Venus Conjunct Uranus – February 9, 2012 – Volatility In The Stock Market, Unusual Alliances and Corpse Alert!

Venus is conjunct Uranus in Aries today causing many to have impulse to stop or start a relationship. This conjunction squares Pluto so we’ll be looking at extremes.

Some people will sever their relationships abruptly. Others will surprise people, and even themselves (Uranus) by forming powerful (Pluto) alliances with others (Venus)  that no one would have or could have predicted.
Since Venus is involved with Pluto here, we’re going to see ex-lovers, who I call “corspes”, come back from the dead. With Uranus involved, if this happens to you, it’s likely to be the last person you ever expected to come back in your life…or perhaps it will be an Aquarian!

Look for extreme volatility in the stock market and reversals in general around love and money but let me make this clear: this is not a fearful situation.  There is nothing in the sky that spells doom. Liberation (Uranus) is more like it so if you do get a shock and can’t immediately see the silver lining, I’d urge you to look deeper (Pluto).  Sometimes it’s enough just to get something over with.

Tell us how this energy is being expressed in your life.

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Venus Conjunct Uranus – February 9, 2012 – Volatility In The Stock Market, Unusual Alliances and Corpse Alert! — 22 Comments

  1. wooohoo conjunct my name sake asteroid towards the end of 5th house, reversal of things, sounds like a possible dream come true and fun to boot. bring it on!

  2. I am the executor in my dad’s estate and he left a pretty sizable mortgage, which I couldn’t afford, so it went into foreclosure. However, a few days ago, my realtor called and said that the bank had made a mistake. Apparently, they didn’t realize that there were 2 other parcels of land connected to the house/mortgage and didn’t include them in the foreclosure!

    So….as far as he knows now, I own the land free and clear, just have to pay the property taxes on it, which will be taken care of when selling them.

    Still waiting to get a final word, but I had pretty much submitted to the fact that I wasn’t going to get ANYTHING!!! Cross your fingers!!! 😉

  3. I hope my exes don’t return (and yeah, one’s an Aquarian). I wish I could be friends with exes, but I can’t and I always go back to that place of romantic love even if they are long since over me. It screws with my head abominably.

    I don’t understand why when a guy dumped you, he might come crawling back “just to say hi” or whatever. Weren’t they so fed up with me they stopped talking to me forever? Nothing has changed since them, I’m still crazy. Why would you poke that tiger?

  4. Wow… at 2 degrees Aries that bridges my Chiron (29 Pisces) and North Node (3 Aries).

    Looks like the same neighborhood in my natal chart gets a Mercury-Uranus tap in early March, then Sun-Uranus in late March. An interesting Spring… More NN than Chiron though, thankfully.

  5. Sometimes I have trouble understanding the energy of certain aspects. When I saw my Solar Return chart of this year and I saw this combo, I thought it didn’t look too good.. Pluto and Uranus don’t have the reputation of having a smooth effect. Liberation from past blockages could take place. That sounds MUCH better!
    Thank you Elsa for making me see another perspective of such energy! 🙂

  6. I have been corpse-ing hardcore and trying to stay low to the ground because of it… I don’t want to zombie anybody, haha!

    But it’s been potent. I remember last summer when you mentioned a similar warning and I don’t recall feeling this moon-wobbly over it.

  7. Wow, wow… “Corpses” 1 and 2 just showed up. (I actually feel a little guilty using Elsa’s terminology, since these are both very nice people.)

    Still, Uranus isn’t surprising me. These were totally predictable returns.

  8. Thanks for the Heads Up Elsa. I have a double whammy : Aquarian corpse in the form of an “ex boss” just reappeared….in the form of a certified letter….His actions changed the course of my career just over 5 years ago and now he has just reappeared….this time though I have the opportunity to set the record straight. I am diligently working on using logic over emotion…what he tried to do is in the past, and what it is now can no longer hurt me the way it did then….Serenity

  9. This is interesting. Due to the Uranus Rx last year, this year’s Venus-Uranus conjunction is at the same place in the sky as last year’s, 2 degrees Aries on April 23rd 2011.

  10. My merc is conjunt uranus and Venus at 3 Aries. Plus Pluto is tranisiting my 1st, two degrees away!!! I haven’t remembered ever having a corpse. I’m usually the corpse, but withhold from contacting. Just dig up info…I’ll do one of those searches online, FB whatever.

    Let’s see what happens to me. I’d be shocked if anyone contacts me, or professes their love or whatever.

    I ain’t planning to do it.

  11. Crap. It sounds like I have to keep hiding from my ex. He’s a Scorpio with Aquarius ASC! Can’t he just freaking go away already?

    Since Trans Uranus is conj my Sun 2nd, and Trans Pluto is in my 11th in Capricorn – maybe an old boss will pop up and finally offer me a job? That would be unexpected since I’ve exhausted all of my job connections to the max.

    We’ll see what happens.

  12. So freaking weird. My ex/first love had emailed me on Wednesday to apologized to
    Me about our past and it was absolutely sweet and very well received by me. I’ll never get back with him but we’ve certainly reached friendly terms and I really appreciated his MSG.

    ALSO, yesterday evening my most recent ex contacted me to tell me he still cares and to stay in touch. We may meet again but he’s still just as confusing and “closed” as he was before.

    Just thought your prediction was too precise not to

  13. Relationship shocks are once again in the air – i.e. abounding around us.
    Making sense of it all is what makes things matter, I think (Uranus is conjuncting my Mercury, and has been for almost a year, due to Solar Return, this year and next year).

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