Transits To Natal T-Square For Those Born In 1952-53

Saturn/Neptune/Uranus/Chiron T-square of ’52-53 is being activated.

Beginning in 1952 and lasting through 1953, Saturn and Neptune formed a conjunction. In 1952, Chiron and Uranus formed an opposition to each other, and joined in a t-square to the Saturn/Neptune conjunction. Think about that. If you take it apart and look at each planet individually, are they friends with each other? I think Saturn and Chiron might be able to get along in the best of circumstances, if Chiron is able to heal through the earthiness and reality imposed by Saturn. But Neptune, Uranus and Saturn… they have diametrically different ways of expressing themselves. While a case can be made for Uranus and Saturn getting along sometimes, because Saturn is the ancient ruler of Uranus, meaning (to me) that if you’re going to be an iconoclast, those in a position of power stand the best chance of destroying old form. Otherwise, they rub up each other irritatingly, with Uranus wanting to smash Saturn’s old forms, and Saturn protesting that tradition holds value.

Neptune and Saturn stand toe to toe and look at each other: Saturn says “Pull yourself together, man! Get a plan and work towards it” Neptune says “RELLLLLLAX, the Universe will provide!!!” I see this t-square as powerful energy around the family dynamic; how to have a relationship totally unlike your parents’ relationship… the Uranus/Chiron aspect in Cancer/Capricorn has seen what the “traditional” relationship has yielded, and is decidedly not happy with it. The desire is to have a new paradigm of relationship (Saturn/Neptune in Libra), where one can fully express and manifest their own unique creativity. There is a baby/bathwater question that is integral to the signature of this t-square.

So those born between 1952 and 1953 have this mash-up as part of their internal make-up. These 4 planets, squared off against each other, and each needs to have their voice heard.

For you ’52-’53ers, the current Uranus/Jupiter opposition is calling your name. You are undergoing a time where your individual accommodation of this t-square is up for review. Transiting Jupiter is on your Saturn/Neptune conjunction. Jupiter conjunct Neptune is the dreams-come-true transit, but with Saturn there, hard work, dedication, discipline is involved. Transiting Uranus opposing those 3, sudden opportunities may pop up, and you’ll have to discern (Saturn) whether or not they’re too good to be true. If so, Uranus can take away things just as quickly as it brings them. It’s an unpredictable time for you, as you try to filter out what’s possible and what’s just plain pipe dream. If you find yourself too far in the realm of fantasy, find yourself a Saturn-type person, someone you can run your ideas through who can show you where you need to fine-tune, or just give you an old-fashioned reality check. Jupiter/Uranus/Neptune may not want to have someone punching holes in their fantasies, but it’s absolutely necessary right now. Under this current planetary configuration of transiting Jupiter sitting on your Saturn/Neptune, and Uranus opposing it, there is an inevitable 2×4 to the head when you slide to far into Neptune’s realm; Saturn and Chiron see to that, and Uranus delivers up the sudden event that makes you see the error of your ways.

After a lifetime of perfecting the art of finding balance between structure and formlessless; of being able to discern (Saturn) when your dreams (Neptune) can become reality, and when it’s just plain folly, Jupiter and Uranus have arrived to free you from any remaining vestiges of self-imposed exile, in whatever form Saturn/Neptune means to you. What house does that conjunction reside in your chart? That will give you a concrete idea of where you have had the struggle of doubt and uncertainty. Remember, too that Neptune rules free-floating anxiety, and with Saturn conjunct, it can make your anxieties feel very real, if Saturn is too over-emphasized.

Keep in mind that Pluto is coming up to your natal Chiron, which is when the bare-boned reality of whatever it is you’re attempting to manifest at this time will arrive.

This is the chart below of Dan Aykroyd. I couldn’t find a birth time for him, so I used Noon. He’s got the waxing conjunction of Saturn to Neptune, with the Sun and Venus involved in the t-square of Uranus/Chiron/Saturn/Neptune. Being an actor, he certainly was able to use Saturn in a positive way… did you know that he was the one that dreamed up “Ghostbusters”, which eventually turned into an entire media franchise, due his fascination with parapsychology? Such is the power of a T-square. If he was born between Midnight and 4 a.m., the Moon was sandwiched in between Saturn and Neptune, which is perfectly captured by his famous phrase on SNL: “Jane, you ignorant slut!” Without Saturn involved with Neptune, he might have ended up like his best friend, John Belushi, who had Neptune aplenty, but no strong Saturn signature in his chart. When it comes to Neptune, you can’t go wrong having some Saturn. The problem only presents itself if you over-identify with Neptune, and receive that 2×4 I spoke about earlier. In that case, Neptunian disillusionment, served up alongside Saturn, can be soul-crushing.

