Tips For Uranus Square Pluto, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 – Note The Time You’re Living In!

I don’t think anyone would argue that times are changing and the change is profound. It’s imperative you register how the world around you has changed because the Uranus Pluto square pretty much assures us, we’re going to go back to “the way it was”, however you may define that.

We’re not going back to middle-aged women waiting in line to buy a beanie babies. We’re not going back to muffin tops, or house prices that rise, seemingly overnight. I don’t think I will ever see a pound of strawberries selling for one dollar, again in my life and zillion other things that. Uranus combined with Pluto is drastic and final for the most part and if you want to fare well, you’ve got to come to terms with this.

I played cards, competitively when I was a kid. Let’s say, I devised a way to win most the games with the regular set of people I played against and I reliably left the games with some cash. Even if I managed to do that for years and years, it would be meaningless if I showed up at a game and two of the weaker players had been replaced by better players. It would be a new game at that point.

Being part of the new game, but whining, living in the past, and going on and on about how easy it used to be to take home the dough would be entirely unproductive. So would waiting, wishing and hoping that the clock would roll back and I’d again being playing against the two dummies, because those days would be done like dinner!

The next few years will bring fast, permanent change to all our lives.  Are you registering the change around you, adapting in time? Or no?



Tips For Uranus Square Pluto, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 – Note The Time You’re Living In! — 32 Comments

  1. Yes of course but it’s overwhelming. I feel like I’ve been waiting to see how the cards are going to fall for too long. I want to know *what to do now.*

    Answers range from running to a foreign country with this or that economic advantage, to hurling myself into a marriage for the sake of security, to working slowly and devotedly for a large institution and not changing a single thing, to going on a tour of the world and then committing suicide.

    I have NO CLUE what to do now. I just keep waking up and keeping moving.

  2. Yes.
    1. I’ve gotten the updated news
    2. There are hard choices to make, and wishing things were different won’t help
    3. I have time to research my options, but not procrastinate
    4. I have a place to be safe to make these choices
    5. I’ve got today and that’s something!

  3. Yes and yes. I’m glad I’m mutable.

    I admit I didn’t like some of the changes that involved me, but I have worked hard and I’m doing better.

    My bottom line is more solid due the changes so I should be better off long term.

  4. Im keeping my mind open and doing my best to prep myself for anything. Neptune in Pisces is telling me to let the current take me as it will and I must surrender to the fact that theres no control over the outer planets and their energies. I am mostly concerned that those around me will be blindsided, stuck thinking what we they have done and how they have lived will continue on the same or uninterrupted. I have many people in my life that just plain don’t understand astrology and the movement in the universe. But I totally get it…were on the verge, no looking back, the world is completely transforming around us. We have to do inner transformation along the way. It is tough but worth it. And time…boy oh boy has it seemed to speed up, I wake every morning stunned at how quickly the pace of the previous day gave way to the next! Living in some interesting times for sure.

  5. My aries moon and sag stellium is very excited about these times….I can fit a years worth of experience into one month according to my friends. So this transit feels like home.

  6. I have no idea how I’m doing. Uranus has wiped out the changes pluto brought to my pluto/venus in libra. Pluto is helping me be happy every day as it aspects my merc and jupiter. This is a good thing. I have an opportunity to “go back” but it would be “go back to where I left off and keep going”. I do know where I’m at now is not sustainable. Have no idea what I’ll do for money come the fall. Although I have an apartment I like and the cats are happy and I’m enjoying my life. All good things for my ultimate goals in life.

  7. Wow, so many touching stories and synchroncities. Bless you all. Me pluto 1st house transit and Uranus 2nd hse had nearly finished me off. But with Saturn soon moving forward too I hope all the other reviews and resurrections I’ve had to do will be a positive thing this Summer.

  8. My life has changed so much it’s not funny.

    I’m going with the flow of things and embracing the new life that it’s giving me. Get rid of the things that no longer applies to me.

    Reading this post makes me realise that I am on the right track.

  9. Pluto destroys the unsound, the dishonest, the hypocritical.I am getting ready for bye bye welfare state and most forms of something for nothing, including bankster bailouts. I am expecting Jupiter in Gemini to create a far better world for me, as a Cap/Gemini.

  10. I don’t know. Other than doing temporary jobs at work, my life IS NOT CHANGING and I look at other people’s lives changing and I feel extremely lame. I used to get the Tower card a lot (hence my icon) and the years 1996-2007 couldn’t go more than a week or two without some new drama charging up, but at this point, most of the time I stay the same. It feels like nothing is ever going to be different, because I can’t figure out how to be different. I don’t want to have to be the person who loses her job because she won’t choose to make a change, but…dammit, I can’t come up with what else to do.

  11. Are you registering the change around you, adapting in time?

    Yes, because one day this will be part of history. I have to adapt in order to be able to teach the younger generations how to act. Just like the Depression kids taught their kids how to survive with less or everything.

  12. I am going to try to adapt, which is why I come here, to read your blog. Taurus (my Taurus Sun) has come to accept the inevitable.

  13. Good for you, kathryn. I’ve had to do the same. I can’t say it’s been easy but I’m here now and ready to rock!

  14. Are you registering the change around you, adapting in time? Or no?

    YES! I’m so ready for change! I feel like I’ve been in preparation for this for the last couple of years and am excited.

    I had some worries about my parents, since they are older (in their 80’s) and I expected that they would be resistant to change and that these times would be too much for them to handle. But, they have been really surprising me lately. I’m not so worried anymore.

