of the general focus point in this period, whether or not it rules your 4th.

      Fear paralyzes. When One does nothing One decides to leave the energies and Beings to their own devices, refusing the opportunity to be Sovereign and harnessing it all for your own good and the Greater Good. It’s like leaving a ?car on the street, unlocked with the ?key in the ignition — you know someone will do something with it cos you’re not. Another example is a patch of land, if you tend to it it may be a beautiful perfumed garden with flowers and ?Butterflies, otherwise *you know* it’ll turn into a rat infested waste ground. The energies and Beings described in your astrology are always there, there’s no denial — and that will ALWAYS express. If One takes charge and do something with it, One makes something happen, otherwise something will happen to him/her and s/he’ll play the victim.

      Astrology is knowledge and knowledge is ✨??Power✨. Use it or it may be used against you. Consciousness Cures, the ✨Truth?? will set you free. Free yourself from the ⛓shackles? of ☠️fear⚰️. Harness YOUR ✨??Power✨.

      Transmutation is to neutralize and make positive, constructive, to dismantle the nefarious destructive potential. Just do it.

  13. Miguel,
    Please remember that the holidays are a difficult time for many people. Yes, you reap what you sow. But do not strike terror in the hearts of those who can only accept what their minds are ready to embrace. We are all at different places on our paths, so tread gently. I am nearing the end of mine, and will be at peace with all when I go. Desiderata!

    • Jesus, what a manipulative passive-aggressive remark! ??‍♂️

      1) Tell me where in my comment I stroke terror in anyone’s Heart? That’s ridiculous. Be specific and no more ambiguous vague insinuations, please.

      2) Why are you assigning me responsibility that‘s not mine? I have neither created the ?Stars? nor Astrology nor am I responsible for the craziness that is going on in the ?World at the moment. I’m also not responsible for your reactions to events and potential outcomes that anyone that is not entirely living in lalaland know are being prepared, they were even announced at Davos, the so called Great Reset. It’s also in official documents signed by most governments in the ?World, called Agenda2030. Have I written those documents? They say “you’ll own nothing and be happy”. Did I say that? How have I shed terror? What am I even sowing other than trying to help and remove the fear?!

      This is yet another non-Astrology related unsubstantiated remark, just lowering things to a poisonous personal attack, shouldn’t even be allowed here as it has nothing to do with Astrology.

      The purpose of Astrology is to spot, uncover, understand, shed ✨Light✨ on things. How’s that striking terror on people’s hearts? Being silent on the potencial that the current and forthcoming Astrology outlook may have in order to not disturb people’s illusions would not only be coward but especially defeating of the purpose of astrology and of this blog.

      It’s as if I warned people of a ?Tsunami? and you turn to me and insinuate I’m sowing evil and state I’m striking terror in people’s hearts — you actually said this, wow ??? — I live in a country where there’s a place with 100 feet/30m high ?waves? that surfers come ride from all over the ?World. Look up the American Garrett McNamara who decided to move there. Should Garrett warn people how dangerous those waves potentially can be, would you point your finger to him and say he’s “striking terror in people’s hearts”? That’s how insane what you said is. Yes not sane. Sane would be to thank me for investing such a long time and effort in my answer to your comment, yes to be Grateful instead of poisonous, and if you’d disagree then agree to disagree, BUT stating why Astrology wise!

      The ✨Light✨ illuminates and exposes the darkness. That is absolutely the opposite of terrifying. For anyone with a sane mind, my words would have a reassuring orientating effect. I spoke of many practical ways to address it too.

      I’m sorry lady you were out of line and you should apologize. Tread gently you said. 3 fingers pointed at you.

      • You do know the Greek God Prometheus, don’t you? He who has his liver pecked out for all eternity for daring to let mere mortals share the wisdom of the Gods?

        Often what you can see, if you can read clearly enough, isn’t going to be pretty. I appreciate that MOST people will be terrified, especially if they don’t feel that they can do anything about upcoming events.

