Thirteen Year Old in Love: Libra With A Libra Moon

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Dear Elsa,

I have a perfect person right in front of me and we can’t ever seem to get it right. He’s the best at everything he does and his flaws just make me love him even more. For me, my feelings for him are easily communicated. When it comes to him, I think he has a problem expressing his feelings. I’ve known him all of my life and I know all about him. I just don’t feel the need for any barriers.

His sister was diagnosed with cancer 3 months ago and I found out about if from my mom. We’re both 13 and I know he just might not be ready to date but even the title friends seems to make him anxious. I know he’s worth the wait, I just don’t know what I’m waiting for. Please help me.

Girl in Love

Dear Love,

I don’t know what you are waiting for either. It’s very sweet you found someone you love so much. You’re very lucky. But the only thing you can do is live in the right now. And right now this boy (and his family) is in crisis. His sister has cancer!

So think about that. His entire family is suffering and if you love this boy and want to be a good friend, you have to be sensitive to this and very patient with him.

I’ll tell you the astrology, okay? You have a Leo Moon and you want to go, go, go! Leo is a fire sign and fire does not like to wait around!! But Saturn is in Leo now and this calls for you to control yourself. To take a longer term view! To be very strong emotionally.

And this is a big job for a 13 year old! But it is apparently one that you want very badly, so there you go.

I am going to ask everyone reading to send a wish or a prayer, some healing energy, whatever they’ve got to your friend’s sister and his family.

Good luck.



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