Uranus Square Pluto: Competing in Business – Nasty Tactics

uranus square pluto2My friend, denamaria had state inspectors show up at her factory yesterday. Turns out someone complained that her candy was underweight. They shut her down and would not let her ship orders, until they opened a bunch of cases and weighted the candy.

By the end of the day, they found her candy off at most by 1/100 of a gram.

Here’s the thing: It was her competition that filed a complaint against her.

“Is the person named __________”, she asked.

I’ve had a number of people try to bring me down over the years. I don’t want to be naive, but I also can barely stand to think about stuff like this.

I am sure it is possible to crush a person’s business…if the universe wants it that way. But by and large, I do feel that right will when in the end and that it’s best not to give energy this kind of stuff.

For example, should denamaria retaliate? Probably not.

The reason I am writing about this now is because I feel people are becoming desperate.  When people are desperate, they are more inclined to stoop to using nasty tactics.

If your nature is anything like mine, you want to deny such things.   That’s probably not smart in the near term.  Not with Uranus in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn!

It makes more sense you be wary of attacks (Aries) where the goal is to destroy (Pluto) your business (Capricorn).  Just be careful, ya know?

And if you’re the one doing the attacking, don’t be surprised if it comes back on you with a vengeance.

I am seeing this play all over the place, on large and small scale. You?


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  1. I think it goes on all the time, always has, always will. It makes me cringe when I see people be so low and petty. What? you can’t win in a real way so you need to go the dirty, cheating route? I think it’s despicable. It’s so transparent and only makes them look pathetic. Plus, that shit will always come back and bite them in the ass. What you put out you get back in one form or another.

  2. Years ago my business was destroyed by the collusion of my competitor with my shipper. This was legally demonstrable but I could not afford the tremendous legal fees to pursue justice and in the end was forced into bankruptcy. Please heed Elsa’s advice because once the shark has attacked it is not easy to staunch the bleeding.

  3. Whaaaa? Just “who” in government gets to decide how much something weighs?

    Or was this a case of: “There’s not enough product in the package, customer is being ripped-off.”??

  4. Yes. They said she was robbing people. Selling underweight candy…something denamaria would never do in a million years.

    This woman is also telling people in the industry that denamaria’s candy is off the market and will not be back – they should buy hers instead.

  5. “The reason I am writing about this now is because I feel people are becoming desperate. When people are desperate, they are more inclined to stoop to using nasty tactics.”

    Yes. Been going through this with a crazy ex for the past 9 months… others as well. I feel sorry for him that he has sunk so low as a human being. I heard a woman say it takes an empty, broken person to constantly come gunning for others. It’s as if the only way he can be happy is if I’m unhappy. Do I retaliate? No, I stay strong and as far away as possible. I’ve always believed that no one gets away with purposefully trying to destroy others lives, with no reaction from the universe for their actions. Also, I was in love w this person 3 years ago. Like I thought he was the best person I knew… until the mask dropped. Needless to say, I no longer am. I don’t subscribe to the notion of destroying a person’s life because I didn’t get me way. Ppl who are constantly stuck on revenge, hoping for others downfall, control tactics, etc are dangerous to others as well as themselves

  6. “And if you’re the one doing the attacking, don’t be surprised if it comes back on you with a vengeance.
    I am seeing this play all over the place, on large and small scale. You?”

    Unfortunately not yet, but your words bring me hope!

  7. I’m sure denamaria will come out on top. That is gross behavior on the part of her competitor.

    I’m seeing this. Friends with a start-up just got sued by a patent troll. Instead of fighting the case over years and expending millions of dollars, they just settled and paid off the troll lawyer tp the tune of several hundred thousand dollars — for a new business this is cheaper than going to court. VC funding has included “the money you’ll have to spend on patent trolls.” It is literally built into people’s business plans to have to deal with these people. It’s nasty. The dark side of capitalism is this kind of thing, for sure.

  8. That’s awful and underhanded, and a waste of the inspectors’ time and people’s money who are paying inspectors who are doing needless work, worrying about things they shouldn’t have to worry about.

    It makes me want to buy MORE of denamaria’s candy! More support.

