Tips for Pluto Transits – Drink the Poison

When Pluto is trying to drag you down, the best thing to do is jump.

Have you ever knowingly drunk the poison? What are your Pluto stories?

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Tips for Pluto Transits – Drink the Poison — 11 Comments

  1. Yes, so much better to just face the inevitable and surrender. This takes courage, but certainly speeds up our growth (by beginning our recovery). Love the drinking poison analogy.

    Sorry to hear of your hardship. Pluto conjunct MC is one of those transits I’ll never forget. I drank the poison ☠️, much pain and loss. Temporary pain did lead to long term gain (after some time, but still worth it).

  2. Wow love it! It’s hard to see how tough this transit is on you.. but you’re producing such excellent work for us, thank you 🙂

    I am worried there is nothing to save and no hero inside as I’m not getting any better during this Mars Pluto transit..

  3. Hi Midara, I have Pluto sitting on my South Node/Decendant until
    October. I feel so old. I see myself and feel myself aging like never before. I turn 57 this summer, I never imagined I would feel so much older than previous birthdays. I feel less in control of my life than ever. I keep telling myself that after October, I will feel a bit better somehow. I never had much physical pain before, or saw myself age so rapidly.

  4. Sherry, that was me last April – Pluto on top of South Node. This is proof how our humanity helps us by sharing each other’s stories Reading your experience I checked it out, and checked myself – I AM doing better now, though still licking wounds. Still processing the lessons. You will feel better again

  5. Homeopathy can take substances that are poisonous in their raw physical form and extract the energetic essence to heal and transform

    • I agree with Leslie. Homeopathic medicines DO work! After consulting with my podiatrist for persistant, post-surgery foot pain and getting no relief, I sought out a specific homeopathic remedy. This remedy’s active ingredient contains poison ivy – how Plutonian! Within 24 hours, I was pain free and one month later I still am.

  6. Is it always poison? I have two pluto transits, trine the moon and sextile Mercury and much of what I read doesn’t seem as noxious but one hear’s Pluto and imagines Job in the desert.

    • Not always! The transits you mentioned are much easier aspects. There will still be enormous depth and some shedding of unnecessary things, but probably not in a Job sort of way. Instead, you’ve got a powerful and friendly guide through the darkness.

    • You might have an easier time dealing with excavating psychological stuff from your past and childhood with a softer aspect..

  7. Tr Pluto hung around my Scorpio MC from December 1993 – August 1995. During that time, my mother was receiving chemotherapy treatments (Pluto) for breast cancer. She died within one degree of the final Pluto Rx pass.

  8. I had transit Pluto through the 7th house opposite Sun, Mercury, Mars 12th house and opposite Venus conjunct the Ascendant. Me, my ex and the man I was in love with were all suicidal.

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