Venus In Aries Square Pluto In Capricorn – Ticking Time Bomb

Venus in Aries is currently squaring Pluto in Capricorn as it heads into Taurus on May 28th.

Aries – Fire to light the fuse
Capricorn – Saturn – Time
Pluto – Bomb



Venus In Aries Square Pluto In Capricorn – Ticking Time Bomb — 10 Comments

  1. I read it. I appreciate these. Whatever it is I hope to step to one side and let it rumble by, unfortunately this is tangled up with my midheaven and my Saturn, so who knows.

  2. Cap Pluto transiting Mercury :/ But I have Mars/Jupiter trine the Ascendant (Jupiter is Asc. ruler). Do you think that will offset the horror?

  3. Well… I’m hearing reports that the Roe decision could be delivered this week (as soon as Monday, as the supposed reports claim). I’m in NYC and had a front row seat to the 2020 riots from my window, so I’m super nervous about how this potentially plays out.

    And even though it’s the following week, executive order 14032 is set to expire on June 3, and if you follow r/wallstreetbets on Reddit, they’re of the mind that it won’t be extended again. What is EO 14032? It prohibits US entities from investing in military and surveillance related Chinese companies that support the Chinese military. If it’s not extended, that could mean margin calls for i-banks and hedge funds (see what happened to Melvin Capital last week). Reminder, the markets also had their worst week in 90 years last week. In total so far, (that we know about), we’ve sent close to $60 billion in fiat to fight a proxy war along with other useless spending bills out of congress. Guess what happens when it becomes clear the money printer can no longer go brrrrr???

    On top of that, we’ve got the monkeypox fear p0rn kicking into high gear. There’s damning evidence coming out of the Sussman trial (though it’s not being reported). Not to mention gas prices, baby formula and a report out yesterday that the world has a 10-week supply of wheat left. And more that I’m sure I’m not remembering at the moment.

    “Ticking time bomb” may have been putting it lightly, Elsa 😆

  4. It will be present in maly solar return, such evil vibe, makes me think of manipulative woman working from the shadows

  5. “The Return of the Zombie,” assumed-dead relational aspect – Tr Venus squaring Tr Pluto – just happened to me this morning! Yes, drama.

  6. First I listened to your “ticking bomb” video, then read about yet another mass shooting, this time at an elementary school in Texas. I listened to Steve Kerr, coach to Golden State Warriors, make an emotional speech about ongoing gun violence and I just cried. Five planets in Aries, tomorrow Moon and Venus square Pluto and Sunday conjunction of Jupiter and Mars 3° Aries. I’m scared 😨 .

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