T-Square This Week – Venus, Mars, Chiron and Neptune

CircuitCompleteVenus in Sagittarius, Mars in Virgo and Chiron and Neptune in Pisces form a t-square this week. We’ll feel this today as the Moon moves into Pisces.

There will be clashes, but sacrifice (Pisces), service (Virgo) and generosity (Sagittarius) are prominently featured. Any one who approaches the week with those principles in mind should fare well.

This does put a lot of stress on Gemini, but they have an important rule as a conduit of information. If they take this on, they’ll become part of the whole as they complete the circuit.

Got plans this week?

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T-Square This Week – Venus, Mars, Chiron and Neptune — 3 Comments

  1. Venus is already opposite my Gem sun/mars conjunction in 7/8th houses and Neptune has been approaching a square to them for AGES!! Can I stop the wheel and get off please?

  2. It seems that this upcoming t-square is another take on my natal cardinal Mars-Neptune-Chiron theme (the need to express personal drive for lofty purposes), and it’ll affect my mutable Moon-Ascendant-Jupiter t-square. Ok, I think I see how I can use this energy in my family life, my work life and with my friends.

  3. Mars moving into virgo is conjunct my natal pluto & Uranus in 7th house and chiron & Neptune is conjunct my natal chiron & Jupiter in 1st house. 2 out of the 3 T-square points covered and lighting up my slower planets. Help someone!! I hope it is good ?? I have signed up to the venus /Saturn workshop. I hope the chiron aspect and the 1st /7th house aspects are sure going to be teaching me a few lessons from previous heartaches and in finding true love and my soul mate?

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