Uranus Square Pluto In Every Day Life

catalystI was writing for a client with the Uranus Pluto square, prominent in her solar return.  I told her she could expect disruption, and to be disruptive herself. But I think it’s wrong to get overly concerned with something like this.

I used the forum on this blog as an example. It’s a community, going along, day to day.

At any time someone new can join, and lend their energy or express themselves in a way that shocks people and changes the dynamic.

They may hit the place like a bomb (Pluto). But they may also bring new life to something that would go stale, if a new element was not introduced.

Could you use a catalyst in your life? Have you ever been a catalyst for someone else?


Uranus Square Pluto In Every Day Life — 9 Comments

  1. I relate to the topic! I have natal Uranus and Mars conj in Scorpio.
    I have felt like a disruptor before, I find it really hard to be so, I often wish it wasn t so, I have lots of libra and venus in my chart, I wish for peace and harmony…than again I was born to drop bombs once in a while, expecially over issues noone dares to deal with.

    Thanks for posting this…it helps to see the positive outcome of it…

  2. I have Uranus in 3rd house, the things I say and they way I am and my personality (Pluto in 1st) is very catalytic in general. I’m always going against the norm and shock people within my immediate surroundings. It’s entertaining to see people’s reaction because it physically looks like they got hit with a bolt of Uranus lightening. 😀

  3. Catalyzing is an interesting way to look at the square. I feel like I am getting into the swing of it finally. Input has me dumping garbage all the time. So I am making the most of it while it is going on. Never thought I’d say that. 😀 Seeing people I know dumping garbage and getting freer and happier is the biggest delight. I guess we may be catalyzing each other. I don’t know if I already relayed this or not because it was kinduv a ‘oh yeah’ moment . . . but when I was discussing this with someone she described it as ‘we were all stuck’.

  4. I’ve been thinking a lot about this. I feel like I’m on the verge of some kind of breakthrough. It will change how I live my life, entirely. I feel like my natural rebelliousness has begun to coalesce into some kind of structured idea or overall theme. It’s terribly exciting!

  5. I’m often a catalyst for other people. And I’ve got this square in my natal return, too, teed up with mars, Uranus, Jupiter, and Chiron in my chart. It’s going to be an interesting year.

  6. Uranus and Pluto in 1st house. Catalyst is actually my job, but over the years I realised that it has to be directed towards my work (and me), and not use it so much in my private life. Because it’s a pain in the ass to have to deal with me. I do not set out to be a pain, far from it, but somehow I am unable to unsee what I see, so I aim to keep silent and give folks a break because who the hell needs or wants that? Do I always manage it? No.

    I don’t go out much.

  7. My ex-husband was such a catalyst! He had Uranus in Aries exactly conjunct my descendant, while every single one of his planets was “in conversation” with my own planets, whether trine, conjunct or in opposition. However, it was just too much, especially since his own chart was very conflicted in a major Pluto/Jupiter opposite Moon/Saturn all square Uranus way.

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