The Sky NOW: A Magic Moment Forming – Sun-Saturn-Neptune

emmaI write the weekly ahead and try to give a decently detailed view on emerging aspects; but there’s only so much a person wants to read in one sitting. I try to keep it succinct. This week deserves a magnified pop-out.

Aspects pop at different times for different people. A whole lot depends on how the points in the sky hit your own chart – for timing, or for the person you ARE, personal reactivity included. One thing that’s reasonably universal is that you can expect your personal effect to unfold in some portion of the leading-up-to phase of an aspect.

The aspect is a tank of gas. Once it’s gone, POOF – no more effect (outside of the aftershocks as things unfold from there). Some of us fill up when we’re down to a quarter tank. Some wait till it’s gasping. You never know. That’s why I say things are building or whathaveyou.

Right now, we’ve got a Pisces Moon that just hit an exact trine with retrograde Mercury. We’re likely to be feeling something ineffable, something deep, set off by communications or our senses… likely something nice. There’s been a communion and a sense of satisfaction. The Moon moves into square with Jupiter. Don’t try to milk the good mood. Instead, get flexible in anticipation of something enlivening and new. Ride the wave, not control it.

What’s building to a crescendo in the next 24 hours is the Sun’s involvement in the exact Saturn-Neptune sextile. The Sun trines Neptune and sextiles Saturn. I’d say it’s a “make a wish” kind of time slot, but the wish is one we’ve approached and receded from over the last year. The wish is already made. With Mercury retrograde and heading over (and back) the spot the Sun now occupies, the timing and substance of the answer is a bit of a mystery.

Please pay attention to the subtleties that surround you in the next 24 hours. Communicate as though Santa were listening in on your private convos, and en-act your highest values. Venus will play a part in the eventual denouement.

It’s a complex and subtle season for the holidays (and a bit beyond) this year. Someone asked me: When does this get better? I hmmmed for a bit and said, “February? Sort of?” Then we tried to laugh it off and make each other feel like it hadn’t been some sort of stressful moment. OY. I hate promising what I can’t deliver. This year is WEIRD. Why wouldn’t it be? Uranus is in Taurus: weird presents, odd pleasures.

So anyway, if you’d like to read the very specific treatise that Elsa wrote on each and all of the important transits for the season, AND my survival guide – a general breakdown of strategies by sign (for Sun sign, progressed Sun sign, ascendant, etc)… and if you’d like to make us VERY, VERY HAPPY… consider buying this year’s (much plumper) Using Astrology To Navigate The Holiday Season.



The Sky NOW: A Magic Moment Forming – Sun-Saturn-Neptune — 7 Comments

  1. Thanks, Satori, for this piece.

    I believe you mentioned it in a recent piece (weekend or weekly forecast posts? Sorry, I’m a bit distracted lately) so I’m onto it (that is, the atmosphere you describe.)

    Got my hopes on the move. Let’s see what transpires and if I notice it, all being so subtle.

    • I did! And I will tie it in to the weekend forecast I’m about to put up. I had an aha moment that might help characterize some of the main energies that are tied in.

  2. You were absolutely right, Satori.
    Dreams come true – if not on my birthday on the full moon the 12th – then today, as I was the reciever of a new apartment, far away from the unruly and unsafe ghetto where I have lived for 2 years. My body quite honestly sagged with relief after 2 years of constant struggle, uncomfort and unhappiness.

    I was traumatized due to a gang murder happening right outside my window when I first moved in. The apartment has not been a REAL home, where you felt safe – it has been “the place I lived”.

    Now I can have my real home, and in a better apartment than was before. Frankly, I had lost all hope of ever getting away from the place I live now. But Saturn and Neptune had other plans, luckily.

    I don’t know what to say. I can’t even… I feel like both laughing and crying as I am writing this now.

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