        To me astrology is a tool to avoid the real-life equivalent of some random vehicle coming down the wrong side of the road to total me off. I appreciate the sharpening of the tool, but I know I stand in the minority.

        • Estella thank you for your comment.

          I started studying Astrology deeply and passionately 21 years ago after someone gifted me Astrology For Dummies ??. But ~16 years ago I plunged into SPIRITuality and started using Astrology for what it is, a guiding tool. So despite not being a professional Astrologer per se like Elsa, I didn’t let go and still pursued it as intensely as if I’d made it my sole profession.
          But I don’t think Elsa’s page resonates with the feel good fluffy ?Butterfly chasing ?Unicorn riding BS Astrology audience that may be out there on the internet. Actually, I find most Astrologers to be a bit noir, just the big Uranus/♒️Aquarius connected to the Medium Coeli won’t do it, they need a lot of ?Scorpio and that is to look the monsters in the eye. Given Elsa is like that that’s the type of audience she attracts. No, there’s something else going on here, likely coming out of my transits. You see, like ‘libra rising’ I’m also Libra♎️ Rising thus ?Venus ruled which is why I decided to reply to her comment before this one — ☀️Sun☀️, Ascendant or ?Moon in ?Taurus?♉️ or Libra♎️ is hugely affected by what ?Venus is doing. ?$ATUrn? too given it’s exalted in Libra♎️.

          Yes, I’m regularly guided to look deep into the so called mythology and the ✨✨Constellations✨✨ so I appreciate you reminding me of Prometheus.

          I’ve also learned that people who point fingers and play the blame game are usually copping out of their own stuff they don’t wanna look at. And that the fear is always internal, it’s already there, hidden in the ☄️Mars ruled Subconscious and the ?$ATUrn? ruled Unconscious.

          And that’s what is being used to enslave people even more, cos most are scared ?less of looking at their own fears. No One will ever be at peace keeping all of that ‘terror’ swept under the rug… ??‍♂️ It has to be exposed to the ✨Light✨ and that will inevitably happen.

          Many blessings!

          • When I was a child, home life was like a coin with a Monarch’s bust on one side and Medusa’s head on the other. It could be either, depending on where the coin landed. I was bullied at school, I changed schools often. I never took my problems to anyone and learnt to fix them on my own.

            Fast forward to adulthood, I have had numerous challenges; fighting the family for equal educational opportunity, migrating to another country etc etc. I have never lost faith in my ability to adapt to my circumstances. Maybe it’s the Sun conjunct Jupiter in Cancer.

            I have a prominent Uranus but I won’t be working as a professional astrologer any time soon. Astrology is a hobby I’m very passionate about; I’m prepared to invest in continued learning only to use all that knowledge on myself.

            Knowledge is worth possessing for its own sake.

            I look at my own natal: exalted 2nd, Jupiter in Cancer. Look at my 11th, which is wages from my 10th, angular but peregrine in a rolling conjunction to Saturn and square Uranus. Vesta on 2nd, I have to take a break from earning money from time to time. Even if I were to regard my hobbies as a means to earn money, which they are not, I have a peregrine 6th ruler in 11th. Who am I kidding?

            Yup. I will leave the pros to consult and write about their findings and I will continue to enjoy reading about them.

            Blessings to you too! ?

          • The transit is ?Venus exactly conjunct •Pluto at 25° today!

            Couldn’t make this stuff up if I wanted to ??

            Thanks for sharing! As I said the ?Scorpio bit is needed

  14. i have basically lost my oldest child in the process of this divorce. people say kids will always come back to the mothers someday but i can’t be hanging my heart on waiting for a miracle to happen… eventually.
    meanwhile i’m scheduled to start a new job the second week of january. it should be life changing.
    all this cap is in my fifth house, squaring my sun. i have venus retrograde natally.