Very little is said about Akyroyd’s marriage, only that he married in 1983 to actress Donna Dixon, and that they have 3 children. Those with Saturn/Venus and Saturn/Sun squares, take heart!! Time isn’t going to permit me to go into this next chart very deeply, but upon seeing it, you’ll know why I am including it. It’s of his first-born, Danielle. Some signatures in charts are passed down, generation after generation. I am betting Danielle has inherited her father’s deep love of parapsychology, which Dan inherited from his own father. I think it’s likely she identifies deeply with her father (stellium in Capricorn), and has her share of issues with her mother (Moon is stressfully aspected).



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  1. I cannot begin to tell you how helpful this post is! My Saturn/Neptune conjunction is in the 8th house. November of “52 for me. I am thoroughly enjoying your posts here. “Older than God” yeah that makes me happy to read.

  2. BTW, the photo looks eerily like my Mom did when I was an infant. When I was less than a year old, my Dad was transferred to Key West Florida while in the Navy. There is a photo of my Mom at the beach that resembles this one.

  3. This post is WAY too long, and needs more paragraph breaks for readability. Even on a non-web page, “Think about that,” would start a new paragraph. So from the beginning of your post, your reader is overwhelmed…

    Elsa does a great job with page breaks! It keeps readers on your page, and lets them better digest what you’re trying to say.

    • Hey Joe, thanks for the criticism! LOL, I work for lawyers in my day job, so I can get a little wordy. On the plus side, looks like plenty of other people understand what I wrote, even though there is a dearth of paragraphs. We have smart readers! But, I am very sorry if you were overwhelmed.

      • Smart and not being able to read blocked-in text are two different things, actually! I happen to have two Ivy League degrees, and work for a top marketing agency in NYC. So I know what I’m talking about.

        On the plus side, I will continue to try to read your columns (and fyi, I’m not alone in this critique). All this said, you’re an excellent astrologer, Diane. Thanks for listening.

        • Well, Joe, “I yam what I yam” and will most likely continue to write exactly as I do. I’d rather be criticized for not inserting enough paragraphs than spouting crappy astrology. Thanks for the compliment!!

        • Two Ivy league degrees and working for a busy top marketing agency in NYC but perusing an astrology blog in the middle of the day. HA

          • No kidding, soup. If I remember correctly, you have three doctorates from Oxford and 672 patents in rocket science. As you well know, I was one of the original Buffet investors and have my own Pacific island.

            The Internet is where everybody can go totally Neptune.

            • I know lace…. unreal….Diane adds a wonderful meaty post for us to all take in and someone decides its time to take a pot shot at her. Here’s an idea – don’t read it. Virgo much? I love reading what she has to offer.

              Diane, keep doing it exactly the way you have been doing it. We love it

              • Did you read Diane’s post on Feb. 24th about encountering rudeness? Bingo! 67Joe proved Diane knows astrology like a boss!

        • Wow, I’m really surprised that someone with two degrees finds reading *this( difficult. I have to go count up my degrees now and see if I’m capable of reading densely-packed paragraphs. I might be okay. Maybe the density of my various degrees will somehow come to my rescue.

        • I don’t have two ivy leauge degrees. I have one bachelors degree in Fine Arts, and could barely make it through a class that involved academic subject matter. In all actuality, I can be dumb as bricks sometimes! With this being said, I found this column very engaging and pleasurable to read! So don’t worry Diane, your writing is enjoyed by the readers, with weak left sided brain capabilities too!!! 😀

          Keep up the great work Diane !

        • I’m not trying to be mean, but to be fair, I had a hard time reading it too. Maybe it’s my attention span or dyslexia…the wording is lovely and astrology skills are awesome, but it is a little overwhelming. I tried to read it earlier and couldn’t do came back to it to try again and found this… Btw, I don’t think that Joe deserved to be ganged up on. Everybody has an opinion and he was just stating his, even if it wasn’t in in the nicest way possible- maybe it was meant to be constructive criticism…or not…but we don’t know…he did give her props. Besides Diane said she’s not changing her writing so those of you that like it will still get it. Ending my block paragraph now. ☺ *ducks*

          • Thatgirl-67Joe, he brought up his superior job, his superior education history, and then said he was not alone in his critique–when no one had chimed in to agree with him. It was his set-up for the ridiculous claim, “So I know what I’m talking about.”.

            Giving her “props” at the end of his self-eulogy?–aipha male 101.

            As for us ganging up on him, a whole lot of us showed him that his wang-game gets him nothing here. We take care of our friends, and have a damn good time doing it.

            • Okay, Lace, the way that I interpereted was that he was defending his intelligence because Diane insinuated that a smart person would be able to understand her writing. In other words…maybe he’s not smart. She said no one else here seems to have had trouble reading it because “we have smart readers.” that was his way of saying…he is smart. So…so what if he took that as a jab at his own intelligence.? I don’t really feel the need to defend this anymore, just felt like giving my opinion…I cant help it.

