Searching For Love – Venus Exalted in Pisces


Hi Elsa,

I’m kind of lost in my life. I’m very good at what I do, but I’ve never had much confidence with relationships. Can you tell me if I’ll ever find that woman that I am searching for? Sometimes I feel like no one fits my requirements.


Dear Lost,

Your chart made me cry. It’s that beautiful. It’s soulful like a poet and we (the collective) have got to get you a partner! Now I’m going to write this in somewhat nebulous astrology and hopefully get it by my editor. This is the deal:

You have Venus in Pisces, which is its exalted position. It’s the best Venus you can buy. It means you can love and love and love, without boundaries. There are no rules to your love. There are no edges. It just goes out there, like music and I’ll explain.

There is a venue here locally where musicians play. They only open this place in the summer because it’s cold here and the place is akin to a shack. By that, I mean it’s a wooden building but there are holes clean through – spaces between the slats, where you can see in… and the music inside can get out.

So picture this: there’s a musician on stage, and people inside who have paid to see them. But people can sit out on the grass around the building and hear the music just fine. And they can peek in, too. And this is my point.

Your love is like this music. It is not contained. It’s leaking out at all times, going out in the world. It is enhancing the world. And I’m telling you this because I think it may be unbeknownst to you. And if I’m right about that, then you have little clue who you are. And if you have little clue who you are, you are going to be a little less lost.


Now I hope this helps. And I can tell you for sure, more help is on the way. Because Uranus is set to transit your seventh house (relationships) and I promise you, it will revolutionize the way you relate to others. And since Uranus is all about humanity, I’m going to ask everyone who reads this to put a wish out there for you today that you find the love you need.

And one more thing. Thank you for your comment about my blog. I appreciate it very much. Generally, I would edit something like that out but I chose to leave it, because I think it reflects more on you than it does on me.

Good luck and much love to you.


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