  15. Thanks Elsa. 🙂

    I don’t know if this folds into the topic – but I ran into an article on GMO, and to me GMO and the backlash against it is pure Uranus/Pluto. (the people Uranus/ Pluto – big corporate GMO)

    I also thought it interesting that the movie “Prometheus” (another word for Uranus as you know) is being released today, now that we are in Orb of this square.

    The Taurus sun like I said is resigned to the inevitable. I am pretty much being forced to look for a new job – I just hope it is on to bigger and better (or at least better suited). This has been coming for about a year and a half.

    Love your blog – thanks again.

  16. I’m in my element! For decades it felt like I was swimming upstream against the current. Now, the flow has changed and the ‘wind is at my back’.

  17. Natally I have a Uranus/moon opposition, so upheaval is a given. My Taurus moon will just have to deal. My cardinal planets are kicking and screaming but what else can I do? They’re going to have to get with the program and do what needs to be done. They won’t get their way any time soon.

  18. Dr. Vivien Thomas’ story (in the movie Something the Lord Made) shows us someone who took crippling circumstances (the Great Depression and being limited by his race) and somehow still made his dream come true, albeit decades later and in a different form. I’m wondering if stories like these might become more common in the years to come.

  19. So far, the effects of Pluto hitting my Sun and Lilith this winter and just recently, have been both dramatic and spectacular. The square on the 24th will occur on my Sun, to the minute, which I take to mean sudden, dramatic, spectacular, shocking, extraordinary, possibly cataclysmic changes in my life and the lives of the people around me. I suspect Pluto is going to dig up some hidden treasures from the vaults of Kronos, maybe remove some old obstacles, wipe out some unsound structures, make space for new growth, but also cause some extreme volatility both in my life and globally. If there’s a natural disaster or two, I’m not the slightest bit surprised. If a war is to break out, this would be an excellent time for it to happen. Whatever happens, special circumstances are more than likely to arise. Capricorns excel under special circumstances. They can be an island of stability in a sea of turmoil. Uranus, by the way, will tightly conjunct Pallas on the 24th, which should yield interesting results from ingenious, creative, unique, individual, strategic, artistic, scientific and just plain old brilliant moves. Aries will support initiative and action, Capricorn will support steadfastness and responsibility. On the 24th, Jupiter will be transiting my 8th hs cusp, which I consider a highly auspicious aspect. Retro Venus will be just a few degrees away, to make things even more auspicious. I have a feeling there’s going to be changes, irrevocable, unavoidable, final changes, which will put an end to the suckiness of my life, once and for all. To turn my life around, I really needed all these heavy transits. Nothing less would do. I should probably also buy a lottery ticket or two, in order to properly utilize the Uranus in my 5th and the Jupiter on my 8th hs cusp.

    I’m happy to see more changes and I’m adapting to anything fate is throwing at me. I’m expecting something big.

  20. I am so glad I am mutable right now. I have a couple of difficult Saturn squares in my natal chart so I face the future with quite a bit of fear but lately, there’s been no time to indulge it. It’s time to change, NOW!

    For me this the Uranus Square Pluto vibe is “change or get the hell out of the way”!! I choose the former and try not to get to upset while the world around me rapidly changes too. I’ve seen some people arond me take that really hard. But it is what it is – no point in dwelling on the past or being nostalgic.

  21. My attitude right now is change AND get the hell out of my way. I’m trying to work out whether it’s best to roll with this attitude or tone it down with a bit of compassion…

  22. I’ve been able to accept, and at times embrace, the changes in my life. Sometimes I still need to lay in bed and cry my effing eyes out.

    But overall I’m looking forward to change. I want to prove myself and the last 10 years I’ve not had enough chance to do that.

  23. The changes have so far been mostly internal: I got so tired of “stuff” that as much as I like to be fashionable, I have barely gone in stores to buy non essentials for the past few years. Basically, if I buy anything, I feel I have to throw something out, and I like what I already have. Surprise – I got a BIG promotion just by asking for it! I’m not sure I understand the astrology behind this. I was hoping that Saturn in the first house meant that I would lose a few pounds!

  24. Dear LibraRising,

    I too have Libra rising as well as Venus and Sun in Libra…I too – despite loving fashion and fashionable clothes – barely go into the stores lately…just today I caught myself saying I didn’t need anything new to wear! Shocking! But really: it felt fine…I have what i need. I guess this may be the result of transiting Saturn in Libra in the first.

  25. Change? ha – yeah, I’d say so. For too many years I’ve waited for my marriage to magically get better, and I suppose with having Libra in Moon, Mars and Asc and then to have transiting Saturn in Libra, well, it surely was enough to wake me up. I’m ready and excited for the future as for the first time I feel the sun has come up and it’s bright out there.

  26. Well.I am scared right now. The situation in Sweden now is like going back in time, like the old DDR (kommunism) our Media is corrupt, our borders it open free for criminals,FOR us free people/men and women,its a big threat for the fredom in time.
    Yes I know that I am a Libran, thats why I stand up for justise/the freedom of free media/words. Its SO sad thing this tnings happen. I blame Uranus I Arie square Pluto i Cap for this. DONT belive the so cold “free” Media, we dont have freedom of speech anymore. THATS why wee only look at CCN etc So Hey, think about us in this chaotic
    time in our history. Well as a Libra I will fight:-)

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