The Effects Of Mars Retrograde: June 26 – August 27, 2018

Mars city in ruins cardMars turns retrograde every couple of years. I try to see things in a positive life, but I really don’t like Mars retrograde periods.

This is because Mars is an overt, thrusting type energy.  Thinks in terms of unexpressed anger that is left to fester.  My Mars in Libra says, no thank you to that!

Astrologically, Mars retrograde will usually park the planet in one house in your chart for five months or so. The retrograde period lasts only two months, but by the time Mars retraces it’s path (called the shadow period), this is what you wind up with.

Now I love Mars energy. I love an alpha male, that’s for sure. But when Mars gets cooped up it tends to pervert.

To understand, think about the connection between anger and depression. People who hold onto their anger often become depressed. I’ve written about this over the years. Search the blog.  But also, Mars challenges. It often abrasive and when you keep rubbing something or someone the wrong way, you may very well see that thing blow.

To understand how this Mars retrograde period will effect you, check the house in your chart where it will take place. Here are the degrees:

June 26, 2018 – Mars retrograde @ 9 Aquarius
August 14, 2018 – Mars retrogrades into Capricorn (29 degrees)
August 28, 2018 – Mars turns direct @ 28 Capricorn
September 11, 2018 – Mars (re)enters Aquarius @ 0 degrees
October 10, 2018 – Mars clears 9 Aquarius

The house in your chart impacted by this will be hotted up. I’ll give you an example.

80% of my clients are women. When Mars was retrograde in my 7th house, that figure reversed. I’m serious. All of the sudden I was working / partnered with men, non-stop. Relentlessly!

If the Mars retrograde takes place in your 7th house, you should be so lucky as to have this job. It was much better than fighting with my husband or a business partner or something.  You can expect a lot of action in the house where Mars is parked and it may very well wear you down.

As another example, let’s say Mars will be retrograde in your 3rd house. This would indicate angry speech or emails or calls. People pushing their ideas on you; you’d be pushing back.

You might fight with your siblings or neighbors. Your computer might be hacked / attacked – Mars!  Does this sound like fun?

There’s more to say.

We have major retrograde action this summer / fall. Mars retrograde will be part of this. I haven’t got this all written yet, but check this out:

Six Planets & Chiron, All Retrograde At Once: Summer 2018

Getting the picture?

There is a lot of frustration ahead. Far more than what would be usual.

What house in your chart will be impacted by Mars retrograde?



The Effects Of Mars Retrograde: June 26 – August 27, 2018 — 45 Comments

  1. I’m at the depression stage of anger now so when he retros back into Capricorn to pal around with retro Pluto (my 4th) my house may burn down? Rats! At any rate I’ll keep one eye peeled.

  2. The last two mars retrograde were painful learning experiences. My progressed mars went direct right when mars retrograded in 2016. My daughter had a difficult collapse into mental illness ( my mars is in the 5th) during that retrograde. We had a disaster of a vacation in Mexico during this time. Oh and transiting Pluto was opposing my mars. Looks like the planets will still be keeping me in check with this retrograde moving through my 12th house.. I’ll probably just hide in the closet for this one or go on a spiritual retreat.

  3. Here Mars in Capricorn as well. I am always gratefull for this Mars.
    This retrograde Mars will stay in my 5th house. (And again that 29 degrees)!. I will keep quiet and be alert. But I think it will surprise me anyway (Uranus).

  4. There seem to come interesting times for me: The retrograde period begins at (slightly beyond) the cusp of my 12th, conjunct the asteroids #7707 Yes (1993 HM1), #1221 Amor (1932 EA1), and #15907 Robot (1997 TG10), then goes back through my 11th, most of the time square my natal Mars, finally the retrograde period ends square my natal Venus. This means most of the year transiting Mars in 11th will be square my natal Mars in 7th. Natal Mars in 7th isn’t a good thing because it attracts aggressive and violent people.

  5. Today is my Mars return… The timing of this article is interesting to me. The retrograde will take place in my 8th house… not sure what to think about that…

  6. All in my 12th which has 28′ Cap on the cusp (Aqua intercepted)! Dream journal? Psychic healing of trauma? secrets involving macho men? Physical weakness?

  7. My 11th. My Husband’s 5th. His kids are far away. Maybe don’t answer the phone from late May to October? It does trine my Sun all of August and 1/2 of September. I’ll take that, but not the rest.

  8. As if transiting Saturn in opposition with my Moon and transiting Pluto still conjunct my North Node wouldn’t be enough for this year, there’s transiting Mars square my Mars, too. So another crappy summer for me, too. Rather another crappy year. And never had an opportunity to recover from the Uranus-Pluto-square.