  9. Feeling this vibe…

    A friend of mine is asking for my advice, ignoring it, and then mad when she made the wrong choice.

    I could solve her current problem…but why?

    When people want to compete and be sneaky, instead of working together, I don’t want to co-operate.

    Not anymore.

  10. One word comes to mind…


    What goes around, comes around.

    That lady, whoever she is, the universe will decide her fate.

  11. Greed and corruption; it’s disgusting. I like to wander on the bright and friendly side instead. It’s possible to be successful and well off without cheating others. On the other hand, I have the responsibility of making sure that my candy has the right weight; even if it’s off minimally only. (Not that I would sell sugar to small and, most likely already obese, children ;-))

  12. This makes me furious. I am now going to put her candy on my fan page every day and buy some myself and then I am going to tell every person I see how wonderful it is …and they should buy it immediately.

    I just can’t tolerate a snake. They came after me when I first started. I am so determined. I kept stomping through it. I would have died trying before I would give in. There were some days where I just stood there with no one….

    Finally I let it be known that I could and would bat that right back. I was not gonna lay down for this show. And finally personally called her… I said I will bring it! Keep it up.

    Then I kept my head down and worked and let go of it. I kept working and ignored it as best I could.

    She went out of business in February and had to go to work with a friend. Before that though she became very ill and was in the hospital for 18 days. I think when you are evil like that it will fester inside you and take you down!

    Elsa I know we had the website to her candy somewhere. I would appreciate having it so I can order and spread the good word how delicious it is. Good people need support!!!

  13. K, just found her page and on Facebook, and I’m going to “Like” her page and share it! Denamarie sounds like she deserves the support and to show her competitor that Good Karma does come around…heehee

  14. I was thinking about this more last night because I have had people do this sort of thing to me. Ya know, I believe the way you treat others is a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself. Obviously, this competitor has no self-respect and probably has quite a bit of self-loathing going on. It just seeps out of a person’s pores and they get that ick on anyone they consider the source of their pain or problem. On another note, why can’t people see that there is enough success and prosperity for all of us? Why can’t some people tolerate for others to shine? I just don’t get it.

  15. I understand why you want to ignore it elsa. People who do these things are just plain bored with their lives and have nothing better to apply themselves to.

    I learned in surveying class that when the measuring instrument is in between go higher or lower but be consistent.

    And I buy candy that is weighed. Am I really gonna care about 1/100 of gram. Chocolate is still chocolate and I see what I am getting. What does 1/100 of a gram look like anyway?

  16. If it’s an issue, I’d tally the grams that I sold, add the 1/100 grams and do a give away to a lucky winning customer or so.

  17. saw the video. Oo that’s a bigger operation than I imagined. Depending on volume I can see getting dinged for weights and measures. Oh well, tighten it up and continue.

  18. She could use it to her advantage.
    Since it didn’t show her to be off the mark much, if any. Flaunt her integrity..proud to be asked to prove guantity as well as quality, etc. And make sure it’s noted with the Chamber of Commerce & the BBB with it on her ads. ie: Make lemonade of it.

  19. Trying to decide to sue or not sue the people stealing from our business. Every time they steal we lose money and business because our stuff is floating out there for free. very difficult as we’re on edge already. Some lawyers say good case, but we don’t have the 20,000 it would cost to bring the case. Very very hard as the business is going under if they keep stealing.

  20. Is Denamarie back up and shipping yet? I’m thinking I need to get some for some gifts… don’t know for who yet but a few days down or a week down can put a serious dent in a small family business like this. My mother in law deals with similar, if she had to be down for a week during her busy season she’d be struggling to make payroll. This is the reality of small manufacturers in the US. Sad, but true. I swear, if we all ordered just one bag from her I’m sure it would make a difference. Just like here at Elsaelsa, amazon orders and chart help when we can afford it…

  21. Good. I think I have a few leo birthdays that could use a bit of “sunshine in a bag” as a birthday treat. 😀

  22. So sorry to all of those who have been affected by this.

    This post is so timely as I know two people who are currently being attacked in this way. One guy admitted it when he was confronted! The second person is an unknown who is trying to get a business’s products banned from Amazon.

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