Vent Your Anger or Support With Love?

Strange day out there. Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto are involved in a T-square. Conflict erupts!

Simultaneously the Moon, Venus and Saturn form a Grand Trine in Earth. Calming and stabilizing.

It’s interesting watching how people deal with this and it probably won’t be nice or fair. That’s my Libra talking!

I expect people to vent their anger in certain places with certain people…and then offer their love and support to in other places to other people.

It’s disturbing, isn’t it? The hair on the back of my neck seems to think so!


Vent Your Anger or Support With Love? — 13 Comments

  1. Very disturbing indeed!
    I feel like asking a friend a bothersome question, not knowing if her answer will calm me down or make me blow my top!
    I spend my time trying to avoid conflct with her, but these days my gut is wrenched. Wondering if a big blow out could put and end to all this, or make it worse!!!!!!
    Unfortunately this involves 2 other people and I don’t want them to get splatterred in the process.
    I’m afraid of my own anger, this pisses me off no end.
    Pluto transit square n Mars…

  2. I grew up never knowing if I was going to be met with explosive anger or loving support at home so this energy is nothing new from my perspective.

  3. It is like sum knee-jerk pendulum playin’ big time wreckin’ ball.
    Lotta vexed people stompin’ & creepin’ around, for sure.
    Gotta figure this is a neat day for Cancerians makin’ with the Empathic Superhero deal.
    Moi? Gonna go easy on the coffee an’ mebbe memorize sum random cat wails for next month’s full moon in Cappo.

  4. I’ve been feeling this since 2 days ago. I guess because of Cancer, my anger is unfairly being vented at my family due to being overwhelmed. My friends help me because they don’t put demands on me in the same way.

    But Chad said–June has been a spun month for real. Like in a poltergeist head-twisting way. ?

  5. I’m feeling more grounded after one of most stressful months ever. Choosing to be loving toward myself and solving problems to improve my life. A lot of tear-down energy and attacks in May and June, I finally got it, this stuff isn’t getting me anywhere. Challenges and opportunities starting to come through that are much more productive and worthy of me. And if a fight is necessary I’m going to prepare and strategize, not just get snagged in a vicious, draining battle.

    I’m cleaning up a lot of crap bad habits and keeping my self-awareness high. And asking, I think it’s wisdom from martial arts tradition: is this a worthy opponent?

  6. You called it Elsa. Thanks for the heads up, I’m glad I saw it this morning. I have been feeling very annoyed when faced with selfishness in people under this sky. I’m keeping myself in check, knowing how explosive the mood is right now for everyone, but UGH.

  7. I feel strangely calm (Capricorn). My husband (Gemini) obviously feels the volatile energy. He created a fight last night over nothing. Except, I’m not fighting. Pfft.

  8. I controlled my mouth and safely got home so I’m good even though I have been really sick. One of my Gemini friends at work took one look at me this morning and said “you look like shit” hahaha
    Amazing Mexican food tonight with one of my Libra friends helps a lot of things. Plus I didn’t kill the kamikaze groundhog with my car so Virgo Moon is happy that I didn’t kill a small animal.

  9. Yeah, that’s the deal. I’m 24 and I need dental care. My upper teeth are almost gone only 6 teeth left. Eating socializing talking I’m depressed . Mind you my mom could support me and help me and then I could prolly pay her back if she could give me some support. Instead she moved with her zigolo and supports him and in 3 months she haven’t even call me to ask if I need 1 dollar/euro to even buy a pack of pasta. Then only complains about my boyfriend. Who is working and supports me and feeds me otherwise… I would b a what.. Livng in Greece… In a village… There is no support for me… I’m grateful but also feel like a big failure… I’m not able to deal with her. And I’m black sheep of the family because I have seen a lot for a kid and have kept my mouth shut for my mother…….. Transit wide .. I’m being hit by all outers…plus neptune on my sun… Plus a pluto square venus… Plus conjunction pluto on. Neo/Uranus in. My 45th..

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