Under The Scorpio Moon: Emotionally Riled Up

scorpio italianI isolate when I am upset. My inner circle gets even smaller and if I am inordinately upset it can shrink to one or even none. I hate to talk when I’m truly up in trouble. It’s so irritating, people want you to have words.

How long does it take you to recover from emotional upset? Do you calm down quickly or does it take days or even weeks? Do you have a method to calm yourself?


Under The Scorpio Moon: Emotionally Riled Up — 23 Comments

  1. I have a Scorpio Moon and used to hang on to stuff bigtime. However I observed people who can somehow just move on and I made a decision to really try get over things and not waste my time. But if anyone really offends me it’s their funeral. As far as I’m concerned they are dead!

  2. I tend to isolate myself to an extremely tight circle when I’m really upset. I tend to keep my most inner thoughts and feelings under wraps at all times.

    Last week, I opened myself even more than usual on an extremely personal subject to someone in that inner circle (my mother). She not only disagreed but dragged another one of my extremely personal subjects into the fray.

    Needless to say, my circle is 1 person less.

    I think it might be better to just keep my innermost thoughts and feelings to myself.

  3. I completely isolate, even more than usual, and there are some things that linger for months if not years that I won’t talk about with anyone.

    I’m learning how to get better at this, though. I’m sick of holding on to bullshit.

  4. I isolate too. That is such a great way to put it… “people want you to have words.” Well I don’t have words, and I don’t want to! Thankful for a Sag moon so I usually get over it pretty quickly – for most things, it takes me a day of isolation. If it’s involving a boy it usually takes me a week or two. To stop isolating that is.

    Neptune/moon means I can pine forEVER if I let myself.

  5. It takes me a day or two. I definitely need to be alone, though. There is no talking through it. But once I’m done and it’s dealt with, I’m past it.

  6. I’m another one who isolates when upset. Depending on the stressor or “cause” of the upset, the time to recover can range from a couple of days to several weeks.

    I’ve found that a lot of people take it personally when they see another person isolating and think it’s about them. One former friend, last year, sent me several ranty emails (not knowing what was happening with me, when I was feeling pretty awful over my father’s birthday, the first since he had died), dramatically proclaiming the end of our friendship. She didn’t really want to know why I was isolating, and in fact made that clear. Since then it’s become fairly obvious that she likes to be the centre of attention, along with some other qualities that make her a fun acquaintance but not good friend material for me, so in the end I didn’t lose much.

    I tend not to be forthcoming over why I’m isolating unless it has something to do with the person who’s asking in some way — then they will hear the truth, because it’s an opportunity to resolve whatever issue(s) have come up.

  7. I isolate myself from the outside world but talk A LOT with those that are close to me. I have very emotionally open relationships with those that are close to me. When I’m upset I talk talk talk talk talk about it because I think think think think think about it and I need confirmation I’m not spiraling into oblivion.

  8. I isolate for sure! I’ve even responded to the generic, ‘How are you today?’ with, ‘If I wasn’t good, you wouldn’t be seeing me.’ Might be why people always think I’m so happy all the time- they never see me when I’m not. Luckily, it doesn’t take me long to get over whatever has me hibernating.

  9. I don’t get the emotional upsets a lot, but that’s usually because I am emotionally distant to many people aside from my inner circle. I guess it’s a vulnerability thing.

    When I do get emotionally upset, it drags out. But it drags out because it takes a long time for me to put words to the emotions and give them a form and shape. They go for a long time shapeless and ghostly but just there, under my skin, over my head kinda thing. I get over by purging. There’s gotta be a ‘catharthic mechanism’. Sometimes it’s writing, sometimes it’s running, sometimes it’s just a lot of crying. But of course, these things I got to do alone.

    I include people into my emotions only after I’ve processed them to a point where it ‘makes sense’ for a left-brain. Otherwise I just can’t. I had someone in my inner circle who called me a handicapped because she was so mad when I isolate myself to go through this motions and only let her in when it’s 90% done. She’s the complete opposite of course, when she’s upset everybody knows, she always needs another person to bounce off.

    That’s not my kind of thing.
    Moon tightly conjunct Pluto, in Scorpio.

  10. I usually get out of dodge. if I’m able to have a few uninterrupted hours by myself I can deal. however, if the irritation is a repeated one, that few hours increases to a few more hours, etc….

  11. Isolation. I hate talking I just need to broad and grieve all by myself and process the energ and emotion. I also need to take my time depending on what the cause of upset is but most definitely have to cut off from people when upset. Scorpio sun and packed 8th house

  12. I like the term “isolate” instead of avoid or running away (as i’ve been told i do).

    When I get upset I too like to remove myself. Usually I like to sit in silence and do a tarot reading and maybe have a big cry if no one is looking. I can usually block myself from feeling too emotional or upset but Ive come to realize that after a few years those feelings can resurface and once they’ve sitting in my unconscious long enough and finally come to the forefront, I can purge them by making quick and radical changes(Uranus in Sag).. I blame Merc in Taurus for the delay in processing but I get help from Moon in Cap 1st house to make calculating moves even if they seem to come out of no where…

  13. Music. Sleeping. Reaching out to people for a pressure valve release. At certain times in my life, prescribed drugs.

    Neptune trine Sun and conjunct Mars. I usually ignore my Neptune thinking it doesn’t do much, but upon examination lately, it really has and does.

  14. I isolate myself from my innercircle. Because my innercircle can tell when I’m upset more readily than my less familiar contacts. If I can, I withdrawal from everyone so I can sort things out. However, I frequently have to make public appearances. In that instance..I fake it and put on my “no worries” mask which my innercircle can penetrate.

    I deal best if I can figure things out for myself and then purge what my idea of what went on later when it no longer has an emotional effect. It really ticks me off when someone catches me off guard and my emotions slip out. Doesn’t matter if I’m mad or sad I end up crying which makes me mad at myself (only because I’m in front of people-it’s ok if I’m alone).

    My innercircle knows not to find a thread and pick at it. Like, they may know I’m struggling with something but also know asking about it will be futile until I can gather my thoughts and get control over my emotions.

    I retreat to within A LOT. I like it there..its safe and all my inner voices understand me.

  15. “all my inner voices understand me”….beautiful.
    With those very close to me I need a day or two without words. With those supposed to be close but oft times most hurtful I need 7 days. With the big hurts it’s never again.
    Mars Moon conjunct in Scorp.

  16. I isolate when depressed – although if there’s anger involved, then that will have to come out at some point. I’ve been called a drama queen by a few people, for not being able to move past something, but they didn’t take into account the nature of the upset, and the consequences of their actions, or my mindset at the time. It doesn’t matter if my getting over it quickly would have made me look like a great, cool person – I wanted to get past it, because I don’t enjoy the upset, but it just wasn’t happening. I tend to become angry and embarrassed over having felt that emotional in the first place, because it disrupts the rest of my life. I guess when it comes to that question about physical and emotional pain, I’d choose a certain amount of physical after all – the emotional causes more problems in the long run.

    For some reason, I have trouble cutting people out of my life.

  17. I isolate for months.But it doesn’t bother me..But I surely know the people whom i am isolating from are in need of me.I make them realize big time.

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