    • Now is Time to fight! It will keep you away from depression!
      Pack yourself before the 2nd week 14-01-2022 and things will be all right! And the whole world loves that and the whole world should kno that you love your self first!!! Because that’s important IN BOTH A JOB ÁND A NEW WORLD!

  15. I feel it coming like a highly pregnant. Let it move to begin the process. I look forward to some unforgettable deep wintermonth. V/P conjuction exactly hits my cusp 12th house but is Placidus house so how can i be sure. What i feel is a loyalty conflict between my handicapped brother and the elderly from volunteer work and may have to make a choice there.

  16. ((((Elsa. Miguel, sophiab))))! For the first time ever, I have witnessed a discussion of astrology at head, heart and gut level. Superb! Discussion at this level of intensity has Truth rattling my cage hard. Thank you so very much.

    • My pleasure to get your cage rattled, Sophie, anytime ??

      I’m curious how Dec 24-25 will turn out plus everything else. On my part I’ll do as much as I can to transmute and neutralize it all so it only expresses constructively for the Greater Good. When it’s done from a place of Discernment and Sovereignty it’s much more powerful. Consciousness Cures or as the great master said ‘And The ✨Truth?? Shall Set You Free!’

      Merry festivities, Elsa, everyone!

  17. Elsa Elsa was this karmic that I read this. I had a grand daughter born 23 dec. 8 44 am

    Omg Pluto venus conjoin her Ascendent.
    Moon in leo oppose Saturn, Jupiter and square uranus.
    It is 20 degrees in the seventh house.
    Sun 1 cap. Conjoin my north node.

    For kickers their parents not poor.
    Cap Ascendent know poverty at some point. Even Ivaka trump did. Cap Ascendent

    This child s houses are mine almost exact.
    Except sun 11th cusp 12th

    Am I having a nightmare. The doctors chose this date for a c section

    • My late husband had a Cap asc. 12th house, Aries sun Virgo moon. He grew up poor, became a successful businessman from 30 to 50 then played for about 10 years and by the 2nd year into Pluto in Capricorn was broke. He died quite broke. he died happy though.

  18. I have had few ask me when I do astrology professionally.
    I do not think good enough.
    I do solar returns , secondary progressions , transits , eclipse s.

    Plus, I became burned out once as an intuitive. Not really . I just became tired of the same ole soul mate questions . Most did not want the truth. I see that on the forum. This woman got mad when I told her about Pluto sq venus. Natal.

    You receive some strange ones. Then also glad you helped a few.

    • Congratulations Mair!!!

      I’m with you: most don’t want the truth. You can tell them why they have difficulty, why the person they are with have difficulty, why they have difficulty together and they still expect this to be a happily-ever-after scenario. ?

      So it’s not a Q of who gets to be a professional astrologer, like I responded to @Miguel Mel above with a link into a survey of professional astrologers charts. Rather, it is who would want to be a professional astrologer, knowing that your client most likely doesn’t want to the full benefit of your skills.

  19. ‘…most don’t want the truth.’ Speaking as an astrologer’s client (I have only been to one, and that was more than 30 years ago.) I wonder if the astrologer is sometimes guilty of, e.g., painting a very desirable picture of one’s future partner, then dipping out of the client’s ‘when?’ question. To mine, the astrologer answered thus: ‘I don’t know when. But I do know that it will happen.’ That pie in the sky did not sound to me like a truth. And I was pretty annoyed that I had paid her two lots of £45 for this. (Still a polite girl at the time, I did not voice my annoyance. 🙂 Now that I know a tinsy little bit of astrology, I can understand that she may genuinely not have been able to answer my ‘when’? question.

    • The ‘when’ bit is the focus of Horary Astrology that is a bit medieval like and doesn’t make space for free will. But its reverse, Electional Astrology, I dabbled a bit in and it was a lot of fun. What I mean is that people aren’t trained in the temporal aspect of Astrology, it’s mostly a psychological approach that’s taken.

      Also that kind of client that wants everything served on a plate, wants everything and gives little, is very hardly pleased and is usually really seeking BS or ends up getting it, like they want you to tell them it’s all gonna be good and pretty.

