Feminized Men: Taurus Does Not Appreciate Change… And They Like Themselves The Way They Are

The soldier the other weekend:

“Yeah, my whole world has gone to hell. Men are feminized now, P. They’re like girls or something.”

I laughed.

“Yeah, I see these men on the runway, swishin’ around and I think what the hell is that? Why don’t they put someone like me on the runway? I’ll do it. I’ll go out there on the runway as a man… a regular plain man.”


“Yeah. And I don’t want any of that techno music playing either. Hell no. They can play bad to the bone or somethin’ like that.”

“Okay,” I said snorting.

“Yeah, I’ll just walk out there in some dungarees or something. Just some regular pants, a plain shirt and I’ll do my regular walk. You know how I walk. Like a bulldog. That’s how I walk, so that’s how I’ll walk.” (following has swearing)


“And when I get to the end of the runway, I’ll just turn around like a normal motherfucker and walk back.”

“Turn like a normal motherfucker?”

“Yeah! Just turn around and walk back. What’s wrong with that? Nothing! I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being a normal average man and I’d be willing to haul my ass out there on a runway and show people what I mean. There! A normal man in normal pants, walking normally with some normal man’s music playing…”

But by then I was lying on my back, laughing with tears starting up…


Feminized Men: Taurus Does Not Appreciate Change… And They Like Themselves The Way They Are — 7 Comments

  1. I’ve got me a normal man, too. The Hell with Metrosexual. He’s just a regular guy…and I wouldn’t have him any other way. 🙂

  2. 😉
    i don’t have much patience for people for whom it takes a chisel to get to who they really are, rather than who they think they are supposed to be.
    ‘course, my sense of identity can be so fuzzy sometimes perhaps i should think about this more. (it really depends. on what, i’m not sure. even aries can get disoriented by neptune ;P)

  3. HAHAHAH… oh man… you two have some classic conversations. What I wouldn’t give to see a normal motherfucker bulldogging along the catwalk in his normal jeans…

    Yeah, you and your soldier are totally right. The other day I was at a BBQ and my Taurus asked me how it was. I said, “Good, we had fun, but it was a serious estrogen fest. The husbands were there, but they’re all Beta Males, so you didn’t miss anything.”

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