Today’s Mutable Grand Cross

Catch-Me-If-You-Can-300X300I should be buckling down as they say, focusing on certain things. But with a Grand Cross in the Mutable Signs, involving every planet but Uranus and Pluto, I feel compelled to hop around.

I’ve also noticed Mars in Sagittarius grating on me (in real life). People want to push their beliefs…down your throat, if you let them.

My answer to this is to leave. If it’s your way or the highway – highway here I come!

Who can relate?

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Today’s Mutable Grand Cross — 11 Comments

  1. I had to drop a friend on Facebook — someone I’ve known for almost 30 years — because she has become like a rabid dog in her political beliefs that she posts about 20 times a day — all political, one-world government, conspiracy-theory type stuff. At first I was following all her leads. I read everything she posted and I read her links (to Alex Jones, Agenda 21, etc.). I wanted to be informed. I didn’t want to have a knee-jerk reaction against what she believed (I’m kind of a leftie but I keep it to myself, LOL). I felt there must be some truth to many of the things she was posting about (and I still believe there IS some truth). But then she started getting insulting to everyone. She would post things and then say “Wake up people.” Or “Stop sleeping folks.” Or “You all drank the Koolaid.” And things along those lines. I felt my blood boiling and I also felt that her posts were becoming so weird and so negative that I finally just “unfollowed” her. I didn’t unfriend her because we have a long-time friendship behind us. But I kept saying to myself, Who is this woman? How did I not know that she had these thoughts and beliefs? At any rate, I feel much calmer now that I don’t have to read her vicious crap all day long, although I do question whether or not we will ever be able to have a normal friendship again.

  2. I have found listening to other people’s beliefs who are full of ego waste my time. A lot of people get angry too if I don’t listen and take their advice. I try to shut it out. Especially my family, I have to watch as they try to force themselves upon me. I have Mars in Aries but I also have 12th house in Pisces, so I have to watch out for ‘family’ type relations (even people outside of the family who act as family) because they can try to victimize me with philosophies.

  3. that bottomless bucket of ‘gimme’, my,sagg sister has been grating on me big time. a line in the sand had to be drawn//a cross in the road…i’m taking the highway.

  4. Saturn in Sag really feels like there is a lot of people out there giving quick advice with no real substance or backing to what they say.

    Consequently I’m less inclined to listen to other people but also finding that I’m really pulling back from giving advice. But this partly seems to be about the square to my Virgo-want-to-help planets!

  5. This is very productive so far. I’ve been sick for literally 2 weeks so what I’m getting done is so good for my mental to do list whirling around all this time. Major catch up!

  6. Yes. Yesterday I had to close my phone and not get involved in a couple of things because my initial reaction was to say something that wouldn’t get anyone anywhere. Step away… I knew things would keep rolling and resolve, or not, without my input. Plus I was highly aggravated by it, which is a little unnerving for me.

  7. This is so interesting…the “Next Door” forum for my neighborhood has this woman who is constantly bullying people on there about her “beliefs” about how the forum should be run. People have taken to pointing out how you can mute people on the forum, and never have to read their posts again.
    On a personal level, Mars in Sag is transiting my first house. I’m considering getting a new-ish/newer haircut and am trying to work on aggressively putting myself out into the world as a fully self-employed consultant and to have faith in myself!

  8. I have a wonderful dog. He came into our family 7 years ago. After 17 years of moving every 2 years with a military officer husband, he retired and the kids and I got the dog we had dreamed of and waited for. Only to find out my husband is not an animal lover – or an animal understander. He doesn’t get a dog is a pet and is not livestock left to forage in the pasture. My wonderful, loving, kind, protective dog changed my view of my husband. Today I got the test results that say my dog has diabetes. He became seriously ill, seriously fast. He’s only 7. I have asked my husband to go with me to the Vet so that he can understand the cost and care my dog will need. His reaction to this could actually cost my marriage. Its amazing but I can see me taking the highway for my dog.

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