Surrounded by Taurus And Still I Swirl

My husband is a Taurus as is my son. My son’s father is a Taurus, his girlfriend is a double Taurus and HQ and the Mechanic who work on this blog have Taurus Moons.

Taurus has a stabilizing effect on others. They’re fixed, they’re stubborn and they don’t move around on you which is apparently something I desperately need to be surrounded to this degree. My 8th house must attract them but today I have really been swirling.

It think this is a marvel, considering. It’s like being tethered to the earth by 6 Mack trucks and still I manage to slip under the door, when the door doesn’t even exist.

Is there a particular sign that you are surrounded by? How does this affect you?


Surrounded by Taurus And Still I Swirl — 39 Comments

  1. Surrounded by, not exactly, but there seems to be a pretty strong Leo thing flowing through my family.

    I’m a Leo with Jupiter in Leo. My husband is a Taurus (also) with Moon in Leo. My older daughter has a Leo ascendant (Virgo Sun, Aquarius Moon)and a Leo Venus, and my little one…has enough Leo for us and six other people:

    Sun, Moon, Mars and Jupiter all in Leo, Sag rising, making Jupiter the ruler of her chart, which is, again, in Leo.

  2. Taurus Sun here! πŸ™‚

    What is it about Taurus that you think attracts to your 8th house?
    Because of the earthy grounding? Or b/c 2nd house rules Taurus? Or neither lol ..just curious πŸ™‚

    I am not surrounded by anything in particular at the moment.. But I do of course see patterns in placements I attract

  3. I am so attracted to taurus my three loves of my life were taurus my best friend is one they are all around me it is in my second house but no plantest there i am a pisces

  4. I am surrounded by Virgo suns. They keep me grounded while I help them to avoid missing the forest for the trees πŸ™‚

    They are also very funny and make me laugh.

  5. Surrounded by Gemini Suns here – mom, dad, husband, son, sister, even a dog – some days I long for quiet but there is ALWAYS someone to take my mind off my troubles, lol.

  6. I’m surrounded by Leo and have no idea why. Even the dog is a Leo. It’s nice though. All these Leos are very good at making me laugh and at helping me be a little less intense about myself. They offer balance.

  7. I am a sagittarius – taurus rising. my parents are both leos and act like teenagers. i find that scorpios mostly attract me and vice versa. Boyfriends and best friends are usually scorpios. I have my 7th house in scorpio and also my natal mars in scorpio so it could be the explanation.

  8. Double Taurus – Sun and Rising. Surrounded by Leos – my Father, the guy I dated through high school, my ex-husband, my best friend – even the guy I was dating until recently was cancer with Leo rising. I think my Leo stellium (Mars, Saturn, Pluto) may be the atraction. They help me play

  9. I have Jupiter in Pisces and almost every one of my friends is a Pisces Sun, plus several of my relatives. They’ve all stabbed me in the back at one time or another. They all want to be friends with me, but I watch them like a hawk with my jaundiced eye of their past behavior. Just do it to me once, and I’ve got my eye on you forever more.

    I’m surprised none of my boyfriends/husbands have been Pisces…one Sagittarius and two Scorpio.

  10. I’m not so much surrounded by Taurus, but I *know* I couldn’t live without my Taurus husband. As you mentioned Scorpio are attracted, but it’s accentuated in my case because the only Earth I have in my natal chart is Pluto. I swear, if it wasn’t for him, I would literally float away.

    The other two people closest to me are major ‘mirrors’. One has 5 planets in Aries (including her Sun), the other has 3 planets in Scorpio plus her Rising. These two have been a huge education for me. Each not only representing my poles (Scorpio Moon/Rising – Aries Sun/Venus) which has been enlightening, but watching them interact with each other has been a priceless lesson!

    Gosh, I love Astrology!!! πŸ˜‰

  11. Aries because of my libra moon and 7th house. At work, I always befriend taurii with gemini moons. It’s happened twice at two different places!

  12. For some reason lots of water and air signs in my life. Pisces, Gemini, and Cancer in particular. My 7th house is ruled by Aquarius and I don’t really have anything in Gemini (except chiron and north node) and my Aquarius just has Pallas and black lilith and rules my 8th house (lots of people with major Scorpio planets are also in my life).

