Venus Neptune – My Love Is Obscured Anyway You Turn It… Plus Generic Confusion

I am on facebook now and I am a newbie. It took me 10 days to figure out you could (and should if you do not want to get hit on) designate your relationship status so I went in there and clicked, ‘in a relationship”.

This gives a new option – “with…”

I looked at the screen dumbly for a minute trying to think what to out put in there. Animal, vegetable, mineral? I am obviously not going to put his name and then I decided I would put his name.

“rhino,” I typed. The screen did nothing.
“rhino,” I typed. Nothing.

“RHINO,” I typed and you guessed it. Nothing. I was pissed so I left facebook only to return in an hour.

“rhino”, I typed. Nothing.

This is when I saw the error message. “there is no rhino on facebook…” Ohhhhhhhhhh!

On that note I left it as is, I am in a relationship with…

Now how Venus Neptune is that? I may as well be in a relationship with a figment of my imagination and there are some people around her who think the soldier is exactly that. But if I had managed to get it to accept, “rhino” it would have had the same effect.


Venus Neptune – My Love Is Obscured Anyway You Turn It… Plus Generic Confusion — 14 Comments

  1. I’m Venus conjunct Neptune by 1 degree and I’m always in love with my imagination.

    I know you mean this figuratively, but I am so serious.
    I can create the ideal love I want and project it onto the boyfriend there. It really doesn’t matter if he’s ordinary or not, he becomes a hero & the romance is ratcheted up to mythic proportions.

    Coming down from that high after a breakup is like coming out a trance.

    There are both good and bad things about it.

  2. I keep looking for someone on Facebook going by a name like “His Own Misery” or “Life Itself” or something like that to be in “a relationship” with.

    Seriously though: if you’re on Facebook and want fast attention from people, change your relationship status from whatever it is to something else. Even removing your status completely prompts a lot of response.

    That’s why I waste so much time there. Lots of attention… no need for actual people skills. 🙂

  3. I never designated but then I never get hit on. I wonder if the other person has to approve your relationship status.

  4. Yep they do Satori 🙂

    I never got hit on on facebook, but then my relationship status was invisible until I added my current guy . .

  5. so like Matthew, when I finally find M. Harry D’Erreire I’ll have to actually cultivate a relationship? gah, virtual life is almost as complicated as the real thing.

  6. I have a love/hate relationship with facebook

    my scorpio rants and mad status updates sometimes provoke response and thought provoking counter arguement/opinion but when I look at it, sometimes, it does comes accross as bloody angry , opiniated, perhaps and a bit whiny

    still, had the weirdest year of my life recently, and sometimes get lonely

  7. Venus trine Neptune, and my status is “in a relationship” without linking to anyone… Not that I can’t, but because I’m not allowed. *pout*

  8. Rhino! Rhino! Rhino! Hahaha. That’s too funny. Oh man, good ‘ol Facebook. Hey, did y’all know that your level of commitment to a relationship isn’t determined until it’s “Facebook official?” Well, I recently found that out and I was shocked. So you mean to tell me, until you’re listed as “In a relationship with ______” then you don’t have to be loyal to that person? Get the fuck outta here!!!!

    What kind of BS is that?!!?! Cappy Venus/Taurus Moon/Scorpio Mars, here.. Don’t even DREAM of pretending to be with me when you are not, or not being with me when you are. You will be completely committed to me “Facebook official,” or not. Call me old school, or whatever… But that’s how it works for me.

    However, with my Neptune 1 deg away from my Venus (and both in my 1st house) I’ve had quite a few interesting “love” affairs. People don’t believe the stories (Sagittarius) I tell them. I always have to have proof. I also have Uranus 9 deg away from my Venus, so that adds another level of “No way, Ro” to it all. Yes, way. And no it’s not nearly as exciting as it sounds. I actually experience a lot of hurt over some of these affairs. Venus/Pluto aspect as well. Nothing is light and easy with me when it comes to a romantic tinted relationship.

    But I’ve always got a rather interesting story to tell.

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