Venus In Aquarius Square Uranus – Love & Money Surprise

Uranus solar systemVenus in Aquarius is squaring Uranus in Taurus this weekend, at 6 degrees. This is triple-whammy on the unpredictable love and money front.

  1. Venus in (unpredictable) Aquarius
  2. Venus square (unpredictable) Uranus
  3. Uranus (unpredictable) in Venus-ruled Taurus.

Note that these planets are in mutual reception.  It’s a really zappy type situation. Love and money zipping back and forth like Venmo!

Relationships are unpredictable! “Love at first sight” is a Venus / Uranus phenomena.  But you have to be careful because, “I used to love you, but that was yesterday” is another thing that exists!

I had a Pisces friend who considered “windfall money” to be different than money he had to earn.   He thought it should be used to splurge on something or to give away or to celebrate.

You can find out you have friends you didn’t know you had under a sky like this. Further, because we’re talking about Venus, you’re not likely to be surprised by an enemy so that’s nice.

If you have personal planets near 6 degrees of a Fixed sign, you’re bound to see something pop. Think in terms of a champagne cork, though. Chances are, the surprise will be pleasant.


Venus In Aquarius Square Uranus – Love & Money Surprise — 11 Comments

  1. ‘You can find out you have friends you didn’t know you had under a sky like this.’ This was randomly cute. Something feels at ease with this transit, in a helter-skelter way.

  2. Well,surprise surprise surprise
    Had a blind date
    Being blind wouldn’t help
    Bluk Bluk BlukBluk yuck yuck
    But I would make you proud!!!
    20 minutes in I let this Narcissistic
    Lying ,glow in the dark alcoholic ,know”HELL No!”
    Got out fast, yup I was fast quick out
    Done safely away , young women don’t go to dating sites,He tried to control and manipulate me ,could see the evil in his eyes ,this moouck grabbed me ?!!!?and I left !!happy dance!!!!
    BlukBluk bluk so happy to be alone
    Do not ever compromise what you want or need Jump FAST Jump FAR
    JUMP FIRST, oh yeah the girl is safe
    And so happy to be alone BlukBluk

  3. Did you see that nasty man just lick the dip off the football,talk about surprising behavior. However the robot shark awesome; I think I am looking for G rated cartoons,
    Sorry a whole bunch of men are making me nauseous right now ,but not
    Really Wayne’s World, sorry I am in shock mode.

  4. My ex just found out he’s due a Life Insurance windfall! Wow, you can’t make this up! Plus in the US, we are supposed to be all getting more relief funding and though it’s in negotiations, it’s on the table. My 401k is doing better than expected lately too!
    I have amputated a best friend from grade school. She showed her true colors and I was deeply offended and hurt. She said something really cruel, practically said my whole life has been a waste and my relationship toxic – “I won’t be calling you for a while”. Well la di da. I won’t be calling you at all!

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