    I guess life gives us people that have qualities where we may be lacking in some fashion. Kind of a balancing us out.

    But I do have to say that although I have people with major planets in Gemini, they are also the most difficult relationships for me. Guess there’s something to learn from them (Chiron in Gemini).


  13. I’m a cap with virgo moon so I feel I always attract Taurus people to form the trine. Very stablising affect on me I think ’cause I have so much fire in my chart (heaps of Sag). Their S L O W M O and stubbornness drives me nuts but they definitely have a calming influence on me.

  14. Used to be Gemini. They’re all gone now though. My son is a Taurus and sometimes he makes me restless. But when I’m freaking out or going Scorpio he’s like this acnhor in the sea.

    I’ve been married to two Aries males and since I lack fire they gave me motivation and also a feeling I could say anything I wanted. I just was not strong enough to kick their asses entirely and that was comforting.

  15. I have lots of Virgo come in and out of my life. Practical friends with boundaries. Must make my Saturn/Jupiter in Virgo very happy πŸ™‚ The friendships, for me, are drama free, and I like it that way.

    My soul-siblings are Geminis — I think that’s my Gemini moon in the 7th reaching out its relationship feelers to grasp at camerarderie. As much as Geminis bewilder me with their ability to multitask and overthink even more than I do, I feel immediate sisterhood with them, usually.

  16. Gemini & Aquarius. My entire family (mom, dad, uncles and both sets of grandparents) is made up of these two signs, as well as the majority of my friends. As a Cancer, it can be exhausting trying to keep up with them. But they’ve taught me a great deal about keeping emotions in check, not taking things personally and embracing the intellectual side of life.

    There is a serious shortage of fellow water signs in my life though… and I think the deficit of water signs has affected me just as much as the overabundance of air signs.

  17. This post made me smile.

    I was a Pisces collector for a very long time. Seems to have slowed down somewhat tho I still have my sister, Pisces sun, and another dear friend who is a Pisces moon. All of the male Pisces seem to have vanished from my life.

  18. i’m a virgo, surrounded by aquariuses – both of my parents, my best friends from college and grad school, and at one time my boss too! i think virgo and aquarius actually have a lot in common. we both think we’re smart and the repartee is good πŸ˜‰ from aquarius i’m reminded to be positive, be social, and see the world with fresh eyes.

    i also draw tauruses (love, for the same reasons as you) and cancers (not as much love)

  19. Taurus Moons at home and in family. Both my grandmother’s (one was also a Taurus sun), my dad, Ox, my oldest child.I KNOW my Pisces moon needs that kind of stabilization and when you say this “It’s like being tethered to the earth by 6 Mack trucks and still I manage to slip under the door, when the door doesn’t even exist.” I had to laugh because I know exactly what that is like!

    Then, Libra rising, both my kids and my dad. My two best friends one cancer sun w/ a Taurus Moon, one cancer rising. At work, 3 Cancers all with the same birthday (and yeah, I asked my boss if he did that on purpose once.)

    And finally, lots of Scorpio and Pisces. But, with Pisces, I swear I think they tune into eachother. It’s kind of like a deja vu when you meet someone on the street or something. Similar vibration? I don’t know. But, for me, they are easy to recognize and the easiest for me to get along with.

    Both my natal constellations of Taurus and Cancer are empty.

  20. I relate to a lot of those sentiments. My husband and I have had a lot of issues over the years (we’ve been married for 13 years), but despite my being a Leo, I have a very watery chart with my moon in Pisces as the ruler of it; the prospect of life without him makes me feel definitively terrified. He’s a Taurus/moon in Leo. I’m Leo/moon in Pisces. It’s our Mercury signs that cause us problems (Cancer for me, Aries for him). I’m not sure, but I think we might finally be learning to navigate that a little.

