Under The Taurus Moon

custard filledTomorrow the Moon in Taurus makes a grand trine with Pluto and Mars. Taurus is the Venus-ruled earth sign and the Moon is feeling, emotion and need. This combination makes for cravings, both emotional and physical. With Pluto and Mars involved this can be a very sexy time, a time to enjoy the body, or a custard-filled doughnut. Comfort food is very Taurean. Even without Mars and Pluto, a Taurus Moon can be very sexy, in tune with earthy pleasure. Tomorrow’s Moon conjuncts Jupiter, making the mood joyful or the cravings bigger! A Jupiter Taurus Moon can lend itself to indulging so it’s a good thing to keep your budget in mind if you have the impulse to buy pretty things. However, if you do shop under this influence you’re likely to find things of lasting value that satisfy. With Juno in Scorpio in exact opposition by late morning consider the feeling of need for the object against its long term value and you won’t go wrong.

Where do you have Taurus in your chart? What do you find valuable?


Under The Taurus Moon — 20 Comments

  1. I have Taurus in the 11th & 12th houses.

    Non-materially my friends and my alone time 🙂 I’m valuing my family more as I age. I don’t know if they are mellowing or I am.

    Materially I really appreciate and value soft clothes of natural fibers, music, simple food, antiques.

    One of my favorite memories is sitting with friends in an old house turned coffee shop. We were sitting by a stone fireplace drinking coffee out of handmade mugs eating a freshly made scone. Sigh…

  2. I too have Taurus in the 11th & 12th. It has plenty of company…Sun, Mars, Ceres and Juno in 11th. Moon and True Node in 12th with Jupiter hanging out in Gemini 12th cusp. Just now trying to figure out what it all means since life has been kinda crazy for a couple/few years.

    I currently value any down-time I can wrestle from my brain. Which usually means me alone meditating or hanging out with a few close friends. A vacation would be valued right now but not in the cards. Oh well…more meditation!

  3. I had a doughnut, before visiting. My Taurean Dad gave one to me.

    7th house, and I value relationships. Tam’s comment above, about the fireplace, the bookstore, and sitting there with friends sounds like something I would like; there’s a bookstore in Hudson, independent, with a place to get something to eat and drink next-door. I haven’t been there for five years, and have wanted to go back.

  4. Thank you Satori. I have been reading here for a bit and learning much. The community energy is very encouraging and inspiring and I am looking forward to joining in more.

  5. Taurus rules my 4th. No planets in Taurus. I value my home and family. I value my foundations – my grandmothers.

    I have always wanted to live in a quaint town where history has been respected, preserved and protected.

    Venus Aquaruis 12th conj Saturn sits exactly on my ASC. I respect individuality, but prefer decorum in public. I value an orderly and polite society.

  6. Hmmm first 14° of Taurus are 12th, the rest is first. Does this mean I should value my subconcious and body? Or my stubborn refusal to give up?

    Confused, such a “don’t expect how things should happen”-lesson day yesterday. My Scorpio Dsc/NN conj. (or maybe the Venus-Pluto conj. in the 3rd house SR, who knows) keep popping up in my head in the negative manifestation, despite my efforts to douse em. Argh.

    Ah yes, the Full Moon falls in first/seventh, 2.5 degrees off my nodal axis.

  7. Taurus in the 2nd house next to a virgo moon.

    It’s the little things 🙂

    Today I went food shopping and bought all natural healthy food and I feel quite content 🙂

  8. Taurus in the 11th with saturn and then juno and ceres conjunct. I don’t have a lot of friends but the 3 close ones I have all regard me as their best friend. I’m don’t like to ask too much of people and think this can come across that I don’t care to some. The juno ceres hmm. I really crave some security and do feel nurtured being fed. I’ve never had a taurean bf. My dad is Taurus and neither of us back down. We have to give each other a wide birth. Definitely feeling the full moon there.

  9. Taurus rules my 4th and partially runs through my 3rd. Venus in the 7th (Virgo). I value home, family, relationships, and providing service in each of these areas. I also value communication (my Venus sextiles Merc in scorp) which ties to the 3rd as well.

  10. Um, I swore off doughnuts at the ripe old age of twenty. Just decided that it was not a good “food” for me. Before that, I was something of a doughnut fool.

    I lost that pesky ten pounds after that. Years and years later, I thought I’d have a doughnut, and I did, and it wasn’t very good.

    Evidently at Weight Watchers they call that one food you can’t resist your Frankenstein.

    I think doughnuts were my Frankenstein, and all I had to do to keep thin was give up that one food.
    I’ve never been to Weight Watchers, I just read Jean Niedietch’s autobiography.

  11. Funny (perculiar) I’m sipping one of my twice yearly hot chocolate drinks as I read this. It’s a rare urge and feels really debauched, but I really felt like indulging 🙂

    Taurus in 3rd with Mars banging around in there.
    Funny (haha) I tend to spend my evenings alone with my stuff. I like company but I always seem to end up getting into a fight, 🙂

  12. Hello altogether,

    sometimes chocolate is the only desire.
    Besides Champagne, a good bowl of spaghetti & the loved ones around.


  13. 6-7, but sag rules my 2nd, so that I need space in both to be comfortable. And when it’s good in 6 and/or 7, it’s nice. When either/or is abused or misused, it’s an affront and I really must excuse myself before I hurt somebody.

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