  9. June 26th is my solar return, but Mars retrograde happens after my solar return (so Mars does not show as retrograde in my solar return). I feel like that is a gift this year and with this Mars retrograde, as Mars will be in my 7th house for both the retrograde as well as my solar return. Then again, I am second guessing that, as my solar return is Leo ruled this year, another fire sign, when I tend to be a more yin, water & earth type of person. It could just be me, but with Mars on my DSC & Leo ruling my Sun for the year, that just seems like a LOT of fire to me.

  10. Heading overseas for a yoga study trip. It’s been four years since I’ve been able to practice with my teacher. Practice feels a bit in shambles and I’ve been looking forward to moving ahead and getting back on track. Mars retrograde and the fill moon occur right as I’m traveling and mars retrograde in effect the whole time I’ll be away studying.

    Guess it’s better to know ahead it might be a slow crawl towards regaining my practice but what do you think?

    Do the planetary effects bode well for study?

  11. Thank you for the example Elsa! My IC is at 9degrees Aq… So Mars retrograde will be in my 3rd house. Does anyone have any insight as to how this will affect me with it conjunct my IC?
    I just purchased a new home and the neighbors are closer than what I am use too… I have also been told that they are NOSEY… as they are an older couple. We move in the weekend of the 22nd of June, the the retro happens the week after.
    I would be grateful for any information! Thank you! <3 VK

  12. Um mars goes retrograde at 9 degrees aquarius conjuncting my natal sun exactly at 9 degrees in my 3rd house… not sounding fun. I don’t think mars retrograde is a great thing for me anyways as my natal mars is in aries. Don’t let me explode !!

  13. 5th house retrograde into 4th House.
    I teach children and I just got moved into a new classroom. The classroom has been known for problems. I’m also exploring healing of my inner child.

  14. Ok, stupid question. How do you know which house the Mars retrograde will affect? Is it by the sun it retrograde in or by degrees?

    • By looking at your birth chart, find where 9º of Aquarius is located and then, in the very centre of your chart, you’ll see the house numbers listed counter-clockwise from 1 to 12, with the lines drawn that divide your chart into 12 uneven houses (like looking at a pie cut into 12 uneven pieces). By glancing from wherever 9º of Aquarius is in your birth chart to that centrepoint, you’ll see which house that degree is in. After Mars retrogrades back over those first 9 degrees of Aquarius, it continues its retrograde into the sign of Capricorn, to 28º of Capricorn, so also look at which house that degree falls into for you.

  15. 6thH Aqu.(Asc 7thH) Capri 5thH.Does anyone have any insight as to how the retrograde will affect me? Please open my eyes. Iam thirsty to know it.

  16. I think this one will affect my boundaries. Somehow. It will retrograde into my 12th at some point, squaring the infamous ’82 Pluto-Saturn conj on my 9th house cusp.

    So, def. Power struggles with authority figures, or someone outside coming in, forcing something and then me saying NO WAY José, setring a boundary.

    The strong theme for me here is boundaries I think. Physical as well as mental (aquarius asc) and on from the broader society. I might be witnessing cruel stuff going on perhaps.

    My progressed moon is nearing it’s end in capricorn so this will be interesting to watch!

  17. Your email was spot on. We have had a crazy day. Missed a tornado touch down by ten miles! Had a flat tire which grounded us for a few hours.

    Timidly trying to get home on a strangers patch job on our tire. Everything was already closed for the day.

    Lucky to get a flat tire perhaps.

  18. My 5th house then creeping into my 6th towards the end. With my south node and Saturn in my 5th not sure how that will play out.

  19. Mars is going retrograde in my 2nd house. I am under financial pressure to find a better-paying job and/or pick up more hours at work (which means mire driving to more clients, and more gas and wear and tear on the vehicle).

    Would this summer be a REALLY bad time to try to do this? I can’t exactly tell my family, “Well, I’m just going to wait things out because Mars and Mercury are about to go retrograde so the timing is off.” I’m already too good at making excuses to avoid doing what I need to do!

  20. Mars retro in my first and on two of my progressed planets.

    My physical health is undergoing some interesting changes

    I think some issues with walking/knees are improving.

    Years back in 2005 I think it was, Mars went retro on my IC and we closed on a house in a different state, slowly moving in over the next months until it became our only home. My IC 22/23 Taurus

  21. My 4th house.yes I want this for my estimation after July 12th ecilipse .happy memories and happy gathering.saturn shows me my future upto December 2018. I am a double scorpion.awaited so long for sat oppo sat.even I have missed 6 months past.

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