Saturn In Scorpio: Disgusting Things You Don’t Want To See Or Talk About

“That’s the disgusting shadow of this. That’s the facts of this matter. There is really no denying it…”

That’s what I said to a close friend. It was gross but sometimes you have to roll a rock over and let those worms see the light of day.

There are people who have never once in their life, turned up a rock to see all the squirmy things that live there. That’s too bad.

As the words flowed from my mouth, I was simultaneously thinking, ‘Keep talking, Elsa. You’re the only person who will tell her this. You’re the only person who will say a word.”

Ugly truths you bury become like the Hydra which can only be conquered by exposure to the light and air.

Is there a rock in you’re life you should probably turn up? What’s stopping you?


Saturn In Scorpio: Disgusting Things You Don’t Want To See Or Talk About — 12 Comments

  1. Yep, I do. A few, actually. But I’m not gonna kick it, just slowly turn it up. I suppose I’ve learned my lesson till now 🙂
    If someone has prominent Saturn in Scorpio, there is no point in avoiding “the rocks”; you’ll probably end up tripping over them…

    • Nah, I did not learn my lesson. I tried to “dig out” something today, but I’ve still ended up pissed off :/ Stupid rocks. Stupid me 🙂

  2. Actually, I’m not quite sure if there is a person in the world who can keep avoiding them all his/her life, even without Saturn in Scorpio…

  3. Ahhhhh I couldn’t take it anymore, the pressure, building, was losing my mind keeping it all in… I found the courage, made some plans, geared up… and on Friday night I dug in deep. It was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO RELIEVED, was 100% worth it.

  4. Is that the deal with saturn in scorpio. How lovely to think that people have a choice. Rocks are always flippin over and stuff coming out at me. LOL! It could be accentuated by my pluto saturn square. Not sure. I periodically get the feeling that I am going to die. I mean physically die. It took me a long time to understand that it was just another critter escaping to be released.

    I got one yuck I don’t know how to deal with now. I really want to move on from the bio unit horror story. But my scorpio moon sister, who lives far from here, has not moved on, and keeps wanting to dig it all up again. It’s where she’s at and maybe it’s the only way she knows how to communicate, but it’s done, it’s over, the rest of us have moved on. I have to accept that this is what she does and blow it off. So there’s something I need to release, but not sure what or how. The question is raised and I am awaiting my answer.

  5. fear of madness has stopped me so long, maybe in some corner of my mind it’s still holding me back.fear of one more breakdown,fear to die,my body collapsing on itself, recollections of me, little girl, scared by her unpredictable faintings.
    I’m actually turning up the big rock, cautiously(sat in 1st), throwing light on black holes of myself that nobody could ever imagine.
    grounding myself before I can turn up the rock properly and not get crushed by it.
    I grew sick of built in obstacles, don’t want to pay any longer the price of keeping love away while I literally need emotional closeness as the air I breath.
    afraid of ending up as the only one with worms under the rock!

  6. Yes the rock I just got to thinking to turn over has to do with relationships. All of my relationships in my life are a failure or more than a fraction of a failure. My dad is mean to me and vice versa so sick of it.. Mom nags constantly, sister is tired of my down and out talks and my “friends” who aren’t there for me, I’ve had it!!! I left facebook and probably won’t come back. What triggered this was that a concert really meant alot to me tonight and it was evident to everyone around me. I asked everyone in my periphery to come even my mom refused… My sister refused my “bestie” refused no one really can muster up the courage to say the truth about my influence in their life. So I concluded that when the sun rises over the horizon for me in my life and it will, I will abandon them for a better future. I am sick and tired of half ass people and cruel nothingness they give me. I know there are better things out there for me, and G-d is waiting to give to me. I only love G-d and all that G-d encompasses at this point in time. And if I have a family of my own then that will come too with love. AT this point I will not give of myself to people who are using me or not really there for me. I’ve had it!!!

  7. Yes! This has been a strong theme in my life this past week or so. (I have Saturn, Moon and Pluto in Scorpio in the 4th house). I’ve been acknowledging my “disgusting” dark side that I really wasn’t aware of, that I was denying – that was hiding under a rock. My rock? I think projections. I think I’ve been denying and projecting a lot of my insecurity, my mistrust, my darker self onto others. I’ve always thought I was a “good” person with “good” intentions. I am opening up to and accepting, understanding the dark sides that we all have, that I have. OMG! I have evil potential within me! On a personal level, this is causing really profound transformations. It’s keeping me open to relationships, where in the past I may have turned away from someone because they could potentially be “bad” and harmful – where I may have started building walls. Acknowledging my darker emotions and the harm that they have the ability to cause when untamed has given me an objective viewpoint that helps to accept what’s happening with in me but now I don’t become lost in it… as opposed to the past where I have been lost in my emotions causing havoc on the world around me. It’s helping me to remove walls. My daughter and husband (4th house, right?) are at the root of this deep transformative period… and it’s all just a really incredible journey that, I perceive, is bringing me to… a place of respect, of community, of acceptance… of deep belonging within my family. It’s wild. Thanks for the post Elsa!

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