Venus & Mercury In Aquarius – Lighten Up!

aquarius glassThe holiday stellium in Capricorn has been brutal for many.  The four bodies fell in my 12th house. I have been working extremely hard in invisible (12th) ways.

I’ve worked on the structure (Capricorn) of this site, and supported a number of people who have suffered great loss in the last two weeks.

Venus and Mercury are now in Aquarius (and my first house). It’s a huge relief.  I’ve felt as if I’ve had to plod through all this work on the site. I now feel I have a lot more freedom to write what I want. To try new things and such.

I’ve decided to work on the newsletter first. I’m writing a broad, but concise  overview of 2015. This is something I’ve never done before. I feel a strong urge to mix things up.

Do you feel a similar shift? Tell us!


Venus & Mercury In Aquarius – Lighten Up! — 21 Comments

  1. This explains why I felt better about a day or two ago. Man, how do Capricorn type people deal with that energy in their chart? No wonder they can suffer from depression.

  2. Yay, Elsa!

    I couldn’t tell if this is because I’m back to my routine now or the Aquarius stuff….ooo, it’s on my sun! Yay! It feels good… far.

    I’m looking forward to ordering my solar return report.

  3. My Dear friend’s lungs collapsed while driving the day after Christmas. No one was hurt. His breath of life was taken. He was 58 years old. We just had his Celebration of life ceremony yesterday. How appropriate with the full moon in Cancer.

    • This touched me so. My brother’s lung collapsed in early spring last year. His breath of life was taken, too. On a Full Moon he appeared to say goodbye, across an ocean. He was a dear friend, my younger brother. Life is a celebration.

  4. Word. Last night I returned to my humble abode after weeks at the ex-husband’s and my mom’s for the holidays. Went grocery shopping (organic produce! lavender oil! granola! Prosecco. ..ah!) and hung all my new clothes in my closet and lit red candles and sprinkled cinnamon on my carpet and vacuumed it up and started reading a new a stroll book and BREATHED.

  5. Ah … that probably means Venus and Mercury are in my 1st house also. It’s been a deep and slogging time ‘too dark to write much’ but then the release came yesterday and like Popeye loved to say, “I yem what I yem.” That moment after a long bout of constipation.

  6. If you consider wanting to quit your job and to get a divorce at the same time lightening up… I’m feeling very overall crappy right now.

  7. Well, I think I’ve met someone with serious potential after going about 5 years without a relationship. It’s escalating quickly and I’m loving giving in to these feelings. Also I dropped the dead weight of a friend who had been condescending to me and causing me psychic stress for years. So yeah, things are looking pretty good right now.

  8. Venus and Mercury are in my 2nd house, and I got railed by my manager last week because my production was down over the holidays (with the stellium in Cap it was quite “heavy”). Hopefully, with those 2 planets being in Aquarius, I’ll be extended a little more grace. But I don’t know if it will make any big difference since both Pluto and the Sun are still in my 2nd Cappy house.

  9. I “made” someone have stressful feelings because I mentioned the full moon. I’m ready to detach from everybody and ride off into the sunset on a Sagittarius horse.

  10. Just trying to stay warm and keep everything thawed and functioning. It’s one of those weeks where I am not going to be able to ignore the weather. I have been pretty resourceful about it though. And while it is an issue, I am not whiney and complainey about it like I sometimes get. I’ll save that for spring fever. 😀 And every evening I have a reason to take my pick up out for a moonlit ride. Gotta keep the old girl warm.

  11. During the weekend, I noticed a varicose vein on my leg while wearing high heels

    For God’s sake! I’m 21!!!!

    Every women in my family had surgical complications due to this. They all have leg problems now and its a miracle they still walk.

    Don’t need to mention that on monday I got crazy and started a exercise program. I’ve always eaten healthy.

    This stellium falled on my 1st house. Discipline, working on the self…

    What surprised me is that: I’m feeling terribly tired, but not lazy! I get excited to the next day arrive quickly so I can exercise again! Of course I had to check monday’s chart to see where’s all this energy but can’t really see it. I’m a couch potato and I’ve never felt this kind of energy. What planets and houses should I pay attention to?

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