  21. I should add, I’ve found myself very drawn to Sagittarians lately. I think that seems to be passing away a little. I haven’t really explored why. My vertex is in Sagittarius, perhaps that has something to do it with it. Perhaps something aspected it recently. πŸ™‚

  22. I’ve always been drawn to Leos and Leo energy. and always have at least one Leo Sun close to me, and usually more than one. Without that fire to stoke my engines all my earth anchors me to the ground and I can’t get moving at all! [As now…]

    My other closest friends have usually been fire signs too (Aries, Sag); and I’ve never had a serious relationship with man who hasn’t had plenty of fire (and some Leo) in his chart

  23. Tons of Cancers (mostly female) and Scorpios with a smattering of Virgo, Capricorn and Sag. The earth signs are very grounding for me of course. There is a lot of emotion as well with all that water surrounding me.

    I put this attraction down to my four angles – Cap ASC/Cancer DESC, Scorp MC/Taurus IC.

    I am a Libra sun with Sag moon so there are some Leos and Aries on the peripheral that I interact with often as well. I can say that I rarely form lasting relationships with other air signs. The two exceptions would be my mother Gemini and sister in law Libra.

  24. Several years ago I was surrounded by Scorpio. I had my guard up, a fiery facade of optimism and exuberance, and they sensed my shadow side, and my vulnerability, and came to my aid at a time when I was really at a loss.

    Up until recently I had 5 Aries people close to me. They helped me laugh through my daily slog of mundane work, and their courage to be themselves motivated me to stick to my individual goals, and to express myself.

    I notice Libra and other air signs appearing in my life now. I need that airy detachment to deal with emotional turmoil I sense in me and around me.

  25. I am a Taurus sun and I feel blessed to be surrounded by many loving Libras in my life. I have Libra IC.

    Also seriously attracted to Scorpio but there’s more tension there than the shared values and mutually agreeable relationships that I find with Libras…textbook, no?

    And even with all the Libra influence, I have yet to learn the ways and find myself a balanced partner. But I have learned a lot about myself from engaging in a bunch of dynamic scorpionic transactions (I hesitate to even call them relationships because it’s such a different kind of bond from what I experience with Libra.)

    Interesting topic!

  26. I am surrounded by Taurus too and they drive me crazy- Me Aries sun, Sag rising, Taurus moon-

    My mother and oldest son are Taurus- many friends are Taurus
    ahh help!!

  27. @Stellium in Taurus – that has been my experience with Pisces as well, though only female for me (I’ve never really known any males). I get along like a house on fire with them, but they inevitably fade out of my life after a while. It’s never due to a falling out, usually they move town/jobs/partners/etc and our relationship just fizzles. Weird….I’ve noted this before but never had anyone else experience it.

  28. My husband is a taurus, my first born child is a taurus, my only son is a taurus, my sister(w/whom I am best friends) is a taurus. I have lots of taurus friends. But my very best friends are cancers. I am a pisces sun, virgo moon with a cancer rising.

  29. My husband is a taurus, my first born child is a taurus, my only son is a taurus, my sister(w/whom I am best friends) is a taurus. I have lots of taurus friends. But my very best friends are cancers. I am a pisces sun, virgo moon with a cancer rising.

  30. Im the only Libra in a house full of Aries.
    It’s very interesting to say the least.
    It’s made me become more freakishly Libra with them, but more Aries in public.

    I’m also surrounded by Gemini, but I think that’s because I’ve got a 3rd house stellium. With them I get the sense that you attract what you are —

    I wonder if this is true for many people surrounded by a blog. You attract what you are – or your opposite?

  31. krustallos – I haven’t asked who is here in a long time. I really think I attract *everything* due my 8th house. This is for good or ill…

  32. Scorpios and Leos are the most common Sun signs

    A fair amount of Capricorns, Virgos.

    But my inner circle also has 2 Sagitarius, 2 Aries, 1 Cancer {My Mom}

    At the moment in the physical world.

    As for the digital world this changes allot.

  33. For most of my childhood and even today, my best girlfriends (four different women – each at a different time) have been Geminis. The dynamic in all the friendships has been very similar.

  34. cancer. makes my aries want to pull my hair out, but very supportive.
    forces me to pay more attention, in order to avoid catastrophic tantrums, too. i guess that’s useful.
    (some part of me wishes they’d all stop being such babies, though, on the flip side, i get fed dinner πŸ˜‰

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