Uranus Square Pluto: Moving Beyond Polarization Towards Underground Rebellion

montgomery_bus_boycottDo you remember the Saturn Uranus Opposition? That’s what led our society to become polarized. But if you’re still paying attention to the back and forth, blah, blah, blah, you’re missing the real action which has now gone underground.

I mean, half the people think Zimmerman was set up. He’s being railroaded. The other half think he’s a racist murderer.

Is this split not familiar to everyone by now?

If not, let me remind you: Paula Deen Story Ilustrates The Lack Of Consensus Around What Our Values Are (Rush Limbaugh, Chick-fil-A…)

So that’s that.  That’s the dialogue on the surface but it’s not really current, is it?  Currently, Uranus is squaring Pluto and an underground rebellion is already underway.

Sensing these shifts in the collective are my forte.  If you pay attention, you can watch the modern day version of the Montgomery Bus Boycott as it unfolds.

Is anyone else seeing what I’m seeing?

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Uranus Square Pluto: Moving Beyond Polarization Towards Underground Rebellion — 13 Comments

  1. Actually I think the thing that bears watching is Neptune in Pisces. That’s a powerful Neptune, and it might be a game changer. I mean to say that the game actually changes because of an outer actor or a larger theme. So you think the drama is focused on one thing when really that was not even the game that mattered at all.

    Neptune brings Flux. Lines erased and chess games upended.

    I listen to my son talking a lot. Younger people are designed to plug in to new paradigms. Some things he is not concerned about because he is young. And some things, he is not concerned about because he knows right now they will not, and will never, affect him.

  2. Meanwhile, who encourages and benefits from this split in society? As ever, it’s the politicians and big business, who can get on unhindered with the task of exploiting the planet’s resources, while we the little people carry on squabbling about stuff. Divide and rule. We need to come together and find unity, and it is hard to imagine that happening in any other way than as a result of huge adversity. The next two weeks will have lots of that, no doubt. But hopefully we will have a massive positive change by the time / after Neptune enters Aquarius in 2023…

  3. Yes, likewise with the Assange guy – the dialogue that’s coming out about him now is interesting. Much more critique of his cold indifference to the individual cost of the leaks (Uranus.) But like Eva expresses so beautifully, different age groups of us are plugging into this energy in different ways. I’m finding it hard to know what’s real.

  4. “I dislike media handling of particular events. Working up public passions for the sake of ratings.”

    I agree. To be empowered, ignore the distraction. That’s what I am trying to say. Go deeper.

  5. I maintain that DOMA was a diversion. I can see how over-turning it would be as well.

    But I’m a tinfoil trouble-maker like that.

    I have a dream of people living in harmony and not being scared to death of “ALL THE OTHERS”.

  6. I’m following the money since they keep broadcasting that’s what important. There is no quick cash to be made in human rights, or protecting the environment that supplies our food and water. Quite the opposite. That is long term investment in human potential and of course human health. And really what else really gets us through???? So which corporations and politicians are profitting from the proposed big construction projects at the border and elsewhere. The decisions they make do affect us, but it seems so out of balance now, and listening to the media that stokes the war really does not aid effective decision making. I might as well be watching where the bieber is pee-ing at the moment.

  7. “To be empowered, ignore the distraction. That’s what I am trying to say. Go deeper.”

    good point….great point. personally i have been ignoring the distraction because of t.neptune in my 3rd, aspect my natal mercury/chiron.

    i find reading/watching certain things hurt me on a deeper level than ever before. sometimes i feel like i did when i was a kid, when t.neptune was conjunct my natal moon in capricorn, trine my mercury/chiron.

    (lightbulb moment)

    when i was a kid, i was deeply, negatively affected by my mother’s mental illness. if i am not careful, stories from the media have the same effect…so (to quote you, circa saturn in virgo, elsa) i guard my mind.

    my mental health means a lot to me.

    others who might witness what they feel is indifference in others, please think of this: what you might be witnessing is actually self-preservation, for very good and healthy reasons.

  8. I don’t know that I’m seeing it in others yet but I’ve been feeling it inside myself already. The rubber is fixin’ to meet the road.

  9. There’s definitely polarizing elements at work or sumthin’ …it’s like I dive into darker stuff..then I’m back enjoying light…then revealing more darkness….back to light… sort of like that…at the same time it feels like a collective ‘battle’ going on…and I’m part of it… very very interesting…

    awesome posts elsa…i love the ‘community’ here.
    Much love to everyone!

  10. Elsa and Satori are in a major groove right now, and since these transits are lighting my chart up like a Christmas tree, I’ve wanted to respond to every one. Thank you, what a gift!

    I follow education more than other topics, and in my world people have been burrowing, but now their tunnels and caves have started to take shape and they are poised to act.

    The money has infested human rights movements, too, and the results of monetization of reform movements has spawned just such underground rebellions.

    I’ve had a personal taste of how rough this is getting, and my goal is to maintain a kind stance and be ready to wield a mace
    If I have to. Not comfortable to say the least and we’re just ramping up. I notice a large number of transits to natal neptune, and from transiting neptune to natal planets. It’s a lot to work with-good luck and chin up to all-

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