Things I Take For Granted – Confidence

jupiter-statue-headIt hit me today, I’d be in a world of hurt if I ever lost confidence.  I could no longer write this blog. I could not even begin to think about getting on the phone with people from all over the world, and talking to them about their problems. I could no longer hold workshops…

I’ve heard that self-confidence is the key to life, but I don’t believe it. Faith and confidence go hand in hand…these things are Jupiter-ruled and have nothing to do with the ego.

I’m glad I thought of this today. I feel a lot more humble and a lot more grateful.

Are you confident? Where does your confidence come from?


Things I Take For Granted – Confidence — 30 Comments

    • Confidence, to me, means you feel you can do something…that it will be okay, you’ll have protection, etc.


      Example, I consider teaching a class…feel I can do it successfully, so I go ahead with the project.

      • Eh eh, this was actually intended ironically to mean that I kinda lack confidence : ) *although* I mostly meant it in a more subjective way (as self-confidence, self-esteem) – but now that you mentioned protection and stressed the link with Jupiter, I am actually very inclined to see this side of it, the Faith, the fact that something will fare well because it was envisioned in a higher mind beforehand (natal Jupiter trine Moon. In this case, but only in this case, I have it.

  1. I have had my confidence destroyed over and over. I have a natal cardinal grand square sitting on my Jupiter. Saturn opposed, Uranus and Mercury square. All being set off now. All between 8 and 13 degrees cardinal signs. it started in childhood of course, since I was born with it. So far, this big transit has not been too bad, though all the things I have been working on the last decade are going away. i’ve learned to watch for these transits and be very careful.

  2. Thats a amazing coincidence today I had similar thoughts too regarding whats going on my life … When I did the so called deep thinking in orderto reach the root of the issue and trying to fix … One of the things which I need to build is self confidence stop being insecure … Confidence is everything really it just changes perception … Looking at things in a positive light … If confidence is lost .. Ones heart body Soul mind complete self becomes vulnerable weak weaker weakest … Its like I look alive but completley dead

  3. I am scared about faith trust and all such things may be that cause of sn in 9 lib … But then my jup is happily located at 2 pisces

  4. I have Saturn conjunct Jupiter. Saturn is the slightly stronger planet of the two, so I have had to earn my confidence. After some pretty difficult experiences including Pluto slapping my Jupiter around, I’m trying to rebuild it from the ground up.

    • The wicked strong Mars in me compels me to say: It sounds like you may work for pretty creepy people. Just guessing! Please don’t let their targeting get to you, okay.

      The manager in me is compelled to tell you I was once hired to manage a team that was being treated badly this way, 40 hours a week too. I, hmm, introduced their tormentors to the wonders of dramatic change (Uranus). We agreed later that jerks can strengthen our cores via endurance. Things will get better; love yourself no matter what and they’ll find another victim. (Then you go tell that victim what I just told you.) Hang in there.

  5. I think to have confidence natally (Sun conjunct Jupiter) but was not aware of it in the past what you call confidence. Now I say it is when you pursue what you like / love / feel to be right / think you are talented to though circumstances say you can’t pursue them.

  6. I have always had a pretty healthy dose of self confidence. I agree, it can take you very far if you believe in yourself. I hadn’t thought of the faith connection, but I’m with you on that point as well.

  7. I have a great friend (Aquarius). We’re both pretty confident people even if we need to psyche up to get there! But every once is a rare moon, life can smack the confidence out of you for a bit. It is a world of hurt, yes. We noticed that if it happens to one of us, the other always happens to be on a confidence high and can yank the other up like a super hero. It’s a weird lucky thing. We’ve extended this through our cadre of friends. Leave no (wo)man behind!! As a result we’ve learned that confidence is not a finite commodity and we can always find it when needed if we dig in deep.

  8. Honestly, Elsa, sometimes I feel you are speaking directly to me with these blog posts! (and I’m sure others feel the same). 🙂 You really GET it. I was just thinking this today. I am so lucky to feel confident, and it is not an ego “I’m all that” kind of thing. I just generally feel that what I pursue will go well, based mostly on faith and a little bit of life experience. Loving all your posts/newsletters this week 🙂 Your vacation served you well I believe, and you were missed!

