Taking the Good with the Bad

Old astronomy posterMy boss just emailed me and wants to have lunch tomorrow. We have a tiny office, just 4 people total, and if he wants to talk to me all he has to do is walk 10 steps from his office to mine. So of course I immediately look at my chart, muttering WHAT THE WHAT????

Uh oh. I’m in my 2nd Saturn return, Saturn rules my Midheaven and squares my Sun, natally. So this is old business come back ‘round again. Transit Uranus is ready to cross my Aries Ascendant— if my birth time is off by just a couple of minutes, it’s about to be rectified! Taken by themselves, these transits could spell out a meeting that I am *definitely* not going to be happy about.

However, I have to also remind myself that natal Saturn, while yes, he squares my Sun, also trines my Ascendant. Right now, we are experiencing a Saturn/Uranus trine so there’s some steadiness offered along with the crazy that comes from Uranus, especially while our friend Jupiter is opposing Uranus, aka chaos.

Most of the time, when we have what we consider the “uh oh” transits, you can see that something mitigating is also happening. Sometimes that’s not the case and you just have to suck it up, but I always look to find the silver lining.

Do you have aspects that are hard, yet mitigated by other factors?


Taking the Good with the Bad — 8 Comments

  1. Yes I have jupiter conjunct uranus and south node in 5th house libra square capricorn 8th house sun. I’m in permanent uh-oh transit state, but this stellium is trine my MC in Aquarius so there’s a string of good luck offered along the way (just as well with that uranus-square-sun trouble I can’t shake off!)

  2. Yikes, Diane, you must be close to my astro twin! My Sun at 18 Virgo is square my Saturn at 19 Sagittarius, which also trines my Ascendant, not Aries but Leo 17 degrees. He also trines my Moon at 18 Leo and Uranus at 14 Leo. I think Saturn steadies my Moon/Uranus – I didn’t mind when Saturn transited over my Ascendant because I felt calmed, but Saturn was also trining natal Saturn so that’s steady as well. My second Saturn Return was a real grind at work leading up to it and sometime afterwards, but wasn’t terrible – just one pass for me. Good luck with your lunch – hope all goes well!

  3. It was nothing! I mean… *nothing*. He came in and said “I don’t know what I was thinking”. However, our assistant is leaving, so I will be training a new person. But it goes to show…. sometimes you worry over nuthin’!!

    • Nope. That’s what had me so perplexed, it was so out of the norm for either of my bosses to suggest lunch. I think he just wanted to reassure me about our assistant leaving, because I’m the one who will be filling in the gap until I train someone else. Gah.

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