Uranus Square Pluto: Pain And Panic Is Unavoidable

Nearly a month has passed since my sister’s husband died.  At first she was going on adrenaline.

Two days after he died, we decided she would move here. She’s has a lot to do, since.  She’s kept really busy running around, trying to stave off pain, I’m sure. But now most of the busy work is done…and she’s got more than week before she moves here.

Once she gets here, she’ll have company and be busy again, but right now, she’s in the void.

Her Mars is at 9 degrees Scorpio.  Anyone who reads here has some idea of the significance of that.  She’s also dealing with Uranus and Pluto hitting her Venus in Capricorn and she’s come to a point where she is just going to have to grieve.

It’s very hard for strong Jupiter / Sagittarius types to deal with life at a lower octave. It’s pretty much something to be avoided at all costs.

I hate seeing my sister go through this, but I can’t see how can avoided.

Let’s face it. When your husband dies, you’re %$@+^.


Uranus Square Pluto: Pain And Panic Is Unavoidable — 9 Comments

  1. There’s a saying, “a boat must have ballast as well as sail”. I pray that your sister will find a new purpose and grounding when she comes to live with you. I imagine it to be a painful stage where she is now..and if she is anything like you, she will find her way.

  2. Early this year my husband’s brother died suddenly at 49 from a heart-attack. He left behind a wife and two fairly young children.

    This past summer, my cousin’s husband also died suddenly, at 50, also from a heart-attack.

    I felt equally helpless in both situations. What am I going to say? I know how you feel? I most definitely do not. Both of them (the wives) are Cancers. They seem to be doing as well as possible, but I know there is nothing I can do or say to make these tragedies any easier. I just try to help, with anything, if they want it.

    But I have mercury in Cancer, and I know they need to shut down, as I do, when dealing with emotional pain. I don’t impose myself on them – I just put it out there that if they want to reach out, I am here.

  3. She’s got you, Elsa. You give people hope and inspiration. Somehow I think it will be an easy transition for you and your sister, and w/out any burden. She sounds like she can respect your space and that of your family.

  4. Hey Elsa,

    Jupiter rules my chart, sag asc, Jupiter in cancer in the eighth. You are so right that it is hard to deal with the lower octave stuff. I have no words to describe how ugly it feels. So glad you expressed that. Thought I was mad!


    • Mine is Jupiter-ruled as well. I cannot STAND it when that planet goes retrograde. Feels like someone turning the lights out. 🙁

    • And natally with jupiter conj sun and sextile moon, I have been the queen of glossin it over. Hadn’t thought of jupiter like that before. Pain is most unbearable. But it happens. Since I know what not-pain is though, I will do what’s necessary to alleviate my pain.

      It’s odd. When I am with a painful person, I’ve become aware of how my energy drops. It can kill me. No wonder I’m learning to detach. It’s a necessity.

  5. I don’t know anyone who really has an easy life. There is no one I’d trade with no matter how good some aspects of their lives seem to be. There’s always something going on that’s challenging everyone. I have Pluto square Sun conjunct Venus in Scorpio, Uranus opposite midheaven, Neptune conjunct descendent, Saturn at 29 degrees Virgo conjunct South Node and both square Mars in Capricorn, Jupiter square the moon. In Jyotish, I have a Kala Sarpa Yoga. I’ve had good times and bad; triumph and tragedy in my life but good always happen alongside the bad.

    What is going on with the horse in the picture? I can see he’s in a hole in front of a bar. Has he been injured? Has he been rescued? What happened?

  6. I am very sorry for your sister’s sudden loss.You are so generous to offer her a home with you.Uranus and Pluto sure are whipping up a few cyclones in people’s lives,hmm? (In addition to the more global ramifications..) My husband and I are experiencing many huge life changes as well.. we are changing our lifestyle immensely and going after a dream to live in the woods.. but oh the upheaval of this past year and a half! We retired a few years early (scary!!) due to changes in the health care industry.We moved from a big house to a smaller one, but then decided to move to the mountains.. and it’s happening suddenly and unexpectedly. Sooner than we had planned.. but the complete life makeover will be good.. (after the chaos???) My husband’s best friend and his Dad died within 2 weeks of one another.Our dear kitty companion of 16 years got weak and sick and had to be put to sleep a month later. I started a real estate career here, only to have to leave the company due to my move (but got another job up North)– nothing is happening smoothly or easily. And for the first time EVER in my life, I have anxiety and some fear about change. It was easier the last few times around.. Astrology gives a framework for making the most of changes,whether they are easy or they are hard changes. Your blog also opens up the horizon so we can see the big picture vs. freaking out on a day to day basis!! And there is always JUPITER! LUCKILY my husband and I have a nice Jupiter energy protecting us through this– but Pluto and Uranus will have their way with you when they hit, that’s for sure.

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