The Validity Of Astrology Proven To Me 800 Million Times… Are You Sure You Want To Argue This?

blacksmith_at_work02.jpgIt’s been about 10 years since someone wanted to argue the validity of astrology with me. I’m glad because I am at a total loss when they do. How is someone supposed to (un)convince me of something I have seen validated on daily (hourly) basis for almost 40 years?

Today’s evidence?

The soldier has that Mercury, Mars, Saturn T-square, yes? He’s spent his life around artillery, motorcycles, missiles, shrapnel, trucks, steel, machining, knives and guess what he’s up to now?

As of today he’s become an apprentice blacksmith.


Yep. He’s going to bang some hot metal around just for the hell of it. An older man (Saturn) will be teaching him but you could have guessed that right?

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The Validity Of Astrology Proven To Me 800 Million Times… Are You Sure You Want To Argue This? — 5 Comments

  1. That’s totally awesome. Good skill to have – tell him congrats and good luck and enjoy.

    I really like their old fashioned fireplaces – very efficient flue system.

    I once met a blacksmith up in Canada who was oh so scorpio in his looks and attitude. His right arm was twice the size of his left arm from pounding the iron. He said he’s never really mad or it doesn’t last very long as his work takes too much energy.

    So cool – good for the soldier!

  2. Blacksmithing in an interesting trade.

    I have my grandpa’s 178 pound anvil. He was a Leo who used it working equipment in his flour mill. My Sadge husband has used it for working sheet metal. Hubby uses a welding torch for softening metal instead of a forge. We don’t need that in the basement, too!

    My 86 year old mom remembers working a bellows for her blacksmithing grandfather when he fired his forge. He also shod horses. (Shod not shoed.) Apparently blacksmithing was a common skill for farmers in my family.

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