The Sun and Moon (The Mother and Father) In A Natal Chart

I just want to make this remark:

People are born with good parents and hard aspects to their Sun and Moon all the time.

Others who have an abundance of good apsects to their Sun and Moon are born to lousy parents.

Just so you know.


The Sun and Moon (The Mother and Father) In A Natal Chart — 17 Comments

  1. The only aspect to my moon is a square to my sun. My parents were not great. My father left my life 20years ago, and my mother even though she tried made a lot of mistakes, many times was more concerned with her own needs.

    It made me want to be a better parent if I ever had kids..

    But I agree with you. I have seen positive aspects and these people have had worse parents then I even did.

  2. Also – could aspects to the sun and moon show some essence/some potential of the parental personality?
    Not sure if that’s too mystical.

    An example: My father would not win any father’s day awards. I think he got clouded over by physical and mental illness. But beneath all that, he had many gifts. My sun is well-aspected.

  3. I was a Pisces born to a Gemini mother. Yikes. My father was absent and I had tons of emotional crap because of it that made me incredibly hard to deal with.

    (Chinese astrology anyone? We’re both metal rooster, too!)

    How I survived through Puberty without the woman killing me, I may never know.

    Now that I’m an adult, I realize how incredible she was. I’m sorry I lost her at 21 (lung cancer).

  4. as a parent to children with moon pluto aspects I thank you! I have almost died a few times, how’s that for moon pluto….
    as a parent I strive every day to do my ultimate best.

  5. I have Sun opposite Uranus, and Moon square Mars (inconjunct Uranus), mixed with soft aspects ~ my parents are great. We’ve had our moments, but I’m very lucky to have them.

    (((luci and moonpluto)))

  6. Check sibling’s charts and talk to them about their experience of their parents. It can be very enlightening . . .

    Moon sextile Pluto-Saturn & conjunct Neptune here. My relationship with my mother was great in some ways but there were many, many times when she leaned on me, starting when I was a teenager. Took a long time to realize just how subtly controlling she was.

  7. I love my parents, just not exceptionally close to either. As in I’m not a Mommy’s girl nor was I a Daddy’s girl. My mom and I butted heads alot when I was younger, she’s a sun Libra, I’m an Aquarian. Once I got older and got married, we get along a lot better. My dad’s a Scorpio, we’ve always gotten along, but never have much to talk about. This worries me slightly as my baby girl’s a Scorpio, so I hope she and I don’t have the same issue. I really need to do my parents charts.

  8. maybe i can stop beating myself up about the kiddo’s stuff. it’s a silly thing to feel bad about. but i need to take it into account.

  9. Thank you Thank you! My mum was an angel,(dad was the shitty one) always there for her kids, bending over backwards, loving us to death, total 100% unconditional love, and my relatioship with her was fantastic. And I know alot of people don’t have that. And my chart says I shouldn’t have had that, and I never got why or what it could mean. you’ve put my mind at ease. THANK YOU!

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