The Effects Of Jupiter In Libra In 2016-2017

Libra t shirt vintageJupiter will be in Libra September 9th 2016 through October 10th 2017.  This transit will be great for relationships. Having Libra in chart, I’m thrilled at the prospect. I get so sick of strife, never mind the way people are encouraged to divorce rather than work out their problems. 

I don’t think transit could come at a better time. The square between Uranus and Pluto has decimated societies around the world.  This transit will remind people of the value of partnership.

There is definitely an epic storm on the way. Who wants to weather it alone?

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That post is relevant for Pluto in Capricorn too.  If we look ahead to Jupiter’s ingress into Libra later this year, it’s pretty clear, those in strong relationships will benefit. So if you’re just about to divorce or something…you may want to think twice. And if you’re ever trying to maintain your relationship, rather than end it, I’m the astrologer to call!

If you love, love the way I do. If you love relating to others, you’re going to love this transit!

Are you looking forward to Jupiter in Libra?




The Effects Of Jupiter In Libra In 2016-2017 — 32 Comments

  1. Happy belated birthday, Elsa! Wonderful post. Libra IC here, definitely looking forward to Jupiter in my 4th. I work from home and my progressed Sun will hit my natal
    Libra Mars at the very end of 3rd conjunct IC in December. I have a gutted kitchen that I have to remodel, dead trees in my backyard that have to be cut down and a huge deck that has to be covered. Front yard needs to be filled in with landscaping rocks due to water water seepage after rain.

    I plan on opening my doors to people in need of counseling sessions, I live on a small beautiful lake in a very tranquil setting. Next year I hope to see clients outside in a large covered patio area overlooking the water. I think it will be an ideal setting for people to sit and pour out their hearts while seeking validation. I have Jupiter in the 10th natal, 9th in equal system. I see a real need for one on one counseling without any emphasis or use of medications. Just positive interaction with a real person in a non office setting. I also plan on installing a goldfish pond in my patio setting, imagine a counseling session where a client can gaze upon beautiful goldfish swimming in a 60 gallon stock tank while they discuss their needs.

  2. This gets me excited for my son. 🙂 Libra stellium in the 10th. It’ll be in my 7th. I have Pluto there. Wonder what this means?

  3. I’m feeling a little disappointed by the Jupiter transit so far I hope it will be bigger and better once it hits Libra I have a string of 7 planets from 12 Virgo through 16 Libra through 9th & 10th houses so Jupiter will cross my MC as well. So far Jupiter on my moon added 20lbs to my body 🙁 not exactly feeling fat and happy currently Jupiter is sitting on my Venus though it’s not really showing up in any noticable way I wouldn’t mind it expanding my wallet or my love life like it did my waist line. Next crosses MC then Pluto then Mercury, Uranus, Sun then natal Jupiter return for the finally. I’m still hoping for something great

    • Looks like Jupiter is still 4 degrees from my Venus so while it’s in orb not yet sitting on top of it so hopefully the extra weight brought on by Jupiter conjucting my moon won’t hender the expansion of love as it reaches my Venus. So in other words a little premature for me to be disappointed

  4. yes, much needed after the devasting u-plu square. My natal jupiter is in libra conjunct uranus in fifth house, so it’s relationship building Go-Go-Go, really looking forward to it after the turmoil, blocks and isolation.

  5. Jupiter through Virgo has not been so bad for me so far. In Libra it will oppose itself and venus, but becuase of the planets involved thats nothing to worry about. The time to worry is when in Libra jupiter goes on to trine Saturn. But again thank god its a trine.

  6. Yes, I am. My progressed Venus is in Libra. My marriage didn’t survive… But this energy may help us and our daughter strengthen our new family dynamic. The Love is there between this group of Leo and Gemini Venus’ … It’s just shifting.

  7. I think this will be probably be good. In my 5th house too, at least for most of it. Should liven things up, I just hope I’m ready. Squares some of my Capricorn early on.

    • Oh wow…looking back to the last time Jupiter was in Libra, that was quite a socially and romantically fruitful period for me. Like, a dramatic spike compared to how things had been for a while. Guess I’ll expect more of the same!

  8. Jupiter has been lingering back and forth over my uranus/ pluto conjunction in virgo for the last six months. At times I’ve been feeling pretty rebellious (uranus) and eruptive (pluto).
    Later this year it will hit my sun/mercury conjunction in late degrees of virgo, before entering libra where it will hit my MC at 7 degrees in october.
    Partnership in the romantic/personal meaning of the word is not what’s on my mind though.
    I’m pretty content with beeing single and beeing my own woman, (perhaps due to all my virgo planets?)
    But I definitely hope for some much needed progress and recognition in my career.
    I’m working towards opening my own business,so perhaps what I ought to do is search for a business partner?

  9. Jupiter has been on my Plu/Uranus conj in my 4th house…we sold our beach home and moved 50miles south and are building a new house ! We actually bought a lot in December then sold it and bought another one all in a two month period…so lots of activity in The home sector. Jupiter will enter my 5th house in Sept. Where I am hoping to meet all my new neighbors and new friends, who are all building too!! ??

  10. Jup in Virgo (5th house ) introduced me to a love with my Dr. I am libra sun; Taurus ascendant. My marriage is a rescu mission; so unhappy in domestic violence, staying because kids need father. New love is real Jupiter type person, italian. If this works I would leave my marriage. Yes. Hard ti face obstacles are there-Jupiter square satun. Once Jupiter moves into libra, I will know. Unknown

  11. I am really looking forward to Jupiter in Libra. My moon is in Libra in the 4th house. I am currently looking to buy my dream home around the time Jupiter enters Libra in September 2016. A great omen I would say!!!

  12. Heck ya I’m excited:) Jupiter will transit (in order) my Saturn, midheaven, Sun, Pluto. I don’t know if transits to pluto and saturn are supposed to be great but I’m sure they’re are transits that I need to become a more complete person so that excites me. I’m really looking forward to rebuilding my life.

  13. Will be in my Natal 2nd House, good for Librans like my Dad with his Sun @ 8 degrees and Niece with her Libra Sun @ 3 degrees? Thank you if someone answers! : )

  14. Not looking forward to Jupiter in Libra. Last time Jupiter was in Libra, my 12th House I had drama. I was in and out of hospital with my Mom. My Mom went down with cancer and I had to take complete charge of her situation. And this lasted two/three years! It was an emotional roller coaster ride. Seeing my Mom die a slow death was not what I expected from Jupiter in Libra. And just as often predicted, when Jupiter arrived in my 2nd House of money it was all about inheritance. Sure enough Jupiter rewarded me for all my hard work but I would rather have my Mom back. Or if it was her time to go, then that is not the way I wanted her to go …. with so much pain. So Jupiter is back in Libra ….. what will it be this time. I am scared.

  15. Tr Jupiter is conjunct my natal asteroid Juno in my Virgo 7th House. I’m still toe-tapping waiting for my Prince Charming…

  16. With a Cancer – Capricorn ascendant/descendant,and Saturn in Libra in fourth ruling my house of partnership, I’m looking forward to when Jupiter aligns..may I be truly fortunate and find true and lasting love!

    • Welcome, Lisa. Maybe you’ve noticed the violence around you and the job loss and cost of living increasing, every which way you turn. 🙂

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