  9. I was thinking about this the other day lol. The way I feel is that confidence and having faith in yourself is really the only thing a person has in this world. 90% of the time I am laid back and don’t freak out when others freak out because I know things always turn out ok. I am who I am and I know my strengths and weaknesses and have faith in myself. And it always works lol. You sound like a sag , elsa lol. I am a scorpio, but have quite a lot of sag/jupiter in my chart.

  10. I have confidance. I earned it through faith actually. I think one helps the other grow.

    I realized recently that I have actually always been a very confidant person. I guess I was seeing others perceptions of me. I think I’ve posted on here before how people project their low self esteem onto me, mistaking my humility for something else. What can I say? I’m a libra and I see myself from the outside and in relation to others. I believed them. And i think some of it was me wanting to fit in with the hurt people around me. I tried to relate. I dont think this is uncommon actually. I think artists do this a lot. We seek the most pure of experiences, not because we hate ourselves, but because we love ourselves. Anyway, I realized that when I’m not told what I am, I feel really at peace with myself. God never tells me that I feel bad about myself. God reminds me that my natural state is happiness. Living in this world does hurt me though. Deeply. But I still know that life is worth living.

    Your post reminds me of a favorite song of me and my sons. “Simple gifts”

    It’s a gift to be simple
    It’s a gift to be free
    It’s a gift to come down
    Where we ought to be

  11. Astrologically, maybe my Saturn jupiter conjunction. That’s my spiritual strength I think. Or my recognition of the strength of Spirit.

  12. Not being confident is one of my biggest problems the last few months, but maybe all my life. It has to do with no believe in myself and fear of taking risks to gain confidence. I also have moments of too much confidence, but then I get punished. There is no balance in it. My Jupiter is in Pisces (1st house, but Pisces is intercepted) square Mars-Nept in Sagg. Even when people believe in me, I cannot feel it myself, but still I am looking for affirmation all the time.

  13. Saturn Pisces 7th Sq Jupiter Gemini 10th; at my core, I’m fairly steady, but when it comes to putting myself, how I describe as ‘out there’, I often get the deep and penetrating collywobbles. And not many, except those who know me very, very well, would know this. Confidence is indeed a slippery sucker for me. However, I do believe I am brave – and that is not the same as confidence.

    Great and timely post Elsa.

  14. I think often people mix up confidence with self-esteem or pride. I used to think that confident people could not be humble. Now I realize that you HAVE to be humble to be confident. Because what confidence really means is “I am not perfect, I will do my best, but whatever happens, I am ok with failure and will survive”. Now that’s humbling.

    I don’t feel I have high self-esteem. I accept myself as an imperfect member of the human race doing my best with what each day brings. If you can let go of some pre-conceived notion about yourself and how you should be or should act and just fly by the seat of your pants, that’s confidence,

  15. I’ve been accused of that! 😀 Having a really hard time with words and concepts. I am a pretty good judge of what I am capable of I think. I suppose that would allow me to proceed with confidence. My want is outta whack though alot of the time. I am content. My drive is probably not real strong. That seems to defy my pluto mh. . .

  16. Some years ago I spoke to a catholic friend about faith, he said, I dont believe, I know. There are fields where I know that I have abilities, like singing, cooking, being a friend and a lover, and there I am totally confident, even if the cooking once in a while get burnt or I hit a wrong note, it doesnt change my basic confidence. And then there are other fields where my confidence justly is pretty much lacking…

    • Interesting. I feel the same. I know I can hold a chart in my hand and help the person I am talking to. It takes me about 3 or 4 seconds (in most cases) to know what to say.

  17. quote:” Faith and confidence go hand in hand…these things are Jupiter-ruled and have nothing to do with the ego”

    — perfect! i feel that “faith” is important. 🙂 Life can smack us in the face, and we can all fall down hard, but faith, trust in God, and love above all, brings great confidence.

  18. I’m not sure. Deep down I feel I don’t trust people, situations, ME, but at the same time I have this dumb blind faith. I think it must be my packed first house. Pluto, Uranus, moon might quiver, but them there’s Mars, too. I just bulldoze ahead….!

    • @allie, ohh you have pluto 1st house. Britney Spears energy! 😀
      Everyone adored her, but she has had her downfalls too, but is able to get up and start over again. 🙂

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