      One time I did a session for a client and I told her the ✨Truth?? she didn’t want to hear then in the last 15 minutes I described 3 Past Lives that I had had access to that validated what had been said. What a magnificent precious gift. Was she pleased? Not at all, she was trying as best she could not to be uncivil but I could see she was disgusted and wanted nothing with that sort of stuff. Most people go to astrologers for the wrong reasons because there are many that for ??money??? give them what people want no matter what. I was going to say they think it’s like Tarot but it’s not, Tarot will also give you the hard ✨Truth??. It all depends on the professional, after all, because with both Astrology and Tarot there’s a lot of intuition and interpretation involved so the professional can be tuned in to the ✨Truth?? or to BS, depending if they’ve sold their Soul for ??money??? or not and also on their own astro chart, what they attract and resonate with, in my humble opinion.

      PS: I’m writing on the day that retrograde ?Venus is exactly conjunct •Pluto in ☠️Capricorn and Uranus in ?Taurus?♉️ is exactly squaring ?$ATUrn? in ☠️Capricorn

  20. Squares my mars and Neptune. December has been my worse Month of 2021. Found out 2 sisters have a cancer. My daughter, and I have been fighting covid for 3 weeks. All that Capricorn is in my 2nd house of course, I am just so tired.

  21. So sorry, opalina!

    Nice name!

    Cancer ! 2 sisters is a shock
    Hope your better.
    My sister in law died from it. A sag. Late decan sag.

  22. I haven’t read a single romance novel all my life (37 years). In this Venus Retrogade, I started reading romance novels and haven’t managed to slow down. I have been reading at the speed of at least 2 novels a day.

      • Why do you find it interesting? I am baffled by this, because it is so unlike me. I read serious literature and yet I can’t stop reading romances now.

        • That’s why it’s interesting! It’s like some portal opened up and you’ve gone into it for reasons you don’t understand. It may not be tied to Venus Rx. But when someone drops what is normal for them and take off, full speed, in a different direction, it is interesting.

          I doubt you are wasting your time. When you’re compelled in some direction, there is generally a reason. It’s just not yet been revealed to you.

          • How much time does it take to reveal the direction/reason for such irrational behavior? Is there something I can do to find out the reason, or just wait and watch? Is there anything else you would like to tell me about this?

            • It sounds to me as if you’re being led by the Holy Spirit. This is my framework.

              Like I look back at how I “became” an astrologer. First someone gave me a computer. I protested!! “Why do I want one of those..?”

              And then I sat down in front of it – no internet, mind you, and I wrote about astrology. Just something that came to me… funny and of all things, “blog length”, when blogs didn’t even exist!

              I did not get online for another two years. The first place I visited was alt.astrology. It was listed in a paper copy of The Mountain Astrologer magazine.

              Did I know what I was going to do? No!

              I wrote what turned into 600+ page book in an EMAIL window. Yes! I did not have Word. Eventually someone gave it to me…

              Now, thirty years have passed. I was thrown onto this road and it seems to me, something similar is happening to you.

    • Psychologically and spiritually it’s really not that hard to explain.

      Astrology tunes people to different ?Worlds? where other Past/Parallel Lives of theirs exist. That makes people tune in and temporarily acquire their traits and behaviors. How fast it goes away depends if it’s transits and on the celestial body. If it’s progressions, well… ??‍♂️

      I clearly see what you described as the ?Venus ??‍♀️Maiden trapped in a ☠️Capricorn underworld. ?$ATUrn?, its ruler, is rock so she’s like petrified, in lockdown inside a dark cave or ⚰️Coffin where she cannot escape from. The only possible manner she has to survive is to dream. Reading books, watching movies, is just a form of dreaming, of escaping the harsh reality, of allowing the Soul to fly away and for a while feel free.

      It helps that at the moment Jupiter and Neptune, the co-rulers of ????Pisces? are in their domain.

