The Mars Uranus Opposition – And Then There Was The Time I Was Stopped For Rape

rapist horanSpeaking of surprise (Uranus) police (Mars) like when the Police Came To Get Me At The Airport, one time I was pulled over as a rape suspect. I was about 25.

Now I can tell you there is nothing gets your heart pumping like driving home alone late at night, passing a police car, hitting your brakes on reflex only to see them look directly at you as they pass.

Next thing I knew, the cop had made a U-turn and was coming up behind me sirens screaming.  I quickly pulled over with my heart pounding and he was at the side of my window with his gun drawn and pointed at me in all what seemed like 2 seconds. I looked at him dumbly.

He looked at me dumbly so I looked at him dumbly some more and then he looked at me dumbly… and then he lowered his gun.

“I thought you were a rapist,” he said. Is that shocking or what?

“I am not a rapist,” I said. I almost said, I am the kind of person who gets raped though…. also just on reflex.

“No, you’re a woman. We are looking for a man,” he said. “He just raped a woman and he is driving a car just like yours, same color.”  The car was not that common actually.

“Oh.  Well it’s not me, you better keeping looking,” I said.

“Yes, have a good night, ma’am.”


The Mars Uranus Opposition – And Then There Was The Time I Was Stopped For Rape — 8 Comments

  1. I had the same thing happen. The difference being that they thought that I was a guy that they had just had a high speed chase with.

  2. woooooooah. scary. all my life I’ve had an unnatural fear of the police, seriously big fear. recently I realized that’s no longer the case. what a fucking relief.

  3. I am scared of the Police, not in Spain where I live and where they all carry guns, because you can nearly always rationalize with them. I’m pretty sure they get very good training in defusing and calming down situations.

    No, I’m scared of the Police in the UK, where I grew up, even though most of them don’t carry guns, because you can’t rationalize with them and they take a zero tolerance approach to every tiny infringement, enjoying their power. I get the impression it’s even worse in the States. No tolerance + guns = very bad mix.

    I got stopped for speeding once in California and the cop had his hand on his gun butt as soon as I reached for my driving licence. What is that? You risk getting shot for a traffic violation?

  4. Oh my God!!! That is the craziest thing I have heard!?
    Wtf ….but you made your point well.
    You nailed it again!!
    That is really expecting the unexpected.
    Mars Uranus.
    Uranus is on my ascendant,also ruler of my seventh house.
    Let the games begin.
    I hope no attack ,just a weird surprise,?

  5. That’s not very common, lol. The cops must have been taken aback. I have mars square uranus/neptune. I have sudden verbal threats of violence from childhood memories/aries 3rd house. In kindergarten I was verbally threatened by older kids that they’d use a knife and stab me. Then years later by someone whom I thought was a friend, she suddenly ‘snapped’ and behaved in an abnormal way, a sun square pluto nonetheless, it was very creepy, but now she seems well adjusted, she also threatened to stab me with a knife. Bet she doesn’t remember but I do. Later in life, on a train, a bunch of troublemakers who wanted to have the space for themselves, guess what, they also threatened to use a knife. It’s only verbal but if that would become true, it would be incredibly ironic. It’s very weird but aries (mars) rules knives and uranus/suddenly crazy people situations and neptune//illusion of violence. I will add that there used to be a school for kids with mental deficiencies and probably they had it bad at home too and everybody would be afraid because they were not only verbally but also physically violent on the street. I was lucky to only get the verbal abuse and sometimes I would wait even an hour so that I would be behind their back or run and be very, very ahead of them. Now that I look back, damn, those were some unsafe times.

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