The Zodiac In Color

color wheelI started art lessons when I was six. The first thing I learned was that there were three primary colors, the mixture of which made up all colors. Later we were taught the color wheel, a visual representation of all color.

In astrology one starts by understanding the 12 signs of the zodiac. Later comes the art of blending relationships between the signs to create something new. How do you put together an Aries planet in aspect to a Scorpio planet? You blend them, as with color, and arrive at something unique.

The color wheel is analogous to the zodiac. Every chart has its own personal palette from which a great work of art may emerge.


The Zodiac In Color — 22 Comments

  1. I love it Satori! I wish we could see the colors of peoples charts. We could see another dimension to their personality that we may not in just the normal way of analyzing one. Very perceptive and creative of you!

  2. Cool! If you were to use the wheel above where would the demarcation line between pisces and aries be? I would guess that red is an aries colour. If Pisces is shades of blue and Aries shades of Red then an Aries with lot’s of Pisces planets would maybe be purple? Or in my case, green and red and blue….makes me brown? LOL!

  3. I agree with everybody…well put Satori..When I try to explain astrology to novices…I use the example of those bottles filled up with colored sand…no 2 are alike anymore than 2 pisces or 2 virgos are alike…We are all unique…

  4. Good thinking Satori. Thank you, I will use this analogy to help explain (and simplify) planetary relationships.

  5. At the English Huber School we use colour.
    trine and sextile = blue
    square and opposition = red
    Quincunx and semi sextile = green
    conjunction yellow or orange depending on orb
    You can look to each planet and see what colours go to that planet.
    The first thing i do when look at at chart is look at colour , shape and direction.
    I take the chart in with my senses ( jupiter) then analize with interlect( mercury)
    SHAPE triangular, movement adapable( mutable)
    square or rectangular, movivated to security ( fixed)
    Or linear, just lines, restless and will chop and change behaviour to situation.( cardinal)
    Direction, where does chart go ? what quadrant.

  6. You can all go to astro .com and check out your charts in huber style.
    You may lose aspects because we use different orbs for different planets.
    The charts are clear and large and you wont have a problem seeing what’s in what house, house system marked clear on outside of chart.
    We dont draw aspect to house system, we draw seperate chart for this.

    We also look at chart in layers.
    5 layers.
    5= houses, the outside the enviroment.
    4=signs, inherited influences, signs
    3=planets, functions ( each planet has a function)
    2= aspect lines, motivation.
    1= the circle in centre we do not draw aspect lines through the centre here we are free from influences it’s are soul are center.

  7. Eample, I have a lazy mercury, mercury only recieves blue and green. Blue substance and talent, green, thought and experience.
    So i spend most the day day dreaming lol

  8. Sorry EXAMPLE. SLACK spelling as always, i need motivating with red energy to mercury. Hey plus side could sleep for England.

  9. You write so well, satori. Applying it like Dorothy to my own chart, the purple and red down where my Pluto/Mercury/Sun/Uranus are feels right to me, too! My Jupiter in Aries in 10th is very yellow, as well. 🙂 Maybe you didn’t mean it that literally, but it’s working for me. I have associated colors with people’s personalities before but never thought about the color wheel analogy. Brilliant!

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