      Since ?Venus went into ☠️Capricorn two things happened to me:
      1) my eyesight (ruled by ?Venus) worsened a lot and
      2) my need to sleep and tiredness became overwhelming and accordingly the need to dream and/or watch movies. You know the expression ‘sleeping like a rock’? I just fall asleep on my chair almost every night like an old man (?$ATUrn?/☠️Capricorn) ?

      I’ve also been feeling like cutting my hair (which is part of the exo-skeleton thus ?$ATUrn?/☠️Capricorn) thinking it’s time to do it, it’s way too long bla bla bla but I’ll just let this time go by cos I have a feeling my hairdresser (☠️Capricorn business) will ⚔️Cut it too short or it’ll go wrong or something. I can ?Persevere?, a ☠️Capricorn trait. You may as well Naina. ?Persevere?, not ⚔️Cut your hair. I suggest all women not to ⚔️Cut their hair short, you may regret it.


      You know how ??‍♀️Maidens dream about being swept off their feet by their knight in shinning armor, being saved from their horrible existence, like Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel? That’s all based on the Andromeda and Perseus ‘mythology’. You can read that too, quite interesting. Cepheus (constellation), father of Andromeda (constellation), and Cassiopeia (constellation), her mother, having cities of their realm threatened of being devoured by the monster ???Cetus☠️? (the ?whale/Moby Dick constellation), sacrifice their beautiful young girl daughter, placing her naked and shackled for the monster to eat. In comes the knight in shining armor Perseus (constellation) riding the Pegasus (constellation) holding ???Medu$a???’s head with Algol ?Star for her eye that turns everything into rock with her gaze as a weapon, he slays the monster Cetus and saves Andromeda immediately marrying and bedding her.

      Notice how Rapunzel is trapped in a tower i.e. made of rock, how Cinderella lives in a basement i.e. underground, how Snow White lives with 7 dwarves (☠️Capricorn) who are ?Gold and ?Diamond diggers (☠️Capricorn), how Snow White and Sleeping Beauty both fall into a deep ☠️Death⚰️ like sleep in a Crystal ⚰️Coffin (Crystal is rock).

      Also read about Inanna’s (?Venus) descent into the underworld, which equates to the Fall of Eve, plus Persephone’s abduction and rape (marriage, impregnation, family) by Hades, making her the ?Queen Of Hades/Hell.

      There’s also Saint Barbara’s story that’s reminding of Rapunzel only this time it’s not her mother or an old ??hag??‍♀️ forcing her to seduce and pleasure passing knights but her greedy father who wanted her to marry for ??money??? and upon her refusal, traps her inside the castle’s tower.

      They are all petrified, in 1D, the Root Chakra, fallen from the ?Heart to their genitals, the basement. The tower also means genitals like a phallus and its corresponding female inverted tower/well. This is why becoming enamored is termed *falling* in l?ve.

      You feel like Andromeda now, yearning to be rescued in the hour of your greatest danger/oppression/crushing. Maybe this is why people say they have a crush on someone they fancy, they feel like crushed under/like a rock looking at their Perseus savior hero. Works for both genders.

      Venusians are indeed feeling crushed under this transit, well I am, have to endure and ?Persevere? until March.

      I hope this helps.

      Stay ✨??Strong✨

      • Andromeda, by the way, is ⛓shackled? to a *rock* (?Venus-?$ATUrn?/☠️Capricorn). Plus Perseus comes from above fly-riding the Pegasus so she’s in very bad shape, in a rocky situation, needing rescue, looking up for/at the Perseus hero, like the Bible‘s ‘woman will worship her Man’, she’s dreaming about him, enchanted and fallen in L?VE with him, which is immediately consummated exactly like wedding night.

      • Last but not least, your name Naina is an anagram of Inanna. In short, you are Inanna, they even named you so.

        The best possible resource to read about Inanna, in my humble opinion, is The Lost Book of Enki.

        I urge everybody I know to read it.