              • PI/thatgirl…same person here…I. keep forgetting I changed my name…☺ anyway, I just felt like standing up for him. I dunno why. ? Have a nice day.

  4. Thank you for this post. Jupiter explains the daydreaming ramp up I have been pushing down. Thank you natal Cap Sun (conjunct Chiron).
    My Saturn Neptune conjunction is in the sixth house. I’ve had a few of those 2x4s. The biggest one during my first Saturn return. Pluto transit was conjunct Saturn at the time. I did learn and grow. Hope to continue.

    • Pluto conjunct Neptune is one of the hardest transits for 20-somethings, I hear from people who consult with me at that age. I can’t imagine how it was for those with Neptune/Saturn conjunct, with Uranus square. Literally the “don’t know whether to “(insert euphemism for “poop”) or go blind” transit, I would think!!

    • Sue Ellen, I’ve got a natal Cap Sun in an exact Chiron conjunction, in the 12th, opposition Uranus, with the Sat-Nept conjunct, etc. My life is going to be deconstructed by the transit tornado. I’ll either end up skipping along the yellow brick road, or I’ll be laying under a house with only my green pointy-toed shoes sticking out.

  5. I was born in December 1951. I have the Saturn (1st house) Neptune (2nd house) conjunction squaring off with Uranus in the 10th but Chiron is in the early degrees and not activated (though it is in exact conjunction to my Mercury).

    I am a dreamer (7th house Pisces moon encourages that as well) but with Saturn also conjuncting my 1st house Mars I find I work to structure my dreams. The past seven years have been challenging. My desires and my structure are at odds in ways I never expected at this time in life.

    • Wila…. that is interesting. I wonder if natal Chiron has progressed to join in the t-square and is part of the conundrum of desire vs. structure?

  6. Loved this piece! My hubby Oct.52 has this going on. I have never looked at it quite this way… He also has a stellium sun,merc,Saturn,Neptune, ascendant in Libra,all in the 12th…

  7. I loved this post. I am one of the Neptune/Saturn conjunct…in my 12th house, the house of self-undoing. I can say for a fact that I AM so happy for Saturn being there. All of this is square my Venus, so I have had my share of difficulties for sure, but the wisdom I have gained is paramount. I have already had Pluto conjunct my Chiron, still in a wide orb, but clarity has arrived. Healing a wound that has been buried deep within my psyche has just come to my awareness. This has been a very painful process. Chiron- the wounded healer for sure. I am experiencing my first bit of freedom now. I grew up with my mother saying over and over ‘If I had it to do over again, I never would have had you’. The effects of her saying that was buried so deeply that I always felt like I was in the way and anything I said was not worth listening to (3rd house Chiron oppose 9th house Uranus-both intercepted). I’ve always been a progressive thinker. 🙂 My own self acceptance is breaking through all of this BS and my self worth is finally being acknowledged by ME. Not that I didn’t acknowledge myself before, now I have more awareness and consciousness to do it. God how I love Astrology! I think I have been waiting my whole life for this opportunity. Doors and windows are opening. Thank you for your posts. I appreciate you!

    • BJ, that is incredible… what horrific scars left by parents who are unconscious and cannot.. will not… acknowledge the damage done by words such as the ones you suffered. Being told you were unwanted, in any form, is one of those soul-searing statements that carries on day after day in our lives until we can bring the feelings out into the light of day and make the decision to reject them as an indictments of being unloved or unwanted in the present. I have no doubt that the sentiments of your mother were deeply embedded in you pre-verbally and those kinds of wounds are hard to access, even if she was able to express it outright to you when you were old enough to understand. Pre-verbally we just FEEL the emptiness, way before we HEAR it. I think that’s why pre-verbal wounds have to be addressed differently than “talking therapy”. I am so happy for you that you have begun to find peace.

      • Yes, Diane me too! Like I said, I think I have been waiting my whole life for this Pluto to my Chiron transit and I didn’t even know it until it started happening. Years ago when I saw this transit coming, I have truly been looking for the wound that needed healing. But it is not only this transit, it is everything in transit to my chart now that brings it all together. You are right about her not even knowing she did that and she never gave it any importance. Some things just stay buried so far beneath the surface for all involved. She passed on in 1997 and I am just now resolving this with her. I don’t have any memory of her ever telling me she loved me, as parents do tell to their children. She truly felt I was a burden. I forgive her for she did now know, but now she does. I am living my own re-birth. Thank you Pluto!

        • BJ, you have given me hope. Been dreading Pluto, but your rebirth has put it in a whole new light. Thank you a million times for sharing this!

  8. I’m Dec. 53, so Saturn is 8 degrees separating from my Neptune. Still, it seems to be the final judge on Neptune decisions and the implementor. I have Chiron conjunct NN and Uranus conjunct SN square the Saturn/Neptune conjunction and Chiron/NN is opposed to Uranus. It all works though because Saturn is the voice of reason in the end.

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