Venus Conjunct Uranus – Snap & Detach (Social Media)

Venus is conjunct Uranus in Aries at this time. These planets are squaring Pluto in Capricorn. People are posed to snap and cut you off. It may help to deconstruct this.

First, Venus mashed with Uranus loves “space”.  If you try to cling to a person with this combination in their natal chart, or impinge on their freedom in any way, they’re prone to bolt. This is particularly true with the conjunction in Aries, a sign that has little need to be bogged down by others.

The current conjunction affects us all.  Personally, I am changing insurance companies… abruptly.

I also saw someone I know in a parking lot, yesterday.  While I waved to the woman, in the past I might have chatted with her.  Yesterday, I shot her a look – you stay there, I’m going the other way.

Yes!  This is abrasive. It’s Aries. But I’m not our their stabbing anyone, right?  The Police song, “Don’t Stand So Close To Me,” plays in my head. I just want to pass rather than be headed off at the pass! I cope to having Uranus in my 7th house. That’s another Venus Uranus exchange.

The Pluto aspect makes it all more drastic but I also see people detaching from business (Pluto in Capricorn) and specifically from social (Venus) media.  They’ve had it with Facebook, for example.  You’ve got to admit it’s interesting.

Have you snapped and detached lately? Can you tie the astrology?



Venus Conjunct Uranus – Snap & Detach (Social Media) — 28 Comments

    • I’d like to get out of even the minimum minimalis I have w/ FB, already TOO MUCH!
      I’d much prefer being in “direct” (internet) contact with whoever shows up on the effing FB. One friend from school days can only do FB, for practical reasons, so I can understand that. And most of my friends live very far away.
      Aside from real people I really know/have known, the rest is an exponential shitpile. How many hours do people spend on this? Life is short. And all this energy spent for what?
      The same is true with the very few people I know IRL – some days even that is too much.
      Well, it’s up to me to straighten out this input/output. Not only do I not crave this stuff, I’d like to just run away from it.
      I understand that I’m not normal. So be it.
      Maybe one day, long ago, they invented the internet for connection/communication/exchange. Now it’s crap, made up by “media”, for financial reasons. Have to pick your way out of this jungle.
      Thank gods for independent (within constraints) blogs!
      Well, even phone calls get to me. Def not a 3rd House person!!!!!

  1. This week I blocked texting from the in-laws. Time to step off that crazy train. And I am enjoying the quiet…

    I have Uranus in the 7th too. 🙂

  2. I’ve tried hard to snap. I did notice things felt really challenging lately in terms of maturing and being a grown up about messy situations and people obstructing my goals.

    Today I got out of my family group chat and have let the admin person (my cousin) know that I’ll be back in some weeks as for now I really need to keep social media (I have just one social media app, whatsapp)at the minimum.

    Seeing 23 messages a day on the phone (my family can get too texty) it’s too much for now when I’m finding the tensions inside me and around me too much. I had already silented the notification sounds yet I need more detachment at the moment.

    Stripped down to basics for the time being. Mid April I like more the astrological climate.

  3. One of my clients just up and fired me in a detached way this week (got a call from the office—she has said nothing to me). I’m finishing out the week with her today, then I’m done. Freedom!! I always felt like I was letting her down anyway. Bye! 👋

  4. Is that what you’d call it? Snap and detach. Did this with my blog this week; and didn’t stretch my already stretched level of energy to participate in a community activity where I live.

  5. Oops, for some reason the reply ended up on Elsa’s comment.
    Well, why not? That’s OK too.
    If I had to reinvent myself socially (great thread question!) I’m not sure what I’d like to do.
    Sit on a bench and watch people go by, I think.

  6. Transiting Uranus and Venus are opposing natal Venus (28 degrees) in my 2nd house. I don’t want to snap but know it is right.

  7. I changed my tinder profile text completely LOL – and the other day a date was quickly set up, done and over – and just as quickly the match was removed.

  8. ST wants me to go out and spend the afternoon in the park by myself after work, get away from the house.

    Venus/Uranus in the 5th. Maybe I’ll suddenly get my creativity back.

  9. There are two Venus’s – Venus-Aphrodite, ruling Taurus, and Venus-Ouranus, ruling Libra. One is sensually-loving and grounded, the Earth Goddess…the other is spiritual loving and freedom-oriented, the Sky Goddess. I’m feeling more freedom-oriented now, to fly up and beyond the madding crowd! This conjunction is the last of these two to occur in Aries, so make the most of it.

  10. I guess it’s all about suddenly realizing the meaningless of “compassion” as we have been indiscriminately practicing. With Uranus in Taurus approaching, I can already feel sobriety dawning, a dispassionate look at hard, cold facts. We are now getting ready for the upcoming dance between Taurus and Capricorn and naturally expelling what does not align with that earthy vibration anymore. We are “snap/detaching that 🙂

      • Yes! And just read that the “organic” mandates in place that make our food not only toxic pesticide free, but humane, such as with animal welfare, for example, are being dismantled and are being destroyed by Perdue. This gets me really riled. Looks like the we are going to be “snapped snd detached” from our desire to further and keep farming the way it should be done, whether we like like it or not.

  11. Venus conjunct Uranus at the very start of 5th house..there was this ex I was kinda hoping things might get better well.

    I just snap and just gone deleted.

    Just to add my moon is at 28 degree Capricorn 2nd house.. I can be emotionally cold. Just glad I did!

  12. Something interesting and unexpected happened this afternoon. My brother-in-law just accepted foster custody of a newborn who is his brother’s child. This baby was taken from the mother by the state because she keeps having babies but not caring for them. Ug. That’s the story. I wondered if this could be a positive manifestation of this current astro energy. Feeling Venus along with impulsive Aries and out of the blue Uranus giving them this altruistic wild hair and then Pluto/Capricorn – responsible action with lasting consequences?

  13. Yes, I ended a long friendship. It was always me writing to her and calling her, while she would never do it on her own. I became tired of constantly being the one who has to take the first step.

  14. Wow! Thanks for explaining it this way, Elsa. I’ve had Uranus at the end of Aries square my Venus 28 Gemini forEVER it seems. Back and forth….. Also Uranus opposite Neptune at the midheaven and perfectly square my ascendant (0 Cap) which has had Saturn going back and forth over it forEVER also. I’ve spent about 2 years totally clearing out my address book. Even among people I had no issue with- my Mother, Aunt, best friend, mentor and even my husband passed away during this time period also. All I have left is a strong instinct to FIND MY TRIBE. I just hope they are not all as crazy as I am right now! (Ha Ha) Thanks, again.

  15. Ha! Ha! Ha! This conjunction is occurring in my Midheaven. ‘Snap and detach’ is a beautiful description of what has been happening. I left Facebook about two months ago; I could feel the vomit rise in my throat, to paraphrase Elsa from another of her blogs. I was sick of being smothered and suppressed, and for what? Then I ran from a particular social situation about two weeks ago which suddenly just oppressed me. Feel that breeze? That was me, bolting two weeks ago. One morning I suddenly woke up (Uranus ‘wakes’ you up), and thought, “I’m out of this.”
    My SO and I have just overhauled and reinvented our business. We’re on the move. There are big changes, and we’re moving fast with them.

  16. I also saw someone I know in a parking lot, yesterday.  While I waved to the woman, in the past I might have chatted with her.  Yesterday, I shot her a look – you stay there, I’m going the other way.

    This is literally me everytime I run into an aquaintance. I have Aries. I ain’t got time for chit chat nonsense. I smile and wave, say hey from a distance, and turn around and continue on with whatever I’m doing.

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