        • Thank you, kind stranger for helping me make sense of my own baffling behavior! Plus I love your use of the emoticons! 🙂

          How did you learn about the myths surrounding the planets? Could you suggest something to read?

          About sleep – reading romances obsessively is affecting my sleep. I am sleeping too little.
          About haircut – Even I am itching to get a haircut! I didn’t know the planets affect even our hair styling choices!

          My name is Divya and Naina is a nickname at home. I have even thought of making Naina a part of my name, but never really managed to do so.

          Will read more about Innana. Let me know if you have any resources. I have ordered The Lost Book of Enki – will read it.
          Lots of love and gratefulness, kind stranger! 🙂

          • Hi Divya Naina Inanna

            Yes I thought of stating ‘mythological’ resources and I meant to include that as a final observation but ended up forgetting about it. Was that retrograde ?$ATUrn? in ☠️Capricorn playing its tricks? ??

            Wikipedia is a sufficient resource, in my humble opinion, for studying the mythology, well at least it was when I studied it, before it was bought out and they started to censor and what not. If you’re devouring information still and it’s not enough, maybe search the Internet, there are plenty of pages about the ✨✨Constellations✨✨ that include the so called mythology. In my view, mythology is just a trick label to distract people of its real importance on people’s lives, they’re likely tales of real events that took place and were placed ‘in the sky’ to become psyche Programing patterns that all of Humanity carry and emulate in their lives more or less intensely according to their charts.

            For me the Astrology Program each individual carries is not random but carefully picked to adjust to the Soul’s history and traits and the Karma elected to be expressed and hopefully Healed in the lifetime it corresponds to.

            The Hero pattern I have observed fits also parallel to other Programs like Little Red Ridding Hood and Big Bad ?Wolf, The Beauty and the Beast and also Chivalry. All of these are programmed into the Human psyche, or should I say internal Soul structure, and depending on the astrology chart, each individual and I’d say the Ancestral Egrégore i.e. family and ancestor lineage, unconsciously act the Programs out to a degree.

            We are now living a time that people really and deeply need to search within to know themselves (know thyself) and find out what they’re really here for. The Master said “and the ✨Truth?? shall set you free” so, just by knowing things, discernment and clarification, thus Healing, sets in.

            One thing I am often inclined to do is to understand the meaning of people’s names because parents choose the ??baby’s name tuning in directly to the ??baby’s Soul. I’m in awe to what I found regarding Divya — really pretty name I find it now:

            The name Divya means Divine Brilliance, as in someone with great transcendental/psychic connection.

            Then I found this in a numerology name-meaning site: “You are gifted with an analytical mind and an enormous appetite for the answers to life’s hidden questions. You have a strong interest in exploring philosophy, and even mysticism. You possess clarity and persistence in your search for truth. You can be a great researcher, educator, and philosopher. You are driven by a desire for knowledge and truth. You must learn to discriminate between illusion and reality, but you are well equipped for this task.”

            — my note: in your book devouring quest you likely are striving to clarify and bring to ✨Light✨ i.e. to bring to the Conscious mind everything that is Unconscious and Subconscious, and even, why not, SuperConscious. In my humble opinion, you want to remember who you really are Soul wise to understand what you’re doing here. The fact that the books you read are, as per your words, romance novels, offers a glimpse into what you’re trying to tell yourself that agrees with my guess: romance/L?VE ?Venus/Inanna matters.

            It continues: “Your overpowering need is to be independent and to direct your own life according to what you believe. Your dream is to become the leader of whatever field you enter. Whether it is in business, community, or in your general area of expertise, you are driven to be the reigning figure. You have the courage and the confidence to lead others. You believe firmly that your judgment is preeminent over all others.”

            — my note: numerology says you are a ?Queen. Inanna was ?Queen of the ?World in the ?Taurus?♉️ Age i.e. from roughly 4000-2000BC and that was especially true in India, one of her strongest domains.

            You likely will calm down and return to healthier sleep patterns when you find out who you really are and what’s your ✨Life✨ purpose.

            If I was guessing you’re Inanna.

            Your ✨Life✨ purpose is in your name as it translates into someone with a very ✨??Powerful⚔️✨ Multidimensional/transcendental connection i.e. powerfully psychic. Astrology validates this, surely, I mean, if you’re reading books this hard you must natally have or be going through an intense ????Pisces?/Neptune stage. I’d check the Progressions chart as well as the transits to try to determine how long will this Insight Discerning Quest you started take.

            May be you need to learn of Inanna’s life and a specific episode called Inanna’s descent, you’ll do this by reading The Lost Book of Enki.

            ?Skeptics could say “what are you talking about, man, it’s just a transit or progression she’s acting out on, no mumbo jumbo Spiritual thing you’re trying to push on her”. Well, that’s for your Divine Brilliance to know, isn’t it?! Could ✨Life✨ be that ?dumb?

            Oh my, only now, right before pushing send, I read Elsa’s Holy Spirit reply above. And I was fretting over hijacking her page with this SPIRITual stuff, I’m relieved! ????

            Re haircut: don’t make permanent decisions based on temporary emotions.

            • PS: what’s happening to you is likely happening to many people around the ?World given that Jupiter entered its domain of ????Pisces? and both the signs co-rulers Jupiter and Neptune are now in their domain. In astrology this means they’re really intense and strong.

              This could bring an awakening to Humanity and surely for many an intense thirst to open to and ?plunge???‍♂️ into the Multidimensional ??Seas??.

              Unfortunately, in my point of view, the window it’s happening on is only 4.5 months long which is very short for an awakening to happen. Maybe that’s why it’ll be very intense for many, to try to compensate for the short time the wind? is pushing those sails. And hey, I believe in ✨Miracles✨!

              • It will be all right! At almost springtime: Grow as fast as you can! This Capricorn time it builds up within you.. It will be all right 😉

              • ​I meant to write to you earlier, but there was something I had to take care of first. After years of deliberation to add Naina to my name legally, I adopted Divya Naina as my pen name and you are the first to know. You are exactly spot on about my quest in life. Since I read what you wrote about my association with Innana, divine downloads about topics to write about have been overflowing, so much so that I can’t keep track of all of them. ? Miracles are happening, as you predicted. ?

                In the last few years, my pen has been rusting and it’s like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s not that I am out yet, but yes, I see the light and I have picked myself to run towards it, cautiously though. ?

                – What I am essentially telling myself with romances: there is hope in spite of all the cynicism.
                – Your interpretation of my name brought tears to my eyes. ? The word Queen ? has been reverberating in my ears for quite a few months. I have even visualized a painting. Will share a link once I do.
                – Question: if so much about us and our life’s course is predetermined, what about free will? Does it have any place in life?
                – I have a Scorpio Moon in my Natal chart – the psychic in me is very active, sometimes frustratingly so.
                – I have just started reading the Lost Book of Enki. Thanks for that!

                Thank you for helping me be Inanna.

              • What a great feedback, not very usual to get such a detailed response to One’s work. So Grateful!

                Free will — it’s quite fictitious but you may always say that you could choose, even before such intense outpouring of validating evidence, to not follow up on it and keep yourself in the rut. But could you really do that, for real?

                I believe you’ll find out that writing is a therapeutic exercise and that the more you do the clearer it all gets. You’ll be basically accessing Consciousness of yourself in higher dimensions so it’s not really really channeling, it’s accessing your Higher Consciousness. ??‍♀️Meditate??‍♂️ and talk to her/yourself.

                I also have a ?Scorpio ?Moon so I can relate.

                Happy things are improving and you’re finally ??Walking? the Path. You see the system tries to make sure everybody believe they’re null so they don’t even try. Now isn’t that such a great underlying theme to write about, encouraging others to believe in themselves and not all the cr?p that’s been layered upon them?

                Last but not least look up the